Top 5 Flower Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Websites With Free Downloads

Flowers are eternally beautiful. Flowers give our world added color and fragrance that enhance our lives. Flowers are also symbolic of many things.

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I was fascinated to have stumbled across this flower meaning chart at Flowers are listed with their special cultural meanings. Some flower meanings we are very familiar to us like the rose which stands for love and passion. Other flower meanings are less familiar. The chrysanthemum for examples symbolizes optimism and joy.

As you can see by carefully looking at the flower meaning chart a flower can characterize a mood or feeling quite well.

With Spring finally here and the upcoming Easter and Mother’s Day celebrations flowers will play a crucial role. Many photographers and digital graphic artists have captured the timeless beauty of flowers in various forms, compositions, arrangements, and art forms. With the new Facebook Cover Photo option you can display these beautiful flower pictures at the top of your Timeline.

Imagine celebrating Mother’s Day with a beautiful flower picture along with a very personal quote atop your Timeline. Or if your feeling the advent of the Spring season you can showcase pictures of fields of blooming flowers.

I searched many websites to find some of the best examples of Flower Facebook Timeline Cover Photos and categories. These 5 websites have tens of hundreds of flower images of all types that you can use for free on your Timeline. Quantities in bold are subject to change daily as new pictures are added.

5 Free Flower Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Website Downloads


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hercovers: a logical place to start hercovers specializes in Covers cherished by females of all ages. There are over 60 Flower Facebook Cover images to select from starting with the classic Red Rose, Tulip Field, Daisy and Ladybug, Sunrise over Flowers, Cherry Blossoms, Flower and Grave, Pedals, Pastels, Make a Wish, Early Morning Mist, Sunflower Field and Lilac Field. If you allow the app to log into your Facebook account you can upload the selected image straight to your Timeline. You can also right click and use the “save as” option to download the image to your computer.


addacover: this premiere site has over170 quality Facebook Flower Cover Photos including some incredible digital art photos, flower photography, up close photos, flower arrangements, abstract and creative pictures.  Some titles include flowers like Purple Orchid, Red and Pink Rose, Sweet Tulips, Tulips and Silk, Cherry Blossoms, Peppermint Tulips, Vintage Flowers, Bows and Plaid, Daffodils, and Bouquet of Roses. At addacover you can save the image to your computer with the “save picture as” option or click the “Upload Cover to Facebook” to allow the app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

firstcovers: has over 20 beautiful flower Cover Photos to choose from including Field of Flowers, and various other flower relationships like butterfly, white, pink, colorful, blooming, peace, sunshine, daises and sunflowers. If you click on the “click here to make this your profile cover” blue button and allow firstcovers to upload your selected cover straight to your Timeline photos. You can also right click and use the “save as” option to download the image straight to your computer.


coverjunction: you’ll find over115 flower Facebook Cover Photos at coverjunction.  There are some beautifully rendered digital art of flowers and unique flower photography with some unique designs submitted by people everyday. Each cover lists the title, the name of the artist, how many times it was added and the option to share the image on Facebook and Twitter. Titles include Fence and Flowers, Black and White Rose, Lace of the Sky, Stand, Petals, Bouquet, Raindrops, Hard Workers, Poppies, Sidewalk Art, and Stained Glass Flowers. There are some incredible images in this group. You can use the right click “save picture as” option to download the image to your computer or click on the image and the button “add Cover to my Facebook” to allow the app to upload the image to your Timeline photos. You can also share your choose with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Get-Covers: this featured website has over 80 Facebook Flower Coversto preview and use for free on your Timeline right now. Titles include and incredible Field of Tulips, Wild Flowers, Dandelion, Yellow Tulips, Cherry Blossoms, Tiger Lily and Flowers Facebook Cover. Upload the image straight to your Timeline photos by clicking on the bar button that says “Click once to upload Cover to Facebook” or use the right click and “save as” option.

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There are many more websites that have “Flowers” as a category. Click on the link below and scroll through the 80 websites. Check the category sections of each website to see if “Flowers” is listed as a category. If it is just click on the links to go straight to the website and locate the Flower’s category to see more flower pictures.

The 80 Best Internet Websites for Free Download Facebook Timeline Cover Photos