Top 5 Free Cartoon and Anime Facebook Timeline Cover Picture Photo Website Downloads

Some of our favorite pop culture themes, icons, movies and characters can best be expressed in a cartoon or anime picture. Many people are choosing to display these cartoon and anime covers for their Facebook Timeline picture. If you asking yourself, “Where can I find cartoon and anime Facebook Timeline covers” then you came to the right place.

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I researched and selected these top 5 websites that have free downloads for cartoon and anime pictures. The inventory on hand is highlighted in bold and is subject to change as more covers are added sometimes daily. Also, some websites have mixed anime and cartoons together in the same category while others have chosen to separate the two. If they are separated I’ve listed them into the two categories below.

Just click on the links below and go straight to the cartoon and anime categories.

All Timeline covers and banners are free to download but require that their advertising mark on the cover usually the site’s url or domain remains on the cover. There are over 700 wonderful cover examples to admire.

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Top 5 Free Cartoon and Anime Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites


1. facebookprofilecovers: there are 34 exceptional and unique cartoon and anime Facebook Covers free to download. Choose any cover including popular characters and pop culture icons like Captain America, Hello Kitty, Domo Kun, Dragon Fire and the Beatles. Just click on the cover you like, log into Facebook and add/change your cover to the one you selected.

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2. Facecoverz anime: there are 22 anime Timeline covers added so far like Hello Kitty Pink, Totoro, Pokemon, One Piece, and Pikachu.

Facecoverz cartoon: choose from over 97 bright, colorful Timeline cartoon cover pictures. Decorate your Timeline cover picture with the likes of Charlie Brown Peanuts Christmas, Domo, Pixar Montage Facebook cover, Sponge Bob, Simpsons and Harry Potter cartoon cover.

3. firstcover: there are 67 quality cartoon covers to choose from in this category. Some popular examples from this category include Phineas and Ferb, Ben 10, Beavis and Butthead, Hello Kitty, South Park, Sponge Bob and Family Guy.

4. addacover anime: anime pictures are popular and this site has a nice collection of 250 anime Timeline Facebook covers including Miku Hatsune cover, Pikachu, Totoro, Naruto, Pokemon, Grimmjow and Teen Spirit. Free to download and upload to your Facebook page.

addacover cartoons: addacover has put together 158 classic icons, characters and pop culture figures for this Timeline Facebook cover pictures in their cartoon category. You can find the following cover images free to download: Hello Kitty, Wolverine, Toy Story, Captain America, Happy Feet, South Park and some highly unusual but appealing Zombie Sesame Street character covers like Zombie Elmo (B is for Brains).

5. fbookcover anime: fbook has 33 classic anime covers including Bleach, Blue Drop and Aquarion.

fbookcover cartoons: fbook has some hard to find cartoon covers with a nice selection of 78 Timeline Facebook cartoon covers. Cartoon pictures free to use include Shrek, Rango, Tangled, South Park and Hello Kitty just to name a few.

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