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A Stroll Through The Centuries With Your Guitar

A brief look at the history of the guitar

A guitar is an incredible example of acoustic and electrical engineering. Photographs and high quality images of guitars can show in great detail the genius of a guitar’s unique structural design and the capture the passion of the performing artists who play them. On Facebook you can add images of free guitars and guitar performers atop your Timeline. A brief stroll through the centuries reveals why the guitar is such a fascinating and beautifully designed instrument.

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Many people play guitar, some quite well in fact, but if you were to ask questions about where the guitar came from or who invented the guitar many could not tell you. Oh, you might know about the modern versions of the guitar and the famous makes and models but that is only part of the history.

The history of the guitar is steeped in much debate, there is no clear evidence as to its origins. However we do know for a fact that some form of the instrument has been around for over 5000 years. With that much time under its belt we will skim over some of the details, 5000 years of history of the guitar would takes volumes of posts.

Around 1400 BC several civilizations had their own versions of the instrument. For example, in Rome the stringed instrument was called a cithara. The original instrument from this time period had only four strings.

Moving right along the evolutionary ladder to 1200 AD the guitar was a favored instruments of the Moor’s. The guitar morisca had a wide finger board and several round holes and a rounded back. The other type of guitar was the guitarra latina this one looked more along the lines of what we are use to seeing  these days.

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The 1400’s saw yet another evolution, the two aforementioned guitars were combined to create an instrument with more strings and it also had a longer neck. This instrument also introduced the use of frets. It was called the viheula and was extremely popular in the courts in Portugal and Spain. The viheula’s popularity lasted until the 16th century and was replaced only when a fifth string was added to the guitarra latina. By the beginning of the 17th century it had replaced all of its rivals.

The guitarra made its way to France, Italy and the rest of Europe but its tones did not resonate as much with the people there. They were into the harpsichord, piano and the Violin. At that time Europe had many composers for those instruments and the guitar fell by the wayside.

Toward the end of this period however the E-string gave the guitar a rounder sound and composers for the instrumnet began to take advantage. They began to make complex songs and sonatas for the instrument. In Spain, the guitar started to take off. Spanish guitar players played with style, grace and above all else flair. They began to take continental Europe by storm.

It is not surprising that the guitar made its way to the America. It became the instrument of choice for the American Cowboy out on the lonely trails. It gave the cowboy a voice to tale the tales of his long days and lonely heart. Hence, the beginnings of country and folk guitar took root in America.

There is so much more to the guitar than meets the eye. It is a tale worth telling and one we hope will have stirred your spirit. You do not have to buy a guitar to enjoy this iconic musical invention.

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Authentic pictures of famous designs, guitars and the legendary performers who played them are considered collectors items and they add beauty and grace to any setting. You can get many of these images reproduced and formatted for your Timeline Cover. I found 5 websites that feature guitar and guitarist Facebook Covers you can download and upload for free to your Timeline.

…let the music begin.


Top 5 Guitar Facebook Cover Timeline Download Websites

1. get-covers: has an excellent collection of guitar Facebook Covers including a Black and White, Fire, Strings, Acoustic Guitar Playing Cover, Up Close Frets, Colored, Fingered Chords Guitar Cover, Vector, Guitar Bridge and Pickups, Girl Guitar Animated and Electric. Interested in one of these images? Just right click and select the “save image as” to download the image to your computer.

2. pagecovers: looking for more guitar models and some of the great guitar performers? This site has some great classic guitar models like Gibson Les Paul Facebook Timeline Cover, Jimi Hendrix Guitar Facebook Cover, Guitar Teal, Johnny Cash, Luke Bryan, Channing Tatum, Music Note Blue, Aerosmith, Rick Springfield, and Sheryl Crow. Use the special pagecovers app to upload your selected Cover to your Timeline photos.

3. myFBcovers: another nice collection of guitar Timeline Covers with many high quality images. Some featured sample Covers include Black and White, Bridge and Pick Ups,  Fingers on the Guitar Fretboard Cover, Painted, Girl, Rock EMO, Guitar Chords Sheet Music Cover, and a cool Guitar Shaped Land. Use the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

4. covermyfb: one of the premiere Facebook Cover websites on the Internet covermyfb has around 60 various guitar themed Covers you can download and upload to your Timeline photos for free. Cover titles include a Guitar Collage, Cartoon Bob Marley on Guitar, Stylish, Rocker Skull, Guitar Hero Slash, Purple, White and Gold, Abstract, Retro, Solo, Blues, Music Illustration, 1961 Gibson, Vintage, Acoustic Love Cover, Green Light, Babe, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and Let’s Rock Cover.

5. coverphotoz: another great Facebook Cover site with lots of guitar images you can use for your Timeline Cover. Some featured images include Blue Jeans and Cadillac, Flower Neck, Monster Skull Guitar, Burning, Universe, Neon, Wing, Love, Takamine, Electric Guitar Facebook, Cover and Cool.



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