Top 5 Halloween Haunted House Decorations, Props and Ideas Pinterest Pinboards

I remember a time in my life around Halloween where I dreamed of devising and building a scary haunted house out in my front yard. While I managed to pull off a rather cheap, makeshift haunted house back then it lacked the imagination and creativity of today’s haunted houses.

One of the main problems back in the day was the lack of source material for constructing props and ideas on how to decorate the front yard. Besides library books and magazines there wasn’t an easy way to gather lots of information and ideas quickly on building a haunted house.

With the advent of the Internet this task has gotten a whole lot easier. Image and information sharing social networking websites like Pinterest have provided us with place to discover and inspire.

If your interested in creating a haunted house of your own then looking at scary haunted house pictures on Pinterest showcasing props and decoration ideas would be my first recommendation.

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I searched Pinterest pretty thoroughly and found these top 5 haunted house decorations, props and ideas Pinterest Pinboards where you see lots of pictures and where you can follow links to websites with articles on how to build props and ideas on how to decorate your very own haunted house.

These haunted house ideas on Pinterest Pinboards feature high quality images with links to websites that reveal more information and blueprints for props, arts and craft ideas and scary, spooky yard setups that will help you realize that perfect haunted house.


 Top 5 Halloween Haunted House Decorations, Props and Ideas Pinterest Pinboards


1.  so when it comes to constructing a haunted house one of the first things you need to get a handle on are Halloween prop ideas. I found this Pinterest Pinboard to be extremely beneficial in showcasing prop ideas. It’s loaded with over 909 pins.

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Here are some of the Halloween prop ideas I saw that stood out on this Pinboard: take your animated deer for Christmas and decorate it to look like a wolf who eats people…very clever indeed, a cool black light tunnel, creepy bugs like scorpions and spiders suspended in hand sanitizer, mummy attack from a crate,  building a large cauldron, painting faux wooden doors on cardboard, PVC spider frame, build your own guillotine, paper mache spooky creations, and many Halloween prop tutorial and how to steps links.



2. this is another fantastic Halloween idea Pinterest Pinboard. There are lots of ideas here with the following really standing out for me: how to make creepy hands with painter tape, making a bloody zombie arm with masking tape, glowing walkways and hand instructions, the ten minute tombstone which is the basic prop for any Halloween haunted house front yard, how to make glowing embers, 4 x 4 ghosts, PVC shackles, cute black bats and a remarkable realistic chicken wire ghost.





3. as the name suggests for the Pinboard this board is dedicated to larger outdoor decor for your haunted house. Check out some of these featured decorations: spooky Halloween branches tutorial, different ways to stage pumpkins, making glow in the dark teeth, porch spider invasion, how to make a Styrofoam tombstone for Halloween, put creepy eyes in unusual places ideas, and ghosts made out of chicken wire and gauze.



4. this is a massive Pinterest Pinboard with over 1,500 pins and 8,100 followers loaded with Halloween decor, props and ideas. Check out some of these examples that will scare the daylights out of you: hanging bats arts and crafts, mason jar candle lights, making a tombstone tutorial, glue gun spiderwebs, haunted house dollhouse, cemetery columns, mummy cat, cheese cloth spirits, and creepy static ghost children.



5. rounding out my list of the top 5 Halloween haunted house idea Pinterest Pinboards is this rather unique board with almost 300 pins. There are a few Halloween gory, bloody images and props and unique life size ghost props. Look at these eye catching and scary Halloween props featured on this Pinboard: bloody dead corpse zombies, bloody skeleton parts in a trashcan, bloody nurse costume, fake burial plot using old towels, pumpkin eating severed leg, and bloody skull birdbath.




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