Top 5 Gift Ideas for Scientists Pinterests Pinboards

The pinboards on these Top 5 Gift Ideas for Scientists Pinterests Pinboards capture the different aspects of the scientist in your life.  These fantastic items reflect the awe and fascination of the scientist as well as the clever humor of their lighter side.  In these pinboards you can find gift ideas for astronomoers, chemists, physicists and other scientists.

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They focus on particle physics, organic chemistry, DNA, the solar system, and famous scientists, to name just a few things.  In every pinboard there is clothing, art prints, coffee mugs, jewelry and clocks, among other things, that present symbols, formulae, and other unique objects representative of that branch of science.  If you’re searching for a true winner for your scientist’s gift idea, you’ve definitely come to the right place!


 Top 5 Gift Ideas for Scientists Pinterests Pinboards



1.  this is a terrific Gift Ideas for Scientists Pinterest Pinboard!  There are wonderful gifts for astronomers, chemists, physicists  and more. What’s great about these gift possibilities is that they are nifty and unique.  The scientist on your list would be delighted to get one of these gifts, for sure!

gifts for scientists 1



gifts for scientists 2




gifts for scientists 3

  • – Necktie Portrays Diagrams and Models Important to the Study of Nuclear Physics
  • – Glass Set – The Planets
  • –  The TEC-S323 Isotope Fob Keychain – Assorted Glowing Colors – Now Available For The General Public!
  • – Exclusive OneSky Portable Telescope – Proceeds Go To Astronomers Without Borders Global Astronomy Programs
  • – Feynman Diagrams Refrigerator Magnets
  • – LEGO Research Institute Created by Geoscientist Ellen Kooijman – Collection of 3 Scenes – Paleontologist, Astronomer, Chemist
  • – Unemployed Philosophers Guild Einstein Relativity Watch – The Hand Stays In One Place And The Numbers Move Around It
  • – Bathsheba Sculptures – Math Models
  • – Super Magnetic Putty That  Stretches Itself Out To Reach The Magnet Almost As If It Were Alive
  • – “Captured Lightning” One-Of-A-Kind Lichtenberg Figures
  • – Solar System Bracelet
  • – The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne with a Forward By Christopher Nolan
  • – Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle
  • – Particle Fever is the Story of Six Scientists Exploring the Planet’s Most Significant Scientific Breakthrough,  Both Its Successes and Setbacks


gifts for scientists 4

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gifts for scientists 6


2.  this is a super cool Gift Ideas for Scientists Pinterest Pinboard!  Your scientist will love the classic humor of many of these gifts like specialty clocks with element numbers and formula numbers, and other items with clever scientific phrases. Come take a look at these brilliant and funny gift ideas on this excellent pinterest pinboard!


gifts for scientists 7



gifts for scientists 8



gifts for scientists 9

  • – Friendship Necklace Set DNA & RNA Base Pairs
  • – Sarah’s Periodic Table Quilt – Made To Order
  • – Chemistry Clock
  • – Science Humor – When Life Gives You Mold, Make Penicillin  or You ETHER Get Organic Chemistry or You Don’t
  • – Protozoan Coasters
  • – Scientist Measuring Cup
  • – Wall Clock – Formulae
  • – Binary Form of “I Love You”
  • – Solar System Diagram Cutting Board
  • – Test Tubes Spice Racks & Flasks For Oil
  • – Awesome DNA Ring
  • – Lab-solutely Organized Desk Supply Set – Test Tubes For Clips & Push Pins
  • – Glow in the Dark Nuclear Element Soap
  • – Set of Four Caffeine Molecule Mugs
  • – 10/23 @ 6:02 am is Mole Day – Mole Day T-Shirt


gifts for scientists 10



gifts for scientists 12


3.  this Gift Ideas for the Scientist Pinterest Pinboard rocks!  It packs a punch with it’s smaller selection of items that you and your scientist are going to flip for!  The biggest theme here is DNA, with DNA jewelry, clothing, artwork, and a very unique DNA Heirloom Blanket!  This pinboard is a must-see for all of you shopping for your scientist!


gifts for scientists 13



gifts for scientists 14


gifts for scientists 15

  • – Women In Science Postcards
  • – OMG Black Coffee Cup – Periodic Table Coffee Mug
  • – Heirloom Blanket: Highlights Genetics With a Representation of Each Recipient’s Own Unique DNA Added Onto It When It Is Given To Them
  • – DNA Silver Dangle Earrings
  • – Announce Your DNA On A T-Shirt
  • – DNA Engraved Wood Cutting Board – Choice of Marie Curie Quote or Personalized Message
  • – An Abstract Selfie: Your Own DNA Artwork
  • – DNA Necktie
  • – DNA Charm
  • – DNA Fingerprint Portrait


gifts for scientists 16




gifts for scientists 17



gifts for scientists 18


4.  this is a fantastic Gift Ideas for the Scientist Pinterest Pinboard!  Some wonderful items presented are Science Art post cards, note cards, t-shirts, and prints, both 8 X 10 and 11 & 14.  In addition, there are numerous t-shirts with science quotes that any scientist would joy in!  Stop by this pinboard for some superb gift ideas for your scientist!



gifts for scientists 19



gifts for scientists 20

  • – Famous Scientists Art Print Posters
  • – Bill Nye The Science Guy T-Shirt
  • – 20 Science Art Scientist Post Cards & 10 Science Art Scientist Note Cards
  • – Periodic Table Women’s Vegan Classics Hero Shoes
  • –  Greek Alphabet Print
  • – Schrodinger’s Equation Print
  • – Big Bang Theory The Mind of Dr. Sheldon Cooper Men’s T-Shirt
  • – Halloween Costume:  Sheldon and Amy!
  • – Doppler Effect Physics Print
  • – Vinyl Wall Sticker – Atom
  • – T-Shirt Tesla>Edison
  • – May The Mass Times Acceleration Be With You T-Shirt


gifts for scientists 21



gifts for scientists 22

gifts for scientists 23


5.  OK! OK! I know this is not a Pinterest Pinboard but this Zazzle page, complete with shopping cart, has some great gift ideas for scientists!  The items on this page are so cool that if they are not already on Pinterest, they’re sure to be soon! All of these gifts focus on Particle Physics, from an Atom Tie to a Particle Accelerator Physics Wall Clock to a Bubble Chamber Mouse Pad. There are numerous Particle Physics T-Shirts which are meant to be humorous and a little risque!  Come check out the fun at this Zazzle page for scientists!


particle physics gifts 6



particle physics gifts 3




particle physics gifts 1

  • – Particle Accelerator Physics Wall Clock
  • – Schrodinger’s Cat: Dead or Alive Bumper Sticker
  • – Stephen Hawking T-Shirt
  • – Atom Tie
  • – Higgs Boson Quarks Tie
  • – Particle Physics Trucker Hat
  • – Particle Wave Duality 15 oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug
  • – Atom Wrapping Paper
  • – Diagram of Zeta Potential and Slipping Plane 6 0z. Ceramc Espresso Cup
  • – Standard Models of Elementary Particles with Higgs Tee
  • – Hoody The Standard Model
  • – Atomic Particles Science Girl T-Shirt
  • – Particle Physics T-Shirt
  • – Bubble Chamber Mouse Pad
  • – Mouse Pad The Standard Model
  • – Particle Wave Duality Accent Pillow
  • – Anti-Matter Poster
  • – Various Particle Physics T-Shirts


particle physics gifts 5



particle physics gifts 4



particle physics gifts 2