Top 5 Minecraft Birthday Party Idea Pinterest Pinboards

Minecraft is hugely popular with today’s youth. A sort of throw back game that uses low grade pixelation graphics to recreate and endless world of building and adventure. The game lends itself to some creative and fascinating birthday party ideas, decorations, games, food presentations, and lots more. Here are the top 5 Minecraft Birthday Party idea Pinterest pinboards to help spark some ideas for your birthday party.

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Top 5 Minecraft Birthday Party Idea Pinterest Pinboards



1. this is an awesome Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas Pinterest Pinboard!  You’ll love all the creative ideas offered in this pinboard.  Come and take a look!


Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 1


Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 2

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Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 3




Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 4



2. this is a terrific Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas Pinterest Pinboard!  It’s got some great ideas for a Minecraft birthday party including great ideas to decorate with Creepers, torches, blocks, Steve Head and lots, lots more. Check out the following pinboard!

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Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 5



Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 6


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Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 7



Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas 8




3. this large Pinterest Minecraft pinboard has over 400 awesome Minecraft party ideas. From goodie bags, invitations to party game ideas you wont be disappointed with this board.

Minecraft printable party invitations

  • Minecraft treat goodie bag Pinterest ideas
  • party spider pinata
  • Minecraft torch wall decor
  • printable party game
  • free Minecraft party invitations
  • block cake recipe idea
  • Minecraft creeper pizza
  • cupcake toppers
  • a mom’s guide to Minecraft learning
  • paper craft template of a creeper
  • DIY favor bags
  • ultimate Minecraft party idea
  • party activity bingo
  • inspired decorative necklaces
  • party diamonds
  • Minecraft party game ideas
  • party boxes
  • Minecraft party decor Pinterest ideas


4. the ideas just keep coming with this fantastic Minecraft Pinterest pinboard.

Minecraft party idea

  • 3D diamond Steve
  • Creeper cake
  • free printable Minecraft balloon
  • great cupcake ideas
  • party with this great Minecraft theme
  • weapons template
  • DIY bottle cap necklaces
  • marshmallow Creepers
  • Creeper pinata
  • DIY cardboard chest
  • Minecraft party decorations
  • DIY Minecraft torches
  • cute table decorations
  • edible coal
  • Minecraft themed cake
  • Minecraft party favors
  • party table spread idea
  • Creeper invites


5. closing out the top 5 is this decorative Minecraft pinboard loaded with ideas. Here is just a small sampling:

Creeper party decorations

  • free Minecraft party printables 
  • wrapped blowpops
  • Minecraft Creeper pinata
  • Minecraft printable scavenger hunt
  • cool torch idea made from soda box
  • cake block
  • printable Minecraft toppers
  • printable 3D grass
  • cupcake wrappers
  • TNT Block cake
  • More Minecraft party ideas
  • more party themes
  • the ultimate guide to paper crafts
  • Steve head template
  • table tent
  • Creeper treat tubes


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