Top 5 Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboards

Typically the colors of Christmas tend to be red and green with hollies and berries.  When you have a Coastal Christmas the colors reflect the sand and sea, and you get turquoise and aqua, ocean blue and sea green, plus a lovely sandy white.

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Christmas decor becomes shells and starfish, sea horses and mermaids, shell topiaries and trees, and white Santas with fishing nets adorning a Coastal Christmas mantle.  Come and see the Top 5 Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboards I have collected here for you to peruse and discover your own wonderful beach-themed Christmas decorations.  You’ll love what you see!



Top 5 Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboards



1.  this first Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboard is a classic way to start your adventure in Coastal Christmas decor!  There are many shell wreaths, starfish and sand dollar ornaments, and driftwood Christmas trees.  Come and see the fun Coastal Christmas pins on this festive pinboard!


coastal christmas 1




coastal christmas 2

  • – Seashell Garland
  • – Wave-Inspired Christmas Light Hanging
  • – Beach Decor Turquoise Starfish Christmas Ornament
  • – Oyster Shell Burlap Wreath
  • – Wreath of Seashells
  • Coastal Christmas Tree Pinterest Pin
  • – Seaside Christmas Ornaments
  • – Deck the Palms!
  • – Christmas By The Sea
  • – DIY Sailboat Ornaments
  • – Gingerbread Surf Shack!
  • – Coastal Mod Podge DIY Christmas Ornaments
  • – Nautical Christmas Decor
  • – Gold Sand Dollar Ornament
  • – Coastal Christmas Starfish, Sea Fan, Sea Urchin Tree Topper
  • – Have Yourself a Sandy Little Christmas
  • – Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Ornaments That Have a Seaside Theme
  • – Driftwood Christmas Tree Tutorial
  • – Coastal Branch Tree For Christmas
  • – Starfish Santa
  • – Woah!  Flip-Flop Tree!

coastal christmas 3



coastal christmas 4

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2. there is a lot of cottage chic in this Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboard.  The lovely beach decor in this board will please your eyes.  It makes the home inviting to your Coastal Christmas guests. Come take a look at this beach inspired pinboard!


coastal christmas 5


coastal christmas 6


coastal christmas 7

  • – Coastal Christmas Decorating
  • – Beach Cottage Mantle During Christmas
  • – Seaside Christmas Tree
  • – Christmas Beach Tree Skirt
  • – Christmas On The Beach
  • – Beach Wreath
  • – Christmas at a Caribbean Beach
  • Beach Christmas Tree Pinterest Pin With Glittered Shells
  • – Beach Cottage Christmas
  • – Merry Christmas From Florida
  • – Shell Encircled Candles
  • – A Very Beachy Christmas
  • – Wrap It Up Coastal Style
  • – Beachy Exterior Door
  • – Designs That Inspire: A Beachy Chic Christmas



coastal christmas 9



coastal christmas 10



3.  this Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboard offers many suggestions for beachy Christmas ornaments, from delicate glitter shells to elegant shells adorned with Swarovski Crystals.  In addition, this pinboard presents coastal Christmas trees and wreaths to further decorate your home for a great Coastal Christmas.  Come check it out!


coastal christmas 11



coastal christmas 12



coastal christmas 13



  • – Green Glass Seashell Ornament
  • – Pretty Sand Dollar with Crystals Christmas Ornament
  • – Beautiful Coastal Shells Christmas Wreath
  • – Irish Scallop Pinecone Christmas Ornament
  • – Large Glittered Shell Beach Christmas Ornament
  • – Beautiful Christmas Cove Starfish Ornaments with White Accents
  • – Turquoise Seahorse Christmas Ornament
  • – Bejeweled Christmas Shell Ornaments
  • – Whimsical  Jelly Fish Sea Urchin Christmas Ornaments
  • – Mini Beach Christmas Tree
  • – Tropical Christmas Tree
  • – Mermaid Seashell Christmas Tree
  • – Large Lion’s Paw Shell Hand Painted Adorned With Crystals and Vintage Jewelry
  • – Beach Christmas Stockings
  • – Hawaiian Christmas
  • – Ocean Blue Christmas
  • – Christmas Decor at the Coast
  • – Beach Christmas Ornament with Swarovski Crystals


coastal christmas 14



coastal christmas 15



coastal christmas 16


4. this Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboard is full of elegant and unique artwork with a beach theme.  By using sea urchins, sea glass and sea shells, people have created topiaries, Christmas trees and ornaments.  Some of the colors range from sea green to ocean blue.  For a calming, artistic effect try this lovely pinboard!


coastal christmas 17


coastal christmas 18


coastal christmas 19


  • – Sparkling Glitter Palm Tree Ornament
  • – Hand Painted Sea Shell Art
  • – Nantucket Scallop Shell and Sea Glass Ornament
  • Nautical Christmas Pinterest Pin Beach Sign – Blue
  • – Beach Christmas Table
  • – Christmas Anchor With Seashells
  • – Stacked Starfish Christmas Tree
  • – Sea Glass Christmas Tree – Various Shades of Blue
  • – Seaglass, Abalone, & Blue Limpet Coastal Trees
  • – Fisherman’s Christmas Tree
  • Nautical Christmas Tree Pinterest Pin
  • – Sandy Beach In a Globe
  • – How To Make a Seashell And Sea Glass Topiary
  • – Sea Glass and Driftwood Christmas Craft
  • – Sea Glass Ornaments
  • – Beach Comber Coastal Christmas


coastal christmas 21



coastal christmas 22


coastal christmas 23


5. this Coastal Christmas Pinterest Pinboard is a terrific combination of seaside and holidays! There are shells and blue bow wreaths, there are white Santas bedecked with fishing nets and starfish, there are miniature white-shell Christmas trees, and there are mermaids amidst an assortment of beach-themed decorations!  Feast your eyes on this ideal Coastal Christmas board!


coastal christmas 24


coastal christmas 25


coastal christmas 26



  • – By The Seashore Christmas Tree
  • – Pearly Seashell Seahorse Wall Art
  • – Floating Christmas Tree
  • – Holiday Decorating With Seaside Style
  • – Fisherman Creations – Crab Pot Christmas Trees
  • – Aqua Mermaid Tail Christmas Stocking
  • – Spend Christmas at the Beach
  • – Vintage Ornaments Are Given a Subtle Hint of Coastal Charm With a Starfish Among the Mix
  • – Shells and Ornaments Make for a Perfect Centerpiece
  • – Merry Christmas Message in a Bottle
  • – Crushed Seashell Christmas Ornaments
  • – Beach Glass Ornaments Filled With Sand and Shells
  • – Sea Glass Mosaic
  • – Trim the Tree With Treasures From the Sea
  • – Seascape Holiday
  • – Glitter Seahorse Ornaments
  • – Ocean Mermaid Shell Wreath
  • – Shell Garland or Pearl Garland Makes a Beautiful Accent To Beach-Themed Ornaments


coastal christmas 27



coastal christmas 28



coastal christmas 29


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