Top 5 Free Quote and Sayings Facebook Timeline Cover Picture Website Downloads

With the new Facebook Timeline cover picture we are now given the freedom and space to display a mural image at the top of our Timeline to give your page a more visually personal aesthetic look. While there are literally thousands of pre-made covers of different genres out there to choose from nothing can inspire or motivate you and your friends more than a great quote or saying.

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With the extra large dimensions of the Facebook Timeline cover quotation cover pictures can have much more of an impact and effect on the people in your life as well as yourself as it hovers prominently over your Timeline page.

In many ways the ease of being able to network with friends and family with the new Facebook Timeline has some unavoidable negative consequences. In many ways as we get comfortable with this medium we lose the human to human, physical contact. Inspiration and motivation can go a long way when you are able to physically and emotionally convey and express your compassion and empathy standing right in front of that person or persons we so care about. But to help us compensate for some of this loss we now have the Facebook Timeline quote and sayings pictures we can use as covers to do the talking and conveying for us.

Daily quotes of encouragement, inspiration and motivation should not be taken for granted; they are especially helpful for those who are feeling cut off by technological isolation. The right quote or saying at the right time can go a long way in setting the mood for the day, helping a friend or family member get through a tough time or influencing someone to see something in an entirely different perspective.

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But where can I find these Facebook Timeline quote covers your probably wondering right not. With this in mind I thought it would be convenient to find websites that have nice inventories of quotes and saying Timeline covers. While these are by far not the only websites that offer these I’ve written many posts on these very websites as they keep coming up again and again when I search for quality Facebook covers.

Here are 5 websites that allow free downloadable Timeline cover quote and sayings templates that you can add to your Facebook cover.  Quote covers are destined to become one of the more popular types of covers you’ll see in someones Timeline. They are easy to download and upload to your Facebook page and there’s plenty to choose from.

Please not that quantities of covers are subject to change as more are added to these 5 sites daily. Find the inspiration today and add one on your Timeline page.

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5 Quote and Sayings Facebook Timeline Cover Free Download/Upload Websites


1. addacover: there is a huge selection of 368 cover quotes to choose from in the general quote category. Maybe you are looking for a “Just Be Yourself”, “Life is Sweet.Enjoy it!”, Put Your Future in Good Hands…YOUR OWN”, or “Friendship Warms The Heart”. Addacover makes it easy to download these covers. Create a folder for your Timeline covers,  right click on the quote cover you want and save to disk on your computer.

  • addacover/quotes: has several more quote categories including 124 quote covers in the Life quote category. Examples of these inspirational quote Facebook covers include “Life is Beautiful”, “It’s ok to be different”, “Live..Laugh…Love”, and “It’s the little things that make life SWEET”.

  • addacover/quotes: there is 74 quote covers in the Love quote category. You might be looking for “I Miss You”, “You Have My Heart”, “A Kiss Cover”, “Saying Goodbye”, “Hold me” and the “I Love You” quote cover.

  • addacover/quotes: there are 31 urban quotes in the urban quote category to select from. Some gritty examples include “I Prefer The Better Things Cover”, “I Love Hoez”, and “Jock My Swag”.


2. firstcovers: There are 559 high quality clear image Timeline quote covers to select from. A massive inventory of covers, some hard to find expressions and sayings.  Maybe you would like these motivational covers to drape over your Timeline: “Life is a Rollercoaster! Enjoy the ride!”, “So take a chance and don’t ever look back”, ‘Never settle for less than you deserve” and “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

facebooktimelinebanners: there are 60 quote covers and sayings in their inventory to date.  Express yourself on your Facebook Timeline with sayings like “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, “Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror”, ‘Happiness is a choice, and it’s free. Play on.” and “It’s never too late to be what you might have been”.

myfbcovers: there are 271 covers in their Quote and Sayings category ranked by popular downloads. Scroll through the pages with 5 on a page and surely and inspiration or two will surface.  Some Quote cover pictures I enjoyed were “Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply”, “You can be everything”, “I’m a lover not a fighter” and “Burn brightly without burning out”.  All quote covers are free to download. Just log into your Facebook and upload them straight from the site.


trendycovers: another nice selection of quotes and sayings with 26 quality examples including some good ones like ‘If you can dream it you can do it”, “Don’t Stop Believing”, and “Today is Beautiful”.  Very inspirational covers just log in to your Facebook account from their site to get the free covers.


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