Top 5 Gothic Facebook Cover Photo Free Download Websites For Your Timeline

Gothic Facebook Covers have an alluring mystery about them. They incorporate the many features of Goth’s Middle Age past such as obsessions with death, good vs evil in struggle, and sensuality. It can also be said that Goth art is an appealing expressive form of fashion and attitude for many people.  

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Color and makeup are is also important feature for Goths. Many of these Covers highlight the central black color in the photos as well as accenting styles of red, purple and green.

Other images contained within the Cover Photo show the common characteristic of heavy facial makeup.

Hair is presented in various styles including messy and spiky. Dress also varies. Goths experiment a lot with their cloths but usually revert back to general Goth colors, primarily black.

I found these 5 featured websites below where you can get free Cover Photos for your Facebook Timeline. Each website has a specific Gothic or EMO/Gothic or Gothic/Fantasy category in which to find numerous images. All Covers are free to download or upload whenever you feel like making changes. If your looking for Goth then these 5 websites are a must visit.

Top 5 Goth Facebook Timeline Cover Free Download Websites


1 addacover: one of the premiere Facebook Timeline Cover websites addacover has around 60 Gothic Cover Photos. Featured titles include Gothic Girl Cover, Black Princess, Black Queen, Angel, Rock, Teal and Black, Girly, Angel Not, I Just Can’t Stand People, Jack and Sally Nightmare, Black Roses, Fallen and All Alone. You can use the special app to upload your selected image by clicking on the “Upload Cover to Facebook” button or use the right click and “save image as” option.

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2. Coverjunction: another quality Facebook Timeline Cover website Coverjunction has over 30 high quality digital images of Gothic material. Highlighted titles include Death From Below,  Blood, See?, Death In Blue, Gothic Rose, and Me. If you allow the app you can log in to your Facebook account and simply upload the selected image to your Timeline photos or you can simply right click and save the image directly to your computer.


3. fbcoverlover: there are around 35 Gothic Facebook Timeline Covers to choose from including titles like Sometimes I Feel, Dark Girl Goth, Real Life is Overrated, Smoking in Style, No Love, and a funny Goth Spongebob.  You can save the image to your computer using the right click and save feature or let the app upload it to your Timeline by clicking on the “Upload to Profile!” blue button.

4. pagecovers: this featured site has around 35 Goth and Fantasy Facebook Covers. There is a nice selection with titles likeGhost Warrior, Medusa, Black and Whilte Lady with Tattoo, Wiccan Moons, Lip Ring Piercing, Gothic Mermaid Skulls, and Dark Goddess. You’ll have to use the special app to allow pagecovers to upload whichever Cover you have chosen to your Timeline photos.

5. fbcoverskins: has a small selection of Gothic Covers but some nice ones. There aren’t really any titles to mention but looks like there is a Black and White Rose, Gothic Girl, Girl in Black Dress and Angel. Click on the “Use this as Your Cover Photo” button to allow the app to upload your chosen image to your Timeline.

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