Top 5 Comic Book Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Download Websites

When I think of comic books I think first of super heroes. While there are other types of comic books besides super heroes such as fantasy, science fiction, and romance for this post I decided to stick with just super hero teams and individual character Facebook Covers which are primarily the creations of Marvel and DC comics.

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Below you will find Facebook Covers from some of the most popular comic book characters and teams. All Covers are free to download to your computer and upload to your Facebook Timeline photos for free. Here are my top 5 comic book Facebook Cover Photo download websites.


Top 5 Comic Book Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. fbcoverstreet: one of the best Facebook Cover websites I’ve come across (and I’ve done over 220 posts on Facebook Covers) fbcoverstreet has over 50 Comic Book and Comic Book character Facebook Cover Timeline Photos that you can download for free and upload straight to your Timeline photos. Many of these are Marvel Comics Facebook Covers and DC Comics Timeline Covers. Here are some of the titles and characters just waiting for a position atop your Timeline: Spiderman Web, Superman Logo, Batman in the Rain,  Captain America Face, Ironman, Green Goblin, Red Skull, The Incredible Hulk, Flash, Thor, Venom, Wonder Woman, Catwomen, The Joker, Green Lantern, Hawkeye, the Punisher and the Thing. 


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2. covermyfb: the premiere Facebook Cover website. A basic search for comic books did not come up so I linked to individual comic book characters and super hero teams with plenty of Covers. Here are links to some of the more popular comic book super hero Facebook Covers on covermyfb:

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  • avengers: over 50 beautiful and colorful Avengers Covers
  • X-men: several Covers including First Class and Wolverine.
  • Fantastic Four: several animated Covers.
  • Spiderman: has over 30 Spiderman Facebook Covers.
  • Superman: has over a dozen Superman Facebook Timeline Photos.
  • Batman: this popular super hero character is featured on over 40 Covers.
  • Ironman: several images including some from the movie.
  • Captain America: a small sampling of images from the recent movie.
  • Hulk: over 20 Hulk Facebook Covers.
  • Wolverine: some great Covers of Wolvie.
  • Green Lantern: movie Covers.
  • Venom: the black costume


3. 99covers: lots of animated comic book Facebook Covers with some comic book panel or strip styles. This site is loaded, and I mean loaded, with Batman Covers. Some images include Batman and Joker, Abstract Batman, Villains, DC Universe, Shadow, Jim Lee, Gotham, Hero Rooftop, Riddle Me This, Moon and Signal. 



4. sharecovers: a short list of Covers but there are some good ones. I was looking for just a comic book category page and these results came up: Spiderman Venom, Spiderman Reflections, Batman Word, The Dark Knight, and Batman and Catwomen. Just click on a Cover to see a larger preview then select the right click and “save image as” option to download the Cover to your computer.



5. coverslike: a one page preview of some famous comic book character Facebook Covers like DC Batman Cover, Flash, Catwomen, Superman and Batman Together, Iron Man, and Heath Ledger’s Joker. 



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