Top 5 Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboards

We all want to make our children’s Christmas break fun and educational so they can get the most enjoyment out of the holidays.  These Top 5 Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboards were specifically picked with that idea in mind.  By combining amusement with instruction, the numerous suggestions in these pins will fill your child’s Christmas break with life.

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Many of the pins boast Christmas crafts and activities that focus on a child’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory or tactile play, to name a few.  One pinboard has compiled crafts and activities designed for Math, Science, Reading, English and even Map Skills.  Several pinboards provide names of books for such topics as Christmas Around the World, Holidays Around the World and Multicultural Christmas Books.

Children can work with crafts that enable them to create Christmas Trees, Christmas Tree ornaments, snowmen-related items and Rudolph–related items, plus a whole lot more.  Some materials the kids get to use are buttons, pipe cleaners, paint sample cards, scrap ribbon, yarn, felt, beads, play dough, and bells.  Check out these pinboards that offer a terrific all-around look at crafts and activities for this festive time!


Top 5 Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboards



1.  this is an adorable Christmas Crafts And Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboard.  There are many original ideas spread throughout the pinboard for you to peruse, like the S’Mores Melted Snowman Cookie, Several Rudolph-Themed and Snowman-Themed suggestions, plus a variety of other ideas.  Come take a look at this innovative pinboard!


christmas crafts and activities 1


christmas crafts and activities 2



  • – 17 Christmas Cookies Kids Can Help Make
  • – Rudolph the Red Nosed Pancake
  • – Borax Snowflakes
  • – Reindeer Donuts
  • – Pancake Christmas Tree
  • – 400 Awesome Craft Ideas to do With Your Kids This Christmas
  • – Indoor Frost-Free Snowman
  • – Snowman Desserts, Decorations and Crafts
  • – Rudolph Hand Print Christmas Craft
  • – Reindeer Noses – Cute Treats For Classmates
  • – DIY Glitter Ornaments
  • – Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make
  • – Cute Christmas Writing Prompts
  • – Children’s Nativity Set
  • – Glowing Snowmen
  • – S’Mores “Melted Snowman” Cookie


christmas crafts and activities 3

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christmas crafts and activities 4


2.  this is a very well-rounded Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboard.  It offers many things like 40 Christmas Tree Activities, 10 Fantastic Christmas Books and 7 Cute Elf on the Shelf Alternatives.  This is a huge pinboard with 639 pins.  Come check out this colossal pinboard for all things activities and crafts Christmas!


Christmas crafts and activities 5



christmas crafts and activities 6



  • – 15 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make
  • Kid-Made Christmas Thank You Cards Pinterest Pin
  • – Over 80 Ways to Teach Kids the True Meaning of Christmas
  • – 40 Christmas Tree Activities For Kids
  • – Christmas Sensory Treasure Basket
  • – Teaching The Tradition of the Christmas Tree
  • – 25 Hands-On Nativity Lessons for Kids
  • – 5 Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Activities For Kids
  • – 5 Amazing Ways To Use The Kids’ Artwork During the Holidays
  • – 50 Star Craft Ideas For Kids
  • – 12 Christmas Card Making Ideas for Kids Pinterest Pin
  • – Grinch Craft And Activities
  • – Free Christmas Songs & Rhymes
  • – Ten Fantastic Christmas Books
  • – 7 Cute Elf on the Shelf Alternatives


christmas crafts and activities 7



christmas crafts and activities 8

3.  this is a fun Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboard.  There are 314 pins in this pinboard.  Many of the pins depict different ways for children to craft a Christmas Tree or Christmas Tree ornaments, like with pipe cleaners, paint samples, buttons, scrap ribbon, yarn, and tactile trees.  This is a super creative pinboard with tons of ideas for your children to engage in.  Step right up and enjoy the many Christmas crafts!


christmas crafts and activities 9



christmas crafts and activities 10



christmas crafts and activities 12



  • – Button Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • – Holiday Photo Wreaths
  • – DIY Christmas and New Year’s Eve Crackers
  • – Christmas Hand Print Art
  • DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees Ideas Pinterest Pin
  • – Christmas Tree Craft for Older Children – Learn to Crochet a Chain at the Same Time
  • – Egg Carton Reindeer Sleigh Craft for Kids
  • – Christmas Calender for Children to Make
  • – Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments
  • – Craft From Candy Canes
  • – Tactile Christmas Tree Craft
  • – How to Paint a Pine Tree or Christmas Tree
  • – Paint Sample Cards Made Into Christmas Tree Gift Tags
  • – Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament
  • – Beautiful Button Christmas Tree



christmas crafts and activities 13



christmas crafts and activities 14


christmas crafts and activities 11


4.  you’re going to flip with this super exciting and educational Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboard!  This board is perfect for teachers, but could also be just right for parents who are enthusiastic about their children’s learning.  These creative Christmas activities cover Math, Science, English and other subjects, and touch on such topics as Grinch-y Adjectives, Candy Cane Science Experiments, Holiday Composite Figures, and even See The World With Santa Map Skills Activity, to name a few.  For readers, there are books dealing with Holidays Around the World, Christmas Around The World, and 20 Multicultural Christmas Books.  For Christmas activities that are totally cool and informative, run straight over to this excellent Christmas pinboard and take a look!

christmas crafts and activities 15


christmas crafts and activities 16


christmas crafts and activities 17

  • – Fun Family Literacy Ideas For The Holidays
  • – Holidays Around the World Kid Books
  • – Candy Cane Science Experiment – Fun Holiday Science for Kids
  • – 8 Free Christmas Apps for Kids
  • – Christmas Riddles
  • – Christmas Around The World
  • – 20 Multicultural Christmas Books
  • – Sharing the Joy of Giving – Help a Needy Family for the Holiday Season
  • – Christmas Puns
  • – Noun Sorting Center – Naughty or Nice Nouns
  • – Elf for Hire Christmas Persuasive Writing Project.
  • – Holiday Composite Figures: Finding Perimeter and Area
  • – Gingerbread Man Trap: Engineering Challenge Project
  • – Gingerbread Glyph for Upper Elementary Students – Fractions
  • – See the World with Santa Map Skills Activity
  • – Grinch-y Adjectives
  • – FREE 12 Days of Christmas Math Story Problems with Answer Key


christmas crafts and activities 19



christmas crafts and activities 18



5.  you’re going to be amazed at the pins gathered together here in this Christmas Crafts and Activities For Kids Pinterest Pinboard!  The crafts and activities detailed here are geared for some skill: fine motor skills, gross motor skills, scissor cutting skills, movement and dance, and sensory play to name just some of them.  Come see this awesome pinboard for some unique ideas to help develop a child’s skills while they have fun and celebrate the holidays!


christmas crafts and activities 20


christmas crafts and activities 21

  • – ABC Christmas Tree Lights
  • – Kid Made Christmas Ornament Using Bubble Wrap
  • – Christmas Songs for Kids – Includes Movements to Dance Along
  • – 8 FREE Printable Fine and Gross Motor Activities for December
  • – Pre-School Fine Motor – Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Trees
  • – Easy Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Ornaments for Kids
  • – Christmas Sensory Play Activities With Play Dough
  • – Fine Motor Christmas Activities: Decorate the Felt Christmas Trees
  • – Jingle Bell Color Sorting Activity for Fine Motor Skills
  • – Don’t Ring The Bells Obstacle Course
  • – Cardboard Yarn Ornaments
  • – Christmas Scissor Cutting Skills
  • – Yarn and Bead Christmas Tree Craft
  • – DIY Holiday Touch and Feel Box
  • – Music Therapy Video: Tapping Little Elf Song and Rhythm Sticks is Great For Gross Motor Skills


christmas crafts and activities 22


christmas crafts and activities 23


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