Top 5 EMO Emotional Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

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EMO has evolved from its self expressive punk music roots into a new form of emotional state of being. Those sensitive personalities who embrace EMO can convey these feelings through music, fashion and other forms of artistic expression.

EMOs playground is all emotion. The stereotypical EMO with the dark hair covering the face and the tight pants is also transforming into other manifestations.

Today EMO is a state of being. It’s ok to be EMO; there’s a hopefulness in the air.

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EMOs who have Facebook will no doubt be taking full advantage of the huge space the Timeline Cover Photo accommodates for unique and emotional EMO images.

I went through over 80 websites and selected good candidates of EMO pre-made free Cover pictures. Each one of these featured websites below has a specific EMO or Emotions category.

All these Facebook Covers are free to download, upload and use for your Timeline Cover Photo. Some of these websites will allow you to right click and use the “save image as” to download the Cover to your computer while others allow for straight uploads to your Timeline using special apps.

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1.fbcoverskins: this featured Facebook Cover website has around 20 images representstive of the EMO culture. Standout Cover titles include Proudly EMO, Could? Should?, Black and White EMO, Screamo All The Way, I Hate You, and Love Me. Use the special app that will upload your chosen image straight to your Timeline photos by clicking on the “use this as your Cover Photo” button.

2.Trendycovers: announce to your Facebook friends a strong emotion with something like a “I am EMO” or “Hug an EMO” Cover. Trendycovers has several EMO titles including EMO Skull, Broken Heart, Men Women EMO, Love is, Gothic, Rock, Alone and Kissing.

3.Coverphotobook: has around 30 featured Photo Covers in the EMO category. Featured titles include Sad Love Skull, I’m Not Ok, Love Kiss Emotion, Sad Red Smiley Face, Angry Sackboy Kapbam and Live, Laugh and Love.

4.fbcoverlover: another great Cover Photo site fbcoverlover has over 20 images under the EMO/Goth category including titles like Always Cry, No Love, Cheer Up Emo Kid, Real Life is Overrated, In Love and Lonely and Sometimes I Feel. Click on the “Add to Profile” blue button and let the special app upload the Cover straight to your Timeline photos for easy convenience.

5.Addacover: you’ll find over 80 EMO related images on this premiere site with featured titles like Emo Girl, Angel, Life, Love Suicide Cover, a really cool EMO Doodles Cover, Feel Like Nothing, Pretend, Deadly Lover, Emo Gangsta, Wanna Sip, Fairy, Always Looking Away, Heart of Darkness, EMO Quote, and Emotive Hardcore. Addacover images can be saved by using the right click and “save image as” option or click on the “Upload Cover to Facebook” and let the special app upload the image straight to your Timeline photos. Click on Add/Change Cover to easily swap pictures in and out of your Timeline photos.

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