Top 5 Displaying Art in the House Pinterest Pinboards

When it comes to displaying art in the house, some of us are kind of haphazard about it, tossing things here and there, while others could get hired at an art gallery because of the exquisite placement of our artwork.  I have collected here the Top 5 Displaying Art in the House Pinboards that will make you feel like an expert when it comes to decorating your home.

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You will learn a variety of ways to display your art ranging from traditional and classic to original and innovative.  There are many examples of arranging standard artwork like paintings, drawings, sketches, and photographs to more creative art like plates, coffee cups, baskets, shopping bags, even bandannas and doors!  Get ready for an adventure and jump right in!


Top 5 Displaying Art in the House Pinterest Pinboards


1.  this first Displaying Art in the House Pinterest Pinboard is an excellent introduction in how to arrange all kinds of art from black and white to colorful, from large scale to small.  It also includes tips and solutions for common problems when displaying art.  Come see all the ideas offered in this great pinboard!


Displaying Artwork 1

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Displaying Artwork 4

  • – How to Display Your Artwork to Create Your Dream House
  • – Honey I Blew Up The Kids – How To Make Engineering Prints Look Their Best
  • – 18 Supersized Statements Made By Oversized Art In Exquisite Interior
  • – Old World Art Wall
  • – Large Scale Art
  • – Fun Gallery Wall
  • – Small Space Collage and Picture Wall
  • – How To Choose The Right Type Of Frame
  • – Gallery Wall Inspiration: Eclectic Layouts
  • – How To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall
  • – A Simple Solution For Too Many Canvases Or Too Little Wall Space
  • – Bohemian
  • – 5 Gallery Wall Ideas From Celebrity Homes
  • – Why You Need Black And White Abstract Art
  • – 6 Ways To Hang Photos Without Using Nails
  • – The Colorful Gallery Wall
  • – Some Great Ways To Use Photos Of Water


Displaying Artwork 5


Displaying Artwork 2

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2.  this is a fun and innovative Displaying Art in the House Pinterest Pinboard.  There are so many original and unusual ideas offered here to spice up a wall with the many items that can be viewed as art, like shopping bags, plates, postcards, and magazines, to name a few!  Come and have some fun!


Displaying Artwork 6


Displaying Artwork 7


  • – Fridge Collage Wall Art
  • – Photo Wall
  • – Creative Magazine Rack
  • – Overload of Red Frames
  • – Gallery Wall: Hanging Picture Frames
  • – Gallery Wall Above Bedroom Headboard
  • – Plates On The Wall
  • – Gallery Wall – Shopping Bag In Frames
  • – Ultimate Picture Wall
  • – Wall Display: Photo Wreath Idea
  • Fun Way To Display Pictures Ideas Pinterest Pin 
  • – Wall Of Postcards
  • – Gallery Wall – Black and White Collection


Displaying Artwork 10


Displaying Artwork 11


3.  this Displaying Art in the House Pinterest Pinboard is super helpful with DIY ideas, Fabulous How-To’s, and 101 Decorating Secrets!  You have to check this pinboard out!


Displaying Artwork 12



Displaying Artwork 14

  • – Eclectic Gallery Wall – Hallway
  • – Tree of Design
  • – How To Hang A Gallery Wall The Right Way
  • – DIY Photo Clipboards
  • – The Most Efficient Way To Create A Gallery Wall
  • – 101 Decorating Secrets
  • – 65 Plus Photo Gallery Wall Layout Designs
  • – Do This Before Making a Gallery Wall…
  • – How To Hang Art Around The Room
  • DIY Wall Art Pinterest Pin For Small Homes
  • – Office Art
  • – How To Hang Anything On Any Surface
  • – Coffee Cup Wall


Displaying Artwork 13


Displaying Artwork 15


4.  this colorful Displaying Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboard presents some creative solutions to display your art or your children’s art.  It is a different pinboard in that it allows for room to display arts and crafts, not just paintings, drawings and photographs.  Come enjoy what this pinboard has to offer!


Displaying Artwork 16



Displaying Artwork 17



  • – 15 Fresh Ways To Display Your Art
  • – Bright and Beautiful Art Wall Pinterest Pin
  • – Bulletin Board Wall
  • – Wonderful Idea For Larger Artwork
  • – A Branch Of Birch and Frames
  • – Gallery Wall Memories
  • – Creative Bulletin Boards To Craft
  • – Simple Idea With Common Items
  • – Visually Inspiring Arrangement
  • – Clothespin Art Display
  • – Inspiration Board
  • – Lots of Old Frames and a Little Paint
  • – Clipboard Gallery Wall


Displaying Artwork 18


Displaying Artwork 19


5.  modern and minimalist art displays decorate this wall art Pinterest pinboard. Here are just a few example pins of what you’ll find featured here:


Displaying Artwork 23


Displaying Artwork 20



  • – Photo Wall Ideas and Inspiration
  • – Gallery Wall – Soft Minimalism
  • – Your Own Private Museum
  • – Trip Down Memory Lane
  • – Great Plate Collection – Art Arrangement
  • – Gallery Wall – Modern
  • – Gallery Wall – Delft Blue Ceramics
  • – Creating a Beach Art Gallery Wall
  • – 25 Best Hallway Wall Art Ideas
  • – Nice Gallery Wall for a Small Apartment
  • – Gallery Wall – A Collection of Indigo Bandannas
  • – Gallery Wall – Hand-blown Vases
  • – Fine Art on Dark Wall
  • – Cat Wall
  • – Antique Brick Wall Art
  • – Wall of Doors


Displaying Artwork 22


Displaying Artwork 21



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