Top 5 Exercise Twitter Accounts

The following Twitter accounts delve into the world of health and fitness, and offer tweets that inspire and motivate, as well as educate and inform you on all things fitness.  Take a look at these Twitter accounts and find the ones that speak to you and keep you going on your fitness journey!

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@EXERCISES:  this is a health and fitness Twitter account with over 287 thousand followers.  Tweets include videos of effective and high intensity workouts for all muscle types, great recipes for a more healthy lifestyle, and inspirational quotes. If you’re into workout video tweets, then this is a must follow exercise Twitter account.


@FITNESS:  this is a health and fitness Twitter account featuring motivating tweets with messages and inspirational images to help you with your fitness goals, plus practical tips and suggestions for food, fitness accessories, and helpful exercises.  This account has 2.89 million followers.  @Fitness is always “helping you build a better you!”  Stop on by for a look!

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@Fitspirational:  this heath and fitness Twitter account inspires and makes you laugh on your fitness journey, and indeed, your daily life with funny quips and images with a fitness angle.  Read these for a pick me up.  They’ll help you get back on your feet and give you added strength to reach your fitness goals.  Join the other 1.68 million followers at @Fitspirational for fun and fitness motivational tweets to add a spark to your day!


@fit_motivation:  this motivational health and fitness Twitter account with over 560 thousand followers is great at “helping you on your way to become fit and healthy.”  Their tweets deal with images and quotes to keep you from giving up, and to keep you moving on your fitness trek.  For an awesome pick-me-up follow @fit_motivation!

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@healthyliving:  this health and fitness Twitter account truly offers the “best health advice and fitness motivation on Twitter!”  Its tweets are edgy, hard-hitting, with plenty of “open your eyes” to health and fitness ideas.  There are also lots of healthy living motivational tweets with plenty of humorous ones to help take the edge off the occasional stress.  If you are ready, join the over 200 thousand followers and check out @healthyliving.