Top 5 Christmas Tree Theme Photos and Decorating Idea Pinterest Pinboards

This is the first year where the image and idea sharing site Pinterest will be influential for many looking for holiday decorating ideas, color schemes, and home interior themes.

This is never more true than when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, choosing a theme or getting an idea for a theme. Just by checking out some of these top Christmas tree Pinterest pinboards you can get ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree, what themes and colors are popular today, best ornaments and Christmas light arrangements, best place in your home or apartment to display your tree or just to purely inspire.

The wealth of ideas that these top 5 Pinterest Christmas tree decorating theme pinboards can offer is quite remarkable. I’ve looked through all of these pinboards and trees and believe me you won’t be disappointed.


Top 5 Christmas Tree Theme Photos and Decorating Idea Pinterest Pinboards


1. this Christmas tree pinboard has 244 pins and over 2,500 avid followers. Showcases lots of images of Christmas Tree decoration themes and ideas including a Little Presents Themed Tree, Family Heritage, Miniature Village, Black and White Silhouette, Blue and White, Red Silver Gold, Glittery Gold, Family Photos, Truly Patriotic, and a clever Remember When Christmas Tree decoration. 

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2. there are 10o Christmas Tree theme and idea pins on this board with lots to look at. Christmas tree themes include Butterflies, Peppermint Twist, House of Turquoise, Gingerbread Fun, Blue Frosted, White Theme and some Amazing Tree Toppers. 

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3. almost 250 pins of one of a kind Christmas tree decorations and themes. There are some unique Christmas tree decorations such as Candyland, Frosty, Snow, Candy Cane, Blue Tree, Purple, Entry Way, Burlap and Grapevine, and Chocolate Bliss. 



4. this pinboard is loaded with over 283 pins. There are some fanciful Christmas tree decorations including Christmas Egg Tree, Themed Peacock, Copper and Teal, Dr. Seuss, Aqua and Copper, Dickens House, Rainbow, Vintage Aluminum, Lime Green, Santa’s Workshop and Sentimental Season Christmas Tree.


5. another exciting pinboard with over 300 pins showing some unique Christmas tree themes like Santa Claus, Renaissance Revelry, Dried Flower, Giant Cupcakes, Victorian Doll, Christmas Village, Cookie Confections, and a one of a kind Wine Bottle Tree.


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