Top 5 Disappearing Photos, Self-Destructing and Vanishing Text Messaging Apps

Just when you thought we couldn’t go micro enough, here comes the latest spontaneous social media communication craze. Disappearing photos, self-destructing and vanishing mobile text messaging apps are a huge trend right now.

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Young users are begging for non-permanence and no trace evidence when it comes to sending private photos and texts. They want them to be quickly read and then disappear.

A new fringe ghost social media is now forming where photos and messages are seen by their intended recipients and then quickly vanish or disintegrate right in front of their eyes.

I believe this trend is real and has serious staying power, so much so that Facebook and Google have been acutely interested in buying up some of these innovative companies.

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But beware, while you can’t download a ghost hunter app that can gather EMS recordings or perform a virtual seance to reveal proof that those possibly incriminating photo images and text messages did indeed exist and can be traced back to the specific person or persons of origin, there are plenty of hackers out there that have found ways around these companies privacy walls.

However, many of the companies listed here have made a serious push to secure their services. These are the big players today and security is has to be there main focus.  The main point of these apps any way is to have a form of communication that leaves no trace evidence behind when it comes to photos and text messages.

Here are the top 5 disappearing photos, self-destructing and vanishing text messaging app companies on the market today and gaining in popularity:

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1. Snapchat: the leader in this sector Snapchat is adored and exploited by young users and has grown in popularity over the last year. Snapchat has millions of users snapping photos and sending messages every day, these photos and text tags then disappear or vanish several seconds after they’ve been seen. A recent breach in Snapchat’s security system have made people pause before sending out photos, but nevertheless look for the app to continue to grow in popularity. A recent update on Snapchat indicates the company has made extraordinary efforts to tighten up their security.  And yes, there are other apps like Snapchat. Here are a few more.



2. Confide: it’s like Snapchat, but for the working professional and of course comes with the whole disappearing messages and photos features. Simply put, confide is the Snapchat for professionals and executives who want to communicate things in secret or private, but can’t freely do so with regular text messaging, emails and other forms of easily accessible, strictly monitored and regulated workplace communications. Messages quickly disappear after reading with no evidence to suggest they ever existed. Now, just think of all the things you wanted to say off the record at the workplace and now can.




3. Wickr: this app touts that they might be the most secure private communication app out there with military-grade encryption of text, photo, audio and video messaging. With Wickr there seems to be a lot more control over your messages, a simple to use interface and showcases secure file shredding features. In fact, “Security has never been so easy” is Wickr’s motto.




4. Hash: #hash has really upgraded the total messaging experience with a solid app that integrates photos, videos and text in a more visually pleasing way. Messages last 7 seconds and then they’re gone. You can loop short videos or photos with added text plus add emoticons and images to give your visual message that extra bit of emotional bang.


 Tiger text

5. TigerText: communicate with your co-workers with disappearing, self-destructing text messages that can be preset with the TigerText app. The app lets you know when your messages are read and recalled.  Tigertext also has some great resources and tips on the best ways to use this mobile app.