Top 5 Free Christmas Stitchery and Embroidery Pattern Ideas Pinterest Pinboards

Are you looking for that perfect Christmas embroidery pattern or stitchery design for the holidays?  If you haven’t discovered or given Pinterest a try then you need to now. I’ve assembled below my top 5 free Christmas stitchery and embroidery pattern idea Pinterest pinboards.

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Each of these Pinterest pinboards presents a wealth of ideas, designs, patterns, and tutorials that will help inspire.  All the popular Christmas symbols and images are represented here on these 5 pinboards including Christmas tree pattern, snowman images, gingerbread man stitch, hoop ornament ideas, quilt patterns and kits, lettering and text, religious, tutorials, and plenty of various free designs and patterns.



 Top 5 Free Christmas Stitchery and Embroidery Pattern Ideas Pinterest Pinboards



1. this is the Christmas embroidery explore Pinterest board loaded with embroidery ideas, designs and projects just in time for the holidays.  There are some great designs on this board including the following:

free Christmas embroidery patterns

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  • Christmas tree design
  • advanced designs
  • pillow designs
  • handmade ideas
  • baby Jesus embroidery pattern
  • chicken scratch
  • large Christmas ornament
  • instructions how to stitch embroidery
  • free paper stitching card patterns
  • winter scene
  • snowman quilt
  • free hand embroidery pattern
  • free Christmas embroidery patterns
  • Christmas embroidery hoop designs Pinterest pin
  • bird machine embroidery idea
  • joy to the world hoop ornament
  • free standing lace design
  • cross stitch Christmas tree
  • free machine embroidery designs


2. there are over 100 creative Christmas stitchery pins on this Pinterest board. Here are some standouts:


gingerbread man stitchery pattern

  • Redwork Christmas patterns
  • winter Redwork quilt kit
  • free instant machine embroidery designs
  • international patterns
  • peace, love and joy tree
  • blue bird
  • free pattern mini quilt
  • Christmas ornament embroidery patterns
  • snow buddies-quick and easy Christmas stitchery
  • Merry Christmas embroidery pattern
  • angel stitchery
  • festive stitcheries
  • gingerbread man stitchery


3. there are over 340 Christmas embroidery and stitchery pins gathered here on this pinboard for your viewing. There are too many to list here of course, but here are a few featured designs:

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pre embroidery stitches examples

  • embroidered ornaments
  • free Christmas hand embroidery pattern
  • stitchalongs
  • paisley doodles
  • free embroidery patterns Pinterest pin
  • tutorial embroidery designs
  • lettering and text
  • pattern for daisy wreath
  • chain stitch spider daisy
  • DIY bottle cap ornament stitchery
  • embroidery stitches cheat sheet
  • Christmas tree pattern
  • beautiful embroidery art
  • how to embroider letters tutorial
  • DIY embroidered fabric Christmas tree


4. here is another fantastic embroidery and stitchery Christmas Pinterest pinboard loaded with some of these great holiday patterns and designs:


snowman embroidery patterns

  • flakey friends Bluework
  • ribbon
  • candle mat
  • snowman stitchery
  • ornaments
  • personalized ornament
  • dashing through the snow pillow cover
  • Night Before Christmas pillow case
  • stitch freebies and tutorials Pinterest pin 
  • cute let it snow pattern
  • snowflakes


5. there are almost 300 designs and embroidery pattern pins on this Pinterest pinboard. Here are some featured examples:


stocking embroidery pattern

  • snowman ornament patterns
  • Christmas tree
  • snowflake
  • cute Christmas mittens
  • skates
  • joy hand embroidery designs
  • wreath
  • beautiful stocking pattern
  • Santa
  • pillow design
  • nativity scene
  • embroidered gingerbread house
  • reindeer pillow