Top 5 Free Magical Unicorn Facebook Cover Photo Download Websites For Timeline

Unicorns are mythical creatures with a captivating rich history that spans many cultures and countries. Stories of unicorns can be traced back to civilizations in Asia, India and Africa. The striking white horn rising from the horse-like creature’s forehead has become a powerful symbol of purity and light.

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In medieval times unicorns were mentioned in legends and folklore. Legend said that those who possessed a unicorn horn were protected from disease and sickness.  In medieval art the famous woven “Unicorn Tapestries” are great examples of how popular and respected these creatures were during that time.

Christian Europeans felt the unicorn represented purity, Divine inspiration and good which is why you will see depicted in pictures many unicorns associated with the Virgin Mary.

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The unicorn myth has its roots in legends surrounding the trading of narwhal horns. These horns were spiraled and strong and might have influenced traders to concoct stories of living magical creatures that grew the horns from their foreheads. Other horned animals and possible mutations that looked similar to the narwhal its horn continued to feed the unicorn myth for centries to come.

Unicorns have important roles in popular books and movies.

In the Harry Potter books unicorn blood is known to keep you alive with its magical powers. However, killing a unicorn is a mortal sin.

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In the movie Legend unicorns were magical creatures who possessed the power of light. The evil dark lord wanted all the unicorn horns removed and destroyed so the land would plunge into total darkness.

Today, many regard unicorns as beautiful creatures of strength, grace and purity.  Unicorns are depicted in fantasy pictures of magical forested lands living among other creatures like fairies, witches, sprites, and gnomes.

Finding a unicorn Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline was almost as hard as finding the elusive unicorn herself. But I did manage to find a few.

If your looking for these magical creatures to adorn your Facebook Cover Photo then have a look at the following 5 featured websites below that have several featured unicorn images that you can download and upload for free to your Timeline.


Top 5 Free Magical Unicorn Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. pagecovers: I’ll start out with these 3 very eloquent beautiful white unicorns. There are 2 solo white ones and an embracing unicorn image in this category. Use the special app to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline photos.

2. covermyfb: there are 5 unicorn Facebook Cover images that you can download including a Unicorn in the Forrest, Girl Fairy and Her Unicorn, Three, Sweet, and Peace Birds White.


3. Get-Covers: another set of 5 beautiful Unicorn images unicorns in a Pink Heart and Stripes Background, Pinkish Purple Theme, Stone Temple Background and Black Forest. Like an image? Just right click and save.




4. myFBCovers: 3 more detailed images of unicorns including an interesting Wrapped, Girl Riding and Dark Shadowy Forrest.  Use the special app to upload the image to your Timeline photos or right click and choose the “save image as” option.


 5. Kawaiicovers: has 5 beautiful animation and drawings of unicorns in wallpaper style Covers. There is an interesting Pink Fantasy Unicorn Snail Dragon and Castle, Hipster and Purple Pink Unicorn wallpaper Timeline Covers. Just right click and save the image to your computer.


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