Top 5 Horses Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Download Websites

Why do we love horses so much? Horses are graceful, sensitive, intelligent and beautiful creatures. For centuries horses and man have coexisted. As one of the first domesticated animals horses were beneficial to increasing man’s productivity as humans relied on their strength and endurance to accomplish work.

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Many people believe horses embody the natural world. Galloping horses can be equated to the pulsing rhythm of life all around us. Their beautiful movements and stride are as natural as the Earth itself.  Others believe horses possess a special conduit to our soul and just being around them can have major emotional therapeutic benefits.

Horses in motion or peacefully at rest can be the subject of some incredible photography and because horses are also blessed with beautiful physical features they can make great subjects for art pieces and digital images. Many people who are affectionate towards horses have Facebook and the new Timeline Cover option. What a perfect place to display a horse image as a Cover.

I’ve searched the Internet and found these 5 quality websites where you can select and upload from hundreds of Horses Facebook Cover Timeline Photos for free. Enjoy.  

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 Top 5 Horses Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. covermyfb: there are around 50 Horse Facebook Covers with some incredible photographs and digital images of horses. Some examples include Sunset Horses, Snow Run, Evening Love, Winter, The Fugitive, Running Free, Gentle Giant, Misty Morning, Stampede, Sunrise, Tiled, Companion, Chase, Courage, Horses Collage Cover, and a Hillside and Horses Are Angels Without Wings quote.

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2. pagecovers: has around 15 horse Facebook Timeline Covers that you can upload straight to your Timeline photos for free using their special apps.

3. firstcovers: this premiere website has some high quality image of horses in their wild habitat, seashore gallop, and grazing peacefully. Like one of  these Covers? Just right click and select the “save image as” to download the image straight to your computer.

4. coverjunction: there are 23 user submitted images and photographs including wild horses, in the mist, black, warhorse Cover, flying and Arabian horse Covers.

5. 99Covers: has some beautiful images of horses including white, running, grazing, galloping, two horse and wild horse Covers. Just right click on a Cover to save the image to your computer.


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