Top 5 Free Chocolate Facebook Cover Photo Download Websites For Timeline

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate?


Mostly everyone I know loves chocolate and mostly everyone I know responds positively in one way or another to an image of chocolate in its many forms. Some of these forms include chocolate bars, cake, ice cream, brownies, truffles, candy, milk shakes, syrup and pure liquid chocolate.

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Chocolate delights are everywhere and eating these treats is one of life’s simple pleasures. Chocolate is also given to loved ones as a sign of romantic feelings, caring, sweetness and love. Chocolate can also compliment other things quite nicely. For example, it would be hard to find a women who would turn down a gift of chocolate and roses.

Why would anyone want an image of chocolate as their Facebook Timeline Cover? Wouldn’t this tempt too much? Logging into your Facebook account and seeing your Chocolate Facebook Cover would no doubt make it hard to contain your instant sugar cravings.  Nonetheless, chocolate lovers everywhere are surely downloading chocolate images.

I found 5 websites on the Internet that have a nice selection of Chocolate Facebook Cover Photos that you can download and upload for free to your Timeline photos.

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Top 5 Chocolate Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. myFBcovers: has around 10 chocolate Facebook Covers you can upload straight to your Timeline photos using the special app. Here is a list of some titles: Chocolate Heart, Roses, Delicious, Shake, and Chocolate Girl.

2. covermyfb: chocolate lovers beware! The images on this site are the most mouth watering on the Internet. Be careful, you’ll be wanting to take a bite out of your monitor or ipad in a second. Featured titles include I Miss You Chocolate Kisses, Chocolate Easter Egg Bunny Cover, With Raspberries, Make Everything Better, Hot Chocolate, White, Mousse and Strawberries, With Fruit Dip, Chocolate Cake Facebook Cover, Vanilla Chocolate Ice cream Cover, Little Treats, Sundae, Sweet Dark, M&Ms, Love, Roses and For The Rich Chocolate Quote.

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3. pagecovers: there is a small sampling of Chocolate Timeline Covers like Chocolate Lover Arrow Pointer, Chip Cookies, Treats, Cupcakes, Hershey’s and a funny I Love Lucy Chocolate Episode. 

4. 123fbcovers: here you’ll find another 10 chocolate images that you can download to your computer such as I Love Chocolate, Heart Waves, Chocolate Bar, Smiley, Roses, and Enjoy. Interested in a Cover? Just click on the image to get a larger preview and right click and select the “save image as” option. Or click the ‘Make My Facebook Cover” and use the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

5.  justbestcovers: a nice variety of images including Truffles, Cake, Brownies, Cookies and Brownies With Syrup. Right click and save the image to your computer.


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