Top 5 Gardening Accounts on Twitter

After reading these gardening Twitter accounts, you’ll find – if you didn’t know already – that gardening can be about a small home garden or local greenhouse, or it can stretch around the world to enormous nature-filled architecture!  If you are a gardener, or perhaps just wondering about becoming one, you’re going to love these Top 5 Gardening Accounts which have been assembled here!  Come check these out and find the ones that work for you!

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@finegardening:  this gardening Twitter account describes itself as “a magazine for gardening enthusiasts of all skill levels, covering all aspects of gardening.”  The account provides lovely tweets of colorful blooms along with helpful gardening tips.  You’ll find this account a joy to follow!


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@gardenknowhow:  with over 86 thousand followers, this gardening Twitter account is full of gardening answers and images, and even a free giveaway announcement!  Come follow the account that boasts,”Ask a gardening question. Get a gardening answer.”


@getgardeningnow:  the guys at this gardening Twitter account say it all when they say that “Alan Gray, Ian Roofe & Thordis Fridriksson help you to get gardening with YouTube tutorials.”  In addition to general information, the folks at @getgardeningnow address fun stuff like greenhouses and seasonal, to name just a few.  The account also provides awesome gardening images.  Come check out for some great gardening tweet ideas!


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@urbangardens:  this gardening Twitter account has a global feel with tweets covering unique locations throughout the world, particularly those of “greenery growing alongside architecture.” For some amazing images and for the global feel, come join the other 58 thousand followers and follow @urbangardens.


@NatlGardening:  “Educating, encouraging, and inspiring gardeners since 1971.”  @NatlGardening is the Twitter account for The National Gardening Association.  Their Twitter feed is informative, and it has some beautiful images.  In addition, announced in their tweets is their 2018 Photo Contest!  Also, there is a link to their website called, which has “the largest database of plants, a community of gardeners, and daily inspiration.” Come follow @NatlGardening; it’s a real winner!