Top 5 Displaying Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboards

It used to be that when our children presented us with their artwork from school or their playroom, we would stick it on the fridge with an oversized magnet or figure out some way to hang it on the wall.  Well, with the collection of these Top 5 Displaying Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboards, you’ll be surprised what parents are doing to display the art of their little ones!

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Sure, there’s the classic Gallery Wall, but now there are so many ways to hang artwork, and there are all kinds of things to use for  a frame. People are making clothesline gallery walls, refrigerator gallery walls, or they’re not even hanging things on the wall: they’re putting up chalkboard walls for the children to draw on directly!

Plus, people have moved away from the wall and tried tons of new things, like t-shirts, frisbees, photo and art books, lampshades, and duvet covers, to name just a few.  Plus, you’re going to find out just what you can do with some gallon-size ziploc bags and duct tape, and you’ll see that clipboards and clothespins come in regular size and oversize or even giant size to display your children’s art!

And, wouldn’t you believe it, displaying children’s artwork has really found it’s way into the 21st Century because there is already an app to photograph and archive kids’ art, then print it out to display however you want – gallery wall, refrigerator, or even a coffee table book!  So come along and check out all these terrific Displaying Chidren’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboards!

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Top 5 Displaying Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboards


1.  this is a wonderful Displaying Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboard to start with.  It has colorful, creative ideas for displaying children’s art throughout the house.  Plus, it offers many hints at how to display art more originally, or even just more easily!  Take a look what this pinboard has to offer!


Displaying Children's Art 1


Displaying Children's Art 2

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  • – Kids’ Art Space Updated
  • – Fun Wall Galleries For Your Home
  • – Half Chalkboard Wall, Half Artwork Display
  • – Removable Cloth Bulletin Board
  • – Oversized Clothespins To Hang Kids’ Artwork
  • – Inventive Ways To Display Your Kids’ Art
  • – 5 Quick Fixes – New Way To Hang Art
  • – Organizing Children’s Artwork
  • – Storing and Displaying Children’s Art
  • – A Cool Way To Display Your Kids’ School Art
  • – Blank Frames on a Wall With Clips For Future Displays
  • – Interchangeable Art Gallery
  • – Rotating Art Display
  • – Wall For All


Displaying Children's Art 3


Displaying Children's Art 4


2.  you’re going to love this next Displaying Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboard!  It has all kinds of new and exciting suggestions for how to display your children’s art.  Best of all, many of them are not your typical wall gallery ideas, from magnetic paint, to Ziploc Bag Quilts, to lampshades that kids decorate, you’ll be in Heaven with these hints!


Displaying Children's Art 7


Displaying Children's Art 6


  • – Watercolor Garland
  • – Sunshine Photo Holder
  • – Clothesline Hanging Display System
  • – The Quirky Parent: 3 Unique Ideas For Displaying Kids’ Art
  • – Hot Glue Tacks Onto Clothespins To Easily Interchange Artwork
  • – Magnetic Refrigerator Art Frames
  • Cute Way To Display Children’s Artwork: Curtain Rods and Hooks
  • – Children’s Gallery Wall : Frames Are Painted With Magnetic Paint
  • – New Way To Display: Wrappng Paper Featuring Your Child’s Artwork
  • – Display Children’s Art By Having Them Draw On This Special Lampshade
  • – Circle Paintings and Floating Frame
  • – Kids Decorate Their Playroom By Painting This Unique Rug
  • – Spring Drawing For Kids On a Shower Curtain
  • – The Coolest Yet: Gallon Ziploc Bag & Duct Tape Art Quilt To Slip in Kids’ Pictures and Display


Displaying Children's Art 5


Displaying Children's Art 8


3.  this lovely Displaying Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboard offers a variety of innovative ideas for displaying your children’s art, and even storing it, from more traditional mailing tubes to using the high-tech app now available.  There are some really neat ways suggested to display kids’ art in this pinboard, like a coffee table book, a poster made from the children’s art, and clipboards, corkboards, and hangers.  Come and see what’s on this pinboard.  You’ll have a blast!


Displaying Children's Art 13


Displaying Children's Art 9


  • – Corkboard Tiles Are a Fun Way To Display Your Child’s Art
  • – Display Your Child’s Art – Scan! Shrink! Print! Frame!
  • – Personalized Notepads
  • – Black Masking Tape as a Frame
  • – Store Kids’ Artwork by Year in Mailing Tubes
  • – Scan Artwork To Create Photobook
  • – An App To Photograph & Archive Kids’ Art – Then Print For Coffee Table Book!
  • – Children Decorate Cardboard Frames, Then Frame Artwork
  • – Framed Corkboard – Instant Gallery Wall
  • – Painted Frame Wall
  • – The Ever Evolving Display…
  • – Display Posters Made From Children’s Artwork
  • – Hanging Kids’ Art With Hangers
  • – Clipboards For Hanging Art and Photos


Displaying Children's Art 10


Displaying Children's Art 12


Displaying Children's Art 11


4.  what an innovative Displayng Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboard this is! It presents such unusual suggestions  for displaying kids’ art, like displaying it on a folding, movable partition wall, on drinking straw easels, on cereal box picture frames, on an inventive refrigerator Gallery Wall and on tea towels and t-shirts.  Come join the fun with this Pinterest Pinboard!


Displaying Children's Art 14


Displaying Children's Art 16


Displaying Children's Art 15



  • – Wowing With Your Walls – 5 New Art Display Trends
  • 10 Ways To Display Kids’ Artwork
  • – Refrigerator Gallery Wall – Command Hooks and Rods
  • – DIY Artists’ Portfolios
  • – Kids’ Chalkboard Hallway Art Wall
  • – DIY Canvas Wall Art
  • – Kid Art Collage Quilt
  • – DIY Foam Frames of Awesomeness
  • – Paper Straw Easel To Display Children’s Art
  • – Cereal Box Picture Frames
  • – Transfer A Child’s Drawing To a T-Shirt
  • – Turn Kids’ Art Into Tea Towels
  • – Display Kids’ Artwork on Folding, Movable Partition Walls


Displaying Children's Art 17


Displaying Children's Art 18


5.  this fun Displaying Children’s Art in the Home Pinterest Pinboard has many things for you to try when displaying your child’s art, like upsizing your child’s art into a colorful frisbee, making a calendar with your child’s art, using a DIY giant clipboard, and tracing your child’s art onto a plain white duvet cover!  There are also tips like hanging art on a gallery wall without nails, making kids’ art frames that rock, and repainting thrift store canvases for your children’s art!  Come enjoy this excellent pinboard!


Displaying Children's Art 20


Displaying Children's Art 23


Displaying Children's Art 21



  • – Repainting Thrift Store Canvases For Kid Made Art
  • – How To Photograph Children’s Artwork
  • DIY Kids’ Artwork Pinterest Pin on a Pillow
  • – How To Make DIY Stamps of Your Children’s Artwork
  • – Upcycle Your Children’s Artwork Into a Colorful Flying Frisbee
  • – Tracing Children’s Artwork Into a Plain White Duvet Cover
  • – Kids’ Art Frames That Rock
  • – Easy, Homemade Art Book
  • – Kids’ Art Journal
  • – 27 Ideas For Kids’ Artwork You Might Actually Want To Hang
  • – Awesome Kids’ Shadow Boxes
  • – Kids’ Art Calendars
  • – Hanging a Gallery Wall Without Nails
  • – DIY Giant Clipboard!


Displaying Children's Art 19


Displaying Children's Art 22




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