Top 5 Free Graffiti Art Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

The art of graffiti was actually born in ancient times. The Romans for instance would create graffiti on walls and other structures describing important events of the time including things like obituaries and epigrams. Even the names of prominent people and families were inscribed in the walls of private homes.

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The era of modern graffiti or urban graffiti was born within the subways of New York City in the 1960’s. “Tagging” your name on a structure, especially a subway train, was quickly becoming widespread as young people who possessed a talent in creativity delved into this new public art form. The Graf artist was born, and the tools at his or her disposal were quite unique in the world of art. Tools like the iconic spraycans of paint along with writing tools like permanent markers were now everyday weapons of inspiration and creativity.

Soon the simple tagging of your name grew into competitions and recognitions of design and style. The medium changed as well from trains to other stand still structures and buildings in many neighborhoods and on popular streets.

Over the decades graffiti has seen its historic rise and decline only to see that in 2012 it is once again a relevant art form. The advent of viral digital image sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is breathing new life into graffiti.  

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While not having the same autonomy and discreetness that existed back in its hay day you can create and display your favorite digitally formatted graffiti works on your Facebook Timeline Cover. You can also upload hundreds of pre-made Covers.

There are many digital images and photographs of high quality and aesthetically appealing graffiti Facebook Cover Photos that you can download and upload to your Timeline photos for free.  

Top 5 Graffiti Art Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites


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1. Coverjunction: you’ll find over 64 incredible user submitted Graffiti Facebook Timeline Covers. Coverjunction allows you to share your favorite Cover on Facebook and Twitter. Graffiti images include photograph, digital and digital overlays including titles like Peace Graf, Unusual Graffiti, Skull, Grim Reaper, Princess Pocky, Tony, and Brazil 2. You have 2 options to get this Cover on your Timeline. You can either use the special app to allow a log in to Facebook and a quick and easy upload to your Timeline photos or you can simply right click on the image and select the “save image as” option to download the image to your computer.


2. addacover: this top-rated Facebook Cover, one of the best out there, has around 50 in their collection of Graffiti Timeline Covers that you can select from.  Featured titles include the Graffiti Wall, Neon Letters, Pink and Purple, Halloween Style, Skeleton, Train, Mind Outburst, Technica, Yo, Spray Paint, Monsters Cover, Skateboard, Dreams, Dark Emo, 3D, Love Kills, Let’s City, Crazy Clown and Crazy Art. Use the addacover app to log into your Facebook account and upload your selected image to your Timeline photos. To download the image to your computer just right click and select the “save image as” option.


3. freeprofilecover: has a nice preview layout of 18 Covers per page with almost 90 Graffiti Facebook Cover Photos that you can download or upload to your Timeline photos for free.  This website has a unique variety of mediums for Graffiti art including 3D, digital and photography. Some standout images include some aesthetically pleasing Graffiti wall art.

4. hercovers: another top quality Facebook Cover site which has around 30 images in the Graffiti category. Images are ranked according to uploads with popular styles and types including real photography and digital images and pictures like Street, Colorful, Philosophical, Graffiti bros, Thomas, Mona Lisa, Chick, Paint, Graffiti Hallway, and Train.


5. Coverswag: there are 21 graffiti inspired images of all types you can download and upload to your Timeline photos for free. Picture Covers also show the number of uploads.  There are some bright and colorful graffiti images too with examples like Yes, Railroad Track, Blue, and Coral Reef. Like most of these Cover websites you can use the special app to log into your Facebook account for easy upload of the image to your Timeline photos or you can right click and choose the “save image as” option. 

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