Top 5 Free Heartbreak, Breakup and Relationship Ending Facebook Timeline Cover Picture Download Websites

Eventually, we all will experience some sort of relationship ending moment in our lives. Breakups and heartbreaks can be brutal to endure and the healing process is a painstakingly long journey. But regardless of feeling unloved these breakups make us stronger in the end by giving us wisdom and  foresight as we prepare to enter into a new relationships. After the end of a relationship the emotional process of grieving, sadness, regret and anger needs to play itself out before the real mending can begin.

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Our social network of friends and family is what gets us through these tough times. With many of us on Facebook we can connect with a vast resource of people willing to reach out and comfort us during our darkest hours. Sometimes it helps to get things off our chest. This is where the Facebook Timeline cover picture photo comes in.

This large canvas mural allows you to place a personal representation that can express and capture who you are, what emotions you’re dealing with and how you see the future.  Displaying a personal heartbreaking quote or relationship ending cover can alert your support group made up of family and friends that you need them.

The following Top 5 websites have many love ending, breakup and heartbreak quote Timeline covers to choose from. All covers are free to use. Some will require direct downloads from within the site while others can be saved to your computer with the “right click and save” option. The links will take you straight to their breakup, relationship or heartbreak categories (note-sites have different names for these). Quantities are in bold and are subject to change as more Facebook covers are added daily.

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Top 5 Heartbreak, Breakup and Relationship Ending Timeline Cover Picture Download Websites


addcovers: there are 36 Sad, Heartbreak and Breakup Facebook Timeline covers in this category.  These pictures cover a wide emotional range of feelings with titles like ‘You Broke My Heart” Timeline cover, “Everything Has Changed”, “Be Strong”, “My Wounds May Heel”, “I Should Be Over You” and “I Miss How Happy I Was With You”.  These Facebook covers are free but you’ll have to allow a log into Facebook direct from within their site.  Once you cover is uploaded you can add/change to any cover you like.

addacover: Love-Broken Hearted is the name of this category where you’ll find 25 gut wrenching heartbreak covers that might match a particular emotion you are feeling.  Some titles include “Love Kills”, “My Broken Heart Timeline cover”, “Cold Heart”, “Heart Broken”, “You Promised”, “I Miss You” and ‘Hide My Broken Heart Cover”.

pagecovers: has 58 quotes in the heartbreak quotes category with some popular titles like “You’re the one who broke my heart”, “the Hardest Thing”,  “It is Better to have loved Timeline cover”,  and “You have to  forgive and forget”. This category has some magnificently bright and wonderfully colored heartbreak covers. Not so gloomy as some other covers I’ve seen.

firstcovers: there are 43 eloquent heartbreak, broken hearted and sad Facebook Timeline cover pictures to choose from including some well-known titles like “Picking up the pieces”, “I Love You But”, “I’m over you”, “Should be over you”, “Where were you?” and the classic “Heartbreak”. Just click on the cover you like, right click and save to your computer.

trendycovers: a nice collection of 12 quality one of a kind broken hearts Timeline photos and pictures to match with the emotion you’re feeling after a serious relationship has ended with some poignant titles including “love sucks”, “Inside I’m Dying”, “Alone Girl”, “Sorry Facebook cover”,  “I miss you” and a unique social media “Me Without You” Facebook cover.

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