Top 5 Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboards

It seems like it used to be we had a couple of ideas to choose from when deciding on our Christmas Tree Toppers, say an angel or star.  In time, the range broadened to include any and all kinds of themes, from frosty the snowman to peacock to candy land.

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The wonderful Top 5 Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboards selected for  you here today offer a wide assortment of Christmas Tree Toppers for you to choose from.  To begin with, I have selected a Vintage Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboard with the loveliest, daintiest and prettiest Christmas tree toppers from the 20th Century, and even one or two from the 19th Century, and from all over the world.

Another pinboard, one of my favorites, presents sleek, simple stars, snowflakes and angels, each with an artistic twist.  Some of you will love those!  Falling in line with that pinboard is a similar one that focuses a great deal on stars and snowflakes, but offers as many possible ways to create a star with as many different materials as posssible!  In addition, that same pinboard explores a variety of types of tree toppers, including snowmen and top hats, to name a few.

Finally, the last two pinboards are an exploration in one contemporary style of decorating.  When one compares the delicate style of the vintage tree toppers, or the intricately elegant one of the metallic stars and angels, one is floored with the difference between those and the elaborate style presented in these two pinboards.  There is flair!  Toppers are huge and ornate!  There are themes like peacock, candies, winter wonderland, color explosion, and firework tree topper!

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Although most folks could put up a tree topper like these, you’ll see from the images, that many of these tree toppers will require expert decorators or serious tree topper enthusiasts! These tree toppers are not for the casual decorator!

So, please, stop by and see all the terrific tree toppers being presented and see what style, what color, what theme works for you! Merry Christmas!



Top 5 Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboards



1.  we start out with a beautiful Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboard! Most of the items featured on this pinboard are vintage and date back quite a few years, some to the 1940s-1960s, and even one to 1880.  Some of them even come from all over the world, such as Japan, Poland, Italy and West Germany.  You’ll love these, not just because they are so exquisite, but because of how rare they are, and how well-maintained they are. Their elegant designs are breathtaking!  Please come and see what this pinboard has to offer!

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tree toppers 1



tree toppers 2



tree toppers 3

  • – Starfish Tree Topper
  • – Coastal Christmas Starfish Tree Topper
  • – Vintage Glass Ornament Tree Topper circa 1960s West Germany
  • – Beautiful Collection Of Vintage Glass Tree Toppers
  • – Tree Topper From Gablonz, ca. 1880
  • – Angel Christmas Tree Topper Pinterest Pins
  • – Italian Tree Topper
  • – Tree Topper Poland
  • Christmas Star Tree Topper Pinterest Pin ca. 1940
  • – “Santa In a Chimney” Blue Glass Christmas Tree Topper
  • – Chic White Mica Snow Feather Peacock Christmas Tree Topper
  • – Blue, Silver, and White Angel Christmas Tree Topper
  • – Katherine’s Collection Nativity Angel Christmas Tree Topper
  • – Lighted Bethlehem Star Tree Topper
  • – Peacock Angel Tree Topper For Christmas
  • – Eiffel Tower Tree Topper
  • – How To Make A Snowman Tree Topper
  • – How To Easily Make a BIG Bow For Your Christmas Tree
  • – Victorian Christmas Topper Little Angels Choir
  • – Vintage Angel Tree Toppers Pinterest Pin
  • – Vintage Christmas Tree Topper Angel Japan Red White Polka Dot


tree toppers 4


tree toppers 5


tree toppers 6


2.  this is an exciting Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboard!  One part of it focuses on snowmen and top hat tree toppers, and offers quite a few to choose from.  Another part of the pinboard deals with making all kinds of stars and snowflakes tree toppers, like the lighted starburst mirror tree topper, the gold starburst tree topper, the woven paper star tree topper, the doily star tree topper, and the venetian star tree topper, to name a few. There are also a variety of other festive tree toppers to select from on this excellent pinboard!


tree toppers 7




tree toppers 8



tree toppers 9

  • – Book Page Tree Topper
  • – Snowman Tree Topper
  • – Frosty’s Hat Tree Topper
  • – Whimsical Christmas Star
  • – Pine Cone Tree Topper
  • – Woven Paper Christmas Star Tree Topper
  • – White Christmas
  • – Sheet Music Paper Angel Tree Topper
  • DIY Tree Topper Pinterest Pin
  • – Snowflake
  • – Glitter Ball Cone Tree Topper
  • – Christmas Bow Tree Topper
  • – Christmas Owl
  • – Gold Starburst Tree Topper
  • – Venetian Christmas Star
  • – Rustic Tree Topper
  • – Jingle Bell Star Tree Topper
  • – DIY Lighted Starburst Mirror
  • – Doily Star


tree toppers 10


tree toppers 11



tree toppers 12


3.  the following Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboard provides elaborate, ornate and all-encompassing tree toppers!  These toppers are not for the faint of heart!  In fact, some may require an expert tree decorator to create and place atop the Christmas tree.  Come bring all  your learning and expertise to this pinboard and get ready to find the grandest tree toppers ever!


tree toppers 13



tree toppers 14



tree toppers 15

  • – Explosion of Color!
  • – Capture the Christmas Spirit
  • – Gigantic Bow Tree Toppers Pinterest Pin
  • – Just Like Candyland!
  • – Whimsical Tree Topper
  • – Festive and Fancy
  • – ‘Tis The Season
  • – Sky-High Turquoise Bow & Beads
  • – Firework
  • – Peppermint Tree Topper
  • – Super Feather
  • – Holiday Decorating With Pine Cones
  • – Fabric Bird Tree Topper
  • – Make A Statement!
  • – Cranberries & Bells
  • – Monogrammed


tree toppers 16



tree toppers 17


tree toppers 18


4.  the tree toppers on this Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboard are exquisite.  They cover many themes, like peacock, winter wonderland, southern ‘n sassy, and cute and colorful!  They’re extravagant but doable.  It can be done! Find an idea for this year’s Christmas tree topper here at this excellent pinboard!


tree toppers 19


tree toppers 20



Tree Toppers 21


  • – Custom Coordinating Burlap Christmas Tree Topper
  • – Winter Wonderland Tree Topper
  • – Christmas Tree Topper – Glamorous Golds
  • – Peacock Christmas
  • – Silver Pine Cone Christmas Star Tree Topper Pinterest Pin
  • – Pink and Silver Sparkly
  • – Colors of the Season Christmas Tree Topper
  • – Natural-Looking Bird in Nest
  • – Festive Tree Topper
  • – Bow Toppers
  • – Tree Topper – Rustic Christmas
  • – Cute and Colorful Christmas
  • – Christmas Inspiration
  • – Beautiful Blue and Silver Christmas
  • – Southern ‘N Sassy Tree Topper!


tree toppers 22



tree toppers 23


5.  this lovely Christmas Tree Toppers Pinterest Pinboard offers sleek, simple toppers for your perusal.  Mostly angels, stars, and snowflakes, the toppers are metallic, wire, generally silver or gold, sometimes embellished with gorgeous gems.  These unique toppers will add a touch of elegance to your tree and to the room. Come by and see what’s being shown!


tree toppers 24



tree toppers 25



tree toppers 26

  • – Star Tree Topper Is Passed Along With Random Acts of Kindness for Family Members
  • – Gold Metal Wire Angel – Unusual – Glitter Sparkle
  • – Silver Snowflake Wire Tree Topper Embellished with Shimmering Acrylic Gems
  • – Jeweled Jubilee Wire Snowflake
  • – Vintage Christmas Wire Snowflake
  • – Beautiful Wire Angel Christmas Tree Topper Pinterest Pin
  • – Shooting Star Blue Champagne Christmas Tree Topper
  • – Decadence Glitter Snowflake Christmas
  • – Wire Angel Tree Topper with Iridescent Glitter Accented with Red Sequins and Pearls
  • – Crochet Tree Topper Red Wire Heart
  • – Gold Star Glitter And Swirls Christmas
  • – Sea Glass Star Tree Topper in Colors of the Sea
  • – A Tree Topper That Glistens Like a Glacier
  • – Ice Palace Glittered Snowflake Tree Topper
  • – Lovely Gold Colored Glitter Finish That Gives Your Tree a Touch


tree toppers 27



tree toppers 28



tree toppers 29



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