Top 5 Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboards

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve had jewelry boxes.  I went through different phases when it came to the type of jewelry box I had in my room. In junior high I had a lot of porcelain and wooden boxes with pictures of butterflies on them because that was my theme back then.  In high school, ever the Romantic, I had tons of heart-shaped boxes.

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In college I had a blend of themes.  I loved roses and flowers, so many of my boxes had floral motifs, but I was also dating the man I was to marry.  He was a pianist, so I lovingly had piano-shaped jewelry boxes as well.  Now, my Romantic Shabby Chic bedroom is frilly and cozy with a white distressed vanity and wooden chest.  And, all of my jewelry boxes reflect this style, with silver boxes I’ve picked up while antique shopping, in both heart and piano shapes, and in the traditional shapes as well.

With this in mind, I went searching for the Top 5 Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboards, knowing that there are so many styles and likes that lead people to their favorite jewelry boxes.  Although it would be impossible to show you all that Pinterest has to offer, I believe I have found a wonderful sampling of jewelry boxes and jewelry storage to browse through.

One Pinterest Pinboard is what I would call the most traditional collection of jewelry boxes.  The boxes on the pinboard are upcycled boxes in various hand-painted colors, and they can be found in the classic shapes and styles.  Another Pinterest Pinboard displays the most luxurious jewelry boxes around, so much so, that they may be only for looking at not actually using!  I have chosen a Victorian Jewelry Boxes pinboard for all you Victoriana folks, which hopefully you’ll really enjoy!

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One fun Pinterest Pinboard is all about being innovative and creative.  It offers a huge variety of suggestions to storing jewelry that one could not call traditional.  For example: there is a cheese grater to hang your earrings, and a deck of cards to display your necklaces!  Finally, one of the most beautiful Pinterest Pinboards about jewelry is the last pinboard.

It is a collection of wooden bandsaw boxes, all with unique and individual shapes, and made with various exotic woods.  Come on and take a look at the following Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboards.  You will not be disappointed!



 Top 5 Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboards



1.  this lovely Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboard deals a lot with vintage and upcycled jewelry boxes in hand-painted colors. Almost all of the jewelry boxes are wooden, many of them distressed, and some with music boxes. So beautiful and classic, these jewelry boxes would fit well in an antique, victorian, romantic or traditional bedroom.  Come view these pretty finds!


jewelry boxes


jewelry boxes 3



  • – Vintage 1970s Musical Jewelry Box Painted French Gray Harlequin Design
  • – Paris in Pink Trinket/Keepsake Box
  • – Sky Blue Wooden
  • – Hand-Painted Vintage Jewelry Box, Decoupage, Robin’s Egg
  • – Distressed Yellow
  • – Upcycled Silver Jewelry Box
  • – Purple Fairy Ballerina Jewelry Box
  • – Black and White Damask Jewelry Box
  • – Shabby Chic Vintage
  • – Jewelry Box Hand-Painted in French Buttercream
  • -Pink and Ivory Roses Musical Jewelry Box
  • – Jazz Age Jewelry Box
  • Home Pointe Modern Classic Wooden Jewelry Box
  • – Glamorous Jewelry Box Updo
  • – Distressed Vintage J
  • – Weathered Wooden Jewelry Box


jewelry boxes 2



jewelry boxes 1


2.  this next Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboard is fascinating.  It’s called “Fabulous Jewelry Boxes” because it has the most breathtakingly beautiful jewelry boxes, jewelry caskets, trinket boxes and keepsake boxes. They are so luxurious, they may very well be just to look at and admire, not to actually use.  Many of them are antiques, and some have names like Faberge and Swarovski.  Come take your time and browse through this fancy jewelry box pinboard!


jewelry boxes 7


jewelry boxes 5


  • – Isabella Adams Crystal Keepsake Box With Swarovski Crystals and a Plush Velvet Lining
  • – Exquisite French Jewelry Caskets
  • – Faberge Box
  • – Renaissance Revival Garnet-Mounted Crystal Jar, late 19th c.
  • – Jasmine Box
  • – Butterfly Trinket Box
  • – Ballerina Trinket Box Pinterest Pin
  • – Antique Hinged Trinket Box
  • – Beveled Glass Jewelry Box
  • – Priceless Porcelain
  • – Old Asian Porcelain Jewelry Box
  • – Lena Liu Rose Elegance Heirloom Porcelain Music Box
  • – Russian Silver Gilt and Shaded Cloisonne Enamel Jewel Casket
  • – Vintage Limoges


jewelry boxes 6



jewelry boxes 4


3.  this super fun and creative Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboard will totally tickle you with its inventive suggestions to store and display your jewelry.  From an egg carton to a cheese grater to a cutlery tray you’ll wonder if you’re showing your jewelry in your bedroom or the kitchen!  Take a look here – there are so many choices to choose from!


jewelry boxes 11


jewelry boxes 8



jewelry boxes 9

  • – This Jewelry Holder Is Made From Cutlery Trays
  • – Who Said a Hanger Had To Be For Clothes?
  • – Hang Earrings From Cheese Grater
  • – Monopoly Game Board Jewelry Box
  • – DIY Necklace Organizer
  • – A New Way To Display Jewelry
  • – Use Clipboards And Chicken Wire To Display Your Jewelry
  • – DIY Bracelet Display
  • – Jewelry or Cake Stand
  • – Jewelry Tree
  • – Use Old Deck of Cards To Organize Your Necklaces
  • – Convert CD Stacker To Bracelet Holder
  • – Repurpose Old Books Into Handy Little Jewelry Boxes
  • – New Kind of Jewelry Box: Nifty Egg Carton


jewelry boxes 12



jewelry boxes 10


4.  this is a superb Jewelry Box and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboard.  It offers so many examples of Victorian jewelry boxes, from ornate to frilly.  If you want to find the perfect Victorian jewelry box, you need not go any further!


jewelry boxes 13


jewelry boxes 14

  • – Rare and Luxurious Antique Victorian
  • – Victorian Dragonfly
  • – Victorian Glass
  • – Altered Art Victorian Jewelry Box Pinterest Pin
  • – Victorian French Blue Beveled Glass Jewelry Box
  • – Victorian Pink Jewelry Box
  • – Victorian Rose Piano Trinket Box
  • – Ornate Antique Jeweled Victorian Jewelry Box
  • – Antique Royal Victorian
  • – Hand Painted With Lace Trim


jewelry boxes 15jewelry boxes 16



5.  you’ll love the exquisite jewelry boxes found on this Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry Storage Pinterest Pinboard! Most of the jewelry boxes on this pinboard are bandsaw boxes made from different kinds of wood like maple and walnut, and other exotic wood.  The shapes range from whimsical to elegant to breathtaking.  Some of the boxes have secret compartments, and some are one-of-a-kind pieces.  In addition to the bandsaw boxes, there are a handful of other types of jewelry boxes, such as beautifully beaded boxes, uncovered quartz, bent plywood, spinning ribbon jewelry stand, and steampunk.  For a real treat come see this awesome pinboard!


jewelry boxes 17


jewelry boxes 18


jewelry boxes 21

  • – Exotic Wood Small Jewelry Box
  • – Handmade Wood Madonna Style Jewelry Box
  • – Earring Box Stained Ash Abbott 368 One of a Kind by PaulSzewc
  • – Beautiful Two-Drawer Bandsaw Box
  • – Iris Inspired Bandsaw Jewelry Box
  • – Spalted Maple Bandsaw Box
  • – Walnut Jewelry Bandsaw Box
  • – Large Tulip Bandsaw Box
  • – Beautiful Beaded Box Pinterest Pin
  • – Earring Stand Displays
  • – Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand
  • – Bent Plywood Necklace Stand
  • – Uncovered Quartz Jewelry Box
  • – Whimsical Jewelry Boxes By Jim Jenkins
  • – Steampunk Butterfly Box
  • – Jewelry Box With Secret Compartments


jewelry boxes 19



jewelry boxes 22



jewelry boxes 20



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