Top 5 Funny Novelty Arrow and Pointer Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

Using arrow or pointer decals along with text on funny novelty or gag gifts has been popular for many years. People have been putting arrows and texts on t-shirts, coffee mugs, fake magazine covers, and fake photos either to get a serious laugh or in some cases to make a serious personal statement about themselves or a greater cause they support. Either way you use them, arrows and pointers with complimentary text can be used for great effect for your new Facebook Timeline Photo Cover.

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When it comes to your Timeline Cover Photo arrow and pointer effects can really highlight your profile picture which sits in the lower left corner of your Cover.  With the recent addition of a bigger profile picture superimposed on top of the left corner of the Timeline Cover there is plenty of room for creativity, especially using an arrow or pointer along with some catchy text.

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In most cases an Arrow/Pointer Cover will have and arrow pointing to your profile picture with some kind of one-word description, slogan, general text, catchphrase, quote, or humorous textual tidbit hovering over the Cover. This combination of both the arrow, the all important text and it all pointing to your profile picture makes for some awesome and memorable Covers.

I’ve searched the Internet and found 5 websites that have great examples of arrow and pointer Timeline Cover Photos. Many of these websites have already pre-made arrow and pointer templates that are free to download and upload right now to your Timeline. All you need to do is choose a clever profile picture to make these really stand out. See the next link to get some ideas.

15 Creative and Fun Ways To Use The Profile Picture With Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo


Top 5 Funny Novelty Arrow and Pointer Facebook Cover Photos for your Timeline


1. pagecovers: a vast collection of arrow and pointer Timeline Covers with some great personal expressions and highlights including Proud Mommy, Chocolate Lover, Player, Geek, Happy, Limited Edition, Doesn’t Play Well With Others, Bad Girl, Proud Redneck, Addicted To Facebook, Proud Christian, Father-To-Be, Single Looking, Gangsta, and Boss.  There are over 60 examples of arrow Facebook Covers to choose from. Use the pagecovers version 1.4 app to instantly upload your Covers to your Timeline photos.

2. covermaker: here you’ll find around 75 arrow and pointer Timeline Cover Photos you can download and upload straight to your Timeline photos. Changing Covers is easy just hover your mouse pointer over the Timeline Cover and select “change cover” then select one of your uploaded photos for your new Cover Photo. Featured titles include I’m Awesome, In-Love, Single Timeline Cover, Sexy, Needs a Hug, Hey It’s Me, This is My Clone, and a hilarious I’m With Stupid. I love the very sarcastic and self -deprecating I’m With Stupid Timeline Cover Photo Cover of course; it’s will be quite effective in getting a laugh from your friends I’m sure.

3. firstcovers: has a huge collection of over 50 arrow and pointer Facebook Cover Photos.  Most of the design Covers are pretty simple looking with a large, curvy arrow pointing to your profile picture along with some funny, catchy or serious text.

  • There are some great one word personality text descriptions with pointer arrows like Diva, Happy Cover, Legit, Bored, Princess, Hot, and Motivated.




  • Looking for more two or more word catchy personality or personal situation phrases to put up as a Cover Photo. Some featured Covers include Animal Lover, Went From Being in a Relationship to Being Single, Chuck Norris Approved, Fashion Freak, Independent Women, Single and Looking, In Love Cover Photo and Plotting to Rule The World.




4. fbprofilecovers: has around 30 examples of arrow and pointer Facebook Cover Photos including the following: This Person Does Not Want Any Invitation To CityVille, Birthday Boy, Lonely, Party Animal, Rockstar, This Guy Is Intelligent Any More Questions, and Dangerously Pretty. Use the special app to upload your selected image to your Timeline photos.


5. 99covers: has a nice layout of arrow and pointer images including titles like Angel, Hey Look…It’s ME!, Single & Looking, Fresh To Date, In Love, Princess, and Boss. Like a Cover Photo? Right click and select the “save image as” to download them to your computer.



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