Top 5 Happy 4th of July and Independence Day Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Download Websites

July 4th or Independence Day is one of the more colorful, festive and spectacular holidays of the year. Honoring the day the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence the 4th of July calendar tradition is celebrated by Americans throughout the world with passion and exuberance. 

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Parades, fireworks, picnics, games, barbecues, family gatherings, park parties, food recipes, flag waving, and patriotic displays in neighborhoods and cities throughout the United States and the world symbolize this historic holiday.

Now you can also add Facebook to this mix. With millions and millions of Americans loging into Facebook everyday national holidays like the 4th of July are being annualy recognized more and more. People posting comments and pictures related to the 4th of July holiday is one way people can honor this day. Another way is with the new Facebook Cover Photo that sits atop the Timeline. Now you can upload a digital image or photo of your favorite Happy 4th of July Facebook Cover Photo to your Facebook photos and showcase it on your Timeline.

I’ve searched the Internet (and believe me I did some searching) for quality websites that have a nice selections of Fourth of July, Happy 4th of July or Independence Day related Facebook Cover images and photos. I found 5 websites that feature some high quality examples of beautiful July 4th images that are free to download and upload immediately to your Timeline photos.

From there you can add or change your Facebook Cover to whichever one you like. You can even rotate several 4th of July Timeline Covers throughout the day. I’ve done exactly this on my own Facebook account in honor of past holidays. I hope you enjoy these Covers as much as I do.

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 Top 5 Happy 4th of July Independence Day Facebook Cover Free Download Websites For Your Timeline


1. Covermyfb: the premiere Facebook Timeline Cover website on the net and they feature images that represent all the major holidays quite well. There are 40 4th of July Facebook Covers that you can download and upload to your Timeline for free. Just right click on the image and select the “save image as” option to download the image to your computer or click on the orange “Upload Cover To Facebook” button and allow the app to log in to your Facebook account and upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.  Here are some featured patriotic, 4th of July Titles: We The People, Eagle Freedom Flys, Stars and Stripes, A Lesson In American History, America The Beautiful, Presidents, American Patriotic Symbols Statue of Liberty, Stars and Fireworks,  4th of July Food Cover, Happy Independence Day, Harley Davidson USA, All American Droplet, and God Bless America.

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2. freecodesource: this is a great Cover website that I’ve featured many times on my blog. You can rate each Cover and view the image stats such as its current rating, how many views and the date it was uploaded. For this special holiday freecodesourse has a nice collection of 4th of July Facebook Photos you can download for free and use on your Timeline instantly. Here are some featured titles: Lights In The Sky, July 4th Pies and Cakes, Firecrakers-Fireworks, Independence Day, Statue of Liberty, Balloons, Betty Boop, Fireworks and Flags, America Theme, Marching Band, Parliament, American Pride, and Uncle Sam.

3. firstcovers: has 5 interesting Independence Day Facebook Cover Photos like the Declaration of Independence, 4th of July Heart, and Sparkler. Images can be saved quite easily to your computer with the right click and save option or click the “click here to make this your profile cover” button and allow the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

4. has 6 4th of July Timeline Photos with some unique, high quality examples. One of my personal favorites is the Shade of Blue July 4th Cover, Proud to be an American, Heart Flag, and Standard Waving Stars and Stripes Flag.  Just right click and save the image to your computer, then upload it to your Facebook Timeline photos with the add/change feature on your Cover.

5. Coverphotoz: has a nice selection of classic 4th of July Covers to select from including a July 4th cake, Red White and Blue Flower Arrangement, Heart Flag, American Pride and the traditional Eagle. Click on the “make this my Cover photo” button and allow the special app to upload the image for you to your Timeline photos. You can always right click and save the image to your computer.


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