Top 5 Frightening, Creepy and Scary Facebook Cover Photo Timeline Download Websites

October takes top honors as the official “scariest” month of the year. It seems all your top scary or horror movies annually come out during the Fall months. With daylight time shrinking, night time darkness growing and Halloween capping off the month people this time of year are getting themselves into a “frightening, creepy and scary” frenzy.

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No doubt when it comes to the new Facebook Covers people will be looking for creepy and scary images that they can showcase atop their personal Timeline page. I’ve searched the Internet thoroughly and found these websites that feature many high quality frightening, creepy and scary Facebook Covers that you can download for free straight to your computer or use the website’s special app to upload them directly to your Timeline photos.


Top 5 Frightening, Creepy and Scary Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. covermyfb: this premiere site has several scary images including some classic, iconic Halloween pictures, a Skull Crawl, Werewolf, Joker, Zombie, Evil Clown, Wicked and Nightmare Covers.  Like one of these Covers? Just right click on the image to get a larger preview and then choose the right click and “save image as” to download the Cover straight to your computer.

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2. coverphotobooth: this nice preview page has around 40 scary and frightening Facebook Covers including Dark Hand Over Face, Strange Wall, Man Hood Dark Wet Glass, Human Creature Black Eyes, Man Dark Glass Blur, Dead Army, Scary Empty Town Crows, Skeleton Coffin, Human Alien Eyes, Silent Hill, UFO Flying Saucer, Strange River and Dark Knight Scarecrow. Just right click and save the image to your computer.

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3. freeprofilecover: another nice preview page with several scary and terrifying Facebook Covers including a Deadly Face With Blood, Eyeball Mouse Trap, Scary Clown Facebook Cover, No Eyes, Creepy Shadows Cover, Evil Eyes and Foggy Moon.


4. fbcoverstreet: has mostly Halloween Scary Covers which include a Creepy Scarecrow, Skull, Freeky Jack-O-Lanterns, Orange Tree Branches, Scary Evil Clown, Scream Mask, I Watch You When You Sleep, and a Evil Clown Haunt Your Memories Cover.  Just right click and save the image to your computer.

5. myFBCovers: has several creepy and scary images including a Classic Cemetery Cover, Haunted House, The Shining Movie Still Pictures, and Ghosts. Some pretty scary stuff here.


Looking for more creepy, frightening and scary Facebook Covers? Check out the posts below on high quality Horror, Gothic and Halloween Facebook Covers.

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