Top 5 Happy Father’s Day Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

The time has come again to celebrate and honor our fathers on Father’s Day.  Many people will buy ties and shirts or tools and electronics for Dad.  Children will make crafts or cards for their fathers.  It will be a splendid time.

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How did we get to this yearly celebration? According to Wikipedia, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd receives credit for the first official Father’s Day.  She celebrated the first Father’s Day in honor of her father Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart who was a single parent who reared six children in Spokane, Washington. She celebrated the day on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, but had originally wanted it to be celebrated on June 5th, her father’s birthday.  However, she did not give the organizers enough time to prepare, so the day was moved to the third Sunday in June.

After a series of failed presidential attempts to legalize the day, President Richard Nixon finally signed it into law in 1972. Critics of legalizing the day were afraid it would become too commercialized, while supporters felt it was a day long overdue to celebrate fathers along with mothers.

With Father’s Day coming on Sunday June 17th this year, it is time to get ready for Dad by heading to the stores for Dad-type presents, or calls and visits to Dad, or for the children, knick knacks created solely for Dad.  It is time to celebrate and be grateful for our own fathers and our children’s fathers who are there for us and who will always carry us in their hearts.

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It is time to say, “Bravo Dad!” and the Facebook Timeline Cover is an ideal way of doing it.  Below are some Facebook Timeline Covers that capture the emotions one feels for Dad; choose the best one and announce your love for Dad.

1. Covermyfb: this is one of the best Facebook Cover websites around. There are around 20 Father’s Day Timeline Covers featured here. Here is a short list of some of the more popular titles: Happy Father’s Day I Love You, Father’s Day Quote, Monsters Dad, Despicable Me, Drawing Cover, Father’s Day fishing and golf Cover, Father and Son, and Ties.

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2. pagecovers: another outstanding website that features 4 beautiful and indelible Father’s Day Covers including Father’s Tools, Dad and Son, Text Announcement and Cartoon.

3. coverfortimeline: there are around 10 unique Father’s Day Timeline Covers including I Love You, Superman, Remote Control, Painting For Dad, Motorcycle, Baby and a cool Creative.

4. timelinemods: there is a nice collection of special Father’s Day Timeline Covers you can download for free. Titles include a cool kids drawing of Happy Father’s Day and several other examples.

5. prayercards: has a small number of Timeline Covers to select from including some nice father and son images with poignant quotes. Just right click and choose the “save image as” option to download them to your computer.

Bonus Cover: firstcovers-click on the select title below to see this specific Cover:

Beach I Love You Dad

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