Top 5 Free Turkey and Happy Thanksgiving Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Download Websites

This year Thanksgiving will be on November 22, 2012 which gives you plenty of time to prepare your Facebook Timeline Cover for this family oriented holiday. Facebook is a family to many people so celebrating this holiday with a festive and colorful Happy Thanksgiving or Turkey Facebook Timeline Cover would really set the appropriate mood for this holiday.

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I’ve searched the Internet thoroughly and selected 5 features websites that have a nice selection of Thanksgiving Facebook Timeline Covers that you can download for free by either saving the image to your computer or using these website’s special apps to upload the images straight to your Timeline photos.  There is a bonus site that I listed as well so technically there are 6 featured websites to choose a Thanksgiving or Turkey Facebook Cover from.


Top 5 Turkey and Happy Thanksgiving Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. covermyfb: this premiere website is loaded with Thanksgiving Facebook Covers with over 80 featured titles like of course several traditional Happy Thanksgiving Cover, Turkey, Give Thanks, First Thanksgiving Feast Pilgrims and Native Americans, Several Fall Leaves and Pumpkins Covers, Turkey Dinner, Family Gathering, Happy Turkey Day, Several Animated Images, A Collage Style Holiday Image, Traditional Thanksgiving Decoration Facebook Covers and God’s Abundant Blessings Cover. 

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2. 99Covers: there are around 16 bright and colorful Covers you can use on your Timeline for the upcoming holidays including a nice Thanksgiving Pie, Stuffed Turkey, Fall Leaves, Animated Farm Scarecrow Fall Cover, Dinner Plate and Festive Door. 

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3. pagecovers: another premiere website has 7 nice colorful and featured Thanksgiving images including a classic Thanksgiving Feast and several more Festive Thanksgiving Covers to select from.

4. blingify: looking for several animated cartoonish style Thanksgiving wallpaper Covers then check out these images with fall leaves, turkeys and fall leaves and pumpkins.

5. freecodesource: there are close to 40 Covers that you can upload to your Facebook Timeline photos immediately. Featured Covers include a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Cover, Give Thanks, Blessings, Wishing You, Gobble Gobble, The Simpsons, Happy Turkey Day, Blessings, and a Thankful For Cover.

Bonus Site 

6. coverizeme: looking for a standard Cover? This featured Facebook Cover website has several classic traditional Thanksgiving and Turkey Facebook Covers that you can download straight to your computer using the right click and “save image as” option or upload to your Timeline photos using the coverizeme special app.


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