Top 5 Journals Pinterest Pinboards

I love journals!  As a writer, that makes sense.  I like the journals that are hard-back and have beautiful and colorful covers, with designs or images.  I like lined pages, and a pretty ribbon bookmark that is sewn into the book.  I love simply writing.  I’m not a visual artist, so I don’t really do pictures, although one year I experimented with a scrapbook format which strayed far from my usual style.  Still, I have discovered some awesome Journals Pinterest Pinboards for you.

They’re wonderful because they are so varied under the term “journal”. For instance, I found a pinboard called “Colonial Stationary” which is a giant collection of leather journals and historical documents.  Also, I found a pinboard entitled “Creative Journals” which is a nice collection of art sketchbooks with terrific pictures to go along with them.

There is a travel journal pinboard.  There is even one pinboard that has gathered together a variety of standard writing journals.  The last pinboard is pretty enticing because it is about handmade books and journals.  Even if that is not your thing, it’s a really unusual board to visit because of all the vivacious pictures and ideas.  Hope you have a great time viewing all the pinboards listed below!



Top 5 Journals Pinterest Pinboards



1. this is a great Journals Pinterest Pinboard!  It contains standard writing journals.  Some of the journals are beautiful and quite traditional, while some are more contemporary and quirky.  There are all kinds of journals represented here.  In addition, there are a number of pins with very innovative journal-related ideas that you’ll find interesting! Also, I chose this pinboard partly because it has items related to journals, like stationary and planners, you might want to take a look at while you’re here.  So, come check out this pinboard to see what’s here!

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journals black punk



journals colorful



journals pretty and colorful

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  • A Neat Idea for Adding Storage to the Inside Back of Journals
  • Tutorial to Make Mini Books
  • Decorate Composition Notebooks With Beautiful Covers Pinterest pin 
  • Vintage Field Note Books
  • Moleskine – 12 Small Notebooks and Calendar
  • Black Punk Notebooks
  • Notizbuch – One Year of White Pages
  • Woodland Classic Journal
  • Memory Series Hard Cover Journal
  • Glamorous Touch: Notebooks
  • Beautiful French Notebooks
  • Set of 6 Notebooks
  • Retro Notebook
  • Blue Zig Zag Journal – Blue Fabric and Patterned Paper
  • Perfect if You Write on a Diagonal Slant-Ruled Notebook
  • Roma Lussa Journals


journals diagonal



journals storage back of the book



2. here is a very nice Journals Pinterest Pinboard for you.  It is all about Travel Journals.  There are some lovely images depicting people’s own travel journals meant to entertain you, but more, to instruct you on how to do your own travel journal by way of example.  Take a look here to see what I mean!


journals travel 1



journals travel 2

  • Midori Traveler’s Notebook
  • Traveler’s Journaling Idea
  • DIY Travel Journal Smash Book Gift Idea for Graduate
  • Travel Journaling Tips and Ideas
  • Road Trip Journal
  • Road Trip Mini Album
  • Map Cover for Travel Journal
  • Scratch Travel Journal
  • Designing a Creative Travel Journal
  • 18 Ideas to Organize and Display Travel Mementos with Style
  • Keeping a Travel Journal
  • Cool Travel Journal

journals travel 3



journals travel 4



3. you’re going to love this next Journals Pinterest Pinboard.  Entitled “Colonial Stationary”, this pinboard contains many things, like leather journals, antique Bibles, ink wells and quill pens, vintage diaries, vintage letters, etc.  Have fun searching through this excellent pinboard!


Journal Handmade Leather Civil War



journals handmade leather

  • Brown Buffalo Handmade Leather Journal
  • Ideas for Colonial Journal Fillers
  • Large Leather Journal
  • Brown Leather Sketchbook
  • Handmade Leather Civil War Pocket Journal
  • Almanac – Leather 1894
  • Civil War Diaries
  • Soldiers’ Diaries
  • Antique Leather Bound Bible circa Mid-1800s
  • 1800s Colonial Papers
  • Great Ideas for Colonial Stationary
  • E.J. Fletcher Stationary Bundle
  • Vintage Handmade Journal Pinterest pin
  • Ink Wells and Quill Pens Pinterest pin
  • Delicate Old Letters


Antique Bible



antique quill and pen


4. this is a cool Journals Pinterest Pinboard.  It has a lot to offer creative, inspirational people.  It is filled with images from Art Journals and Sketchbooks for you to emulate.  In many, the artist’s name and title of the work are listed.   Because there are so many fantastic artists on this board, I have included descriptions of more general examples of what can be found in this pinboard. Either way, you’re sure to get tons of ideas from the pins in this board.  Come and see!

journals art 3



journals art 2

  • Daily Doodles 2014
  • Keep a Watercolor Journal
  • Ideas for Inside Pages – Sketchbook
  • Great Idea for Watercolor Journaling
  • Hand Drawn Flower on Moleskine
  • The Sketching Back Packer
  • Paris Sketching
  • Classic Architecture Studies
  • Journal of an Aviary Keeper
  • 12 Tips for Creativity All Year Round
  • Art Journaling as a Creative Process
  • Great Notebook Paper Journal
  • Beautiful Journal Page Ideas Pinterest pin


journals art 1




journals art 4


5. this is a super-incredible Journals Pinterest Pinboard!  It’s really unique.  It is called “Handmade Books and Journals,” and it depicts dozens of pins featuring handmade books of all kinds.  They are really colorful and exciting.  Browse through these pins to see what you can find!


handmade books 2



handmade books 4



  • Mini Floral Recycled Hand Bound Notebook
  • Colorful Handmade Notebooks
  • Handmade Journal, Close-Up of the Spine With Marbled Paper Covers
  • Braided Endband
  • Embroidered Notebook
  • Handmade Silhouette Books with Japanese Bindings
  • Handmade Notebook Journal
  • The Secret Belgium Binding
  • Variation on Coptic Stitch
  • Sandwich Book
  • Pale Pink Linen & Lace Journal
  • A Lovely Stack of Handmade Journals
  • Secrets – Gorgeous Handmade Journal
  • Little Handmade Notebook with a Nautilus Shell


handmade books 1



handmade books 3