Top 5 Free Sunrise and Sunset Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

People love to admire a beautiful and colorful sunrise and sunset. We also enjoy photographing them because they illustrate some of the best examples of naturally-painted landscape scenery.

But which one do people prefer to look at more?  Well, after investigating this question I came to the conclusion that it is virtually a toss-up.  Both a sunrise and sunset can be appealing to many people on an emotional and a visually aesthetic level.

For example, a sunrise signifies the beginning of a new day. For early morning go-getters or “early to bed early to rise” people a sunrise is an important emotional experience. Usually, the sunrise is not generally as splendid and as long as a sunset.  This symbolic sunrise is rather quick and bright. Within minutes of a good sunrise the sun is shining bright and yellow in the sky.

It is the beginning of a new day and the good things it could bring make us feel rejuvenated and refreshed. A picture of a good sunrise can hold this emotion for us in a permanent state.

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Contrarily, the sunset signifies the end of the day. For the more reflective person enjoying a good sunset is a great way to soak up the events of the day, contemplate earlier daily activities and begin planning for tomorrow.

Visually both types of sun images are quite stunning, bringing out the entire range of the color spectrum as the power of refraction in different parts of the world creates a unique and heavenly natural light show.


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A sunrise color palette changes quite dramatically depending on your perspective. You might see a variety of colors, including variations of warm glowing reds, faint yellows, light shades of brown, subtle blue hues and bright white light. Here are some incredible examples of natural sunrise color palettes that exhibit a complimentary color scheme, including many pastel colors.


At the end of the day a sunset can be a stunning and brilliant natural show of ever-changing color. Shades of pink, reds and yellow can all blend together behind a rich, dark blue sky creating a serene picture of pure spectacular wonder.  A sunset’s color palette is quite impressive showcasing a wide range of color patterns.

Source: noupe (new for web designers and developers).

 Sunrise and Sunset Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

It is no surprise that many of you might be looking for a beautiful sunrise or sunset Facebook Cover Photo that you can display on your Timeline. For the very reasons mentioned above in this post these images can make you feel peaceful, meditative, relaxed and energized.  Waking up everyday to a beautiful sunrise and sunset image when you visit your Timeline can really bring you back to a natural reality.

Here are 5 featured Facebook Cover websites where you can download free sunrise and sunset images from a large and varied selection.

1. covermyfb: one of the premiere Facebook Cover Photo websites.

covermyfb: the more popular of the two there are over 110 sunset Facebook Cover Photos you can use instantly on your Timeline.  I will be quick to mention that many of these Covers use a sunset as a backdrop along with other images and quotes.

covermyfb: there are 2 pages of sunrise Covers including sunrise with horses, spring, over lake, Jesus, purple, and frosty sunrise. Just right click and save the image to your computer for easy downloads.


 2. Coverjunction: many user submitted images free to download.

  • Sunset: you’ll find around 40 sunset Facebook Covers that you can download for free using the special app option. Images include the sun setting in incredible places with beautiful natural landscapes in the foreground such as oceans, lakes, mountains, hills, rivers, clouds and islands.

  • Sunrise: images include sunrise over the ocean and sunburst white colors.

3. pagecovers: some brilliant high quality sunrise and sunset digital images of photographs and artistic examples. Some featured titles include Beach, Summer, Waves, Sailboat, Purple Sky Pier Sunset, Cloudy, German Shepard, Arizona, Tropical, Hawaii, and Pyramid.  You will have to use the special app and allow a log in into your Facebook account to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline photos.

4. freeprofilecover: there are around 85 stunning sunset and landscape combination Cover images. Here you’ll find just about every combination of sunset and landscape including mountains, sea coast, green hills, forest, desert, ocean, island and even man-made structures. Like many of these Cover websites you can use their special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos for convenience or download them to your own computer pictures folder with the right click of the mouse.

5. fbcoversking: has some stunning sunrise and sunset images including a beautiful Landscape, Light Through The Clouds, Gorgeous Late Sky, Future World, Misty City, Seaside Sunset, Sea Shore, Red Morning, and Earth at Sunrise. This is a straight forward website just right click and save the image to your computer.


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