Top 5 Mountain Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Download Websites

“For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! “

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Who can’t forget the above words in the first stanza of the patriotic song America the Beautiful? Many of us I know. The visual imagery conjured up when these words are sung are unmistakable.

Purple colored mountains are indeed a visual feature of the American landscape. Actually, mountains are majestic, colorful and mighty all over the world. Mountains are beautiful landforms that are naturally aesthetic to look at which is why they are common subjects of photography and paintings.

A scenic mountain scene can be mesmerizing to gaze at. It is no wonder that the strong principles of meditation and the purification of the mind practiced by the ancient Tibetan Buddists were easily fostered in the Himalayan Mountains.

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A mountain’s unique features help sooth the restless souls in all of us. It is no wonder then why many a home or office decorates its walls with some sort of mountainous landscape painting or photograph.

This tradition of decorating a room with a mountain scene continues in digital formats tailored for today’s digital age.

If your on Facebook you no doubt have heard of the new Timeline. With the large Cover dimensions a mountainous scene or image makes a tailor fit. What a great way to greet the morning everyday, by logging into your Facebook account and see an awe- inspiring mountain landform on your Cover.

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Here are several websites that are loaded with mountain and mountain ranges Facebook Cover Photos you can download to your computer and upload to your Timeline immediately for free.


Top 5 Mountain and Mountain Range Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites


1. topfbcover: Wow! I sort of stumbled upon this site by accident while looking for mountain images to complete this post. I don’t think out of the 100 or more Facebook Cover articles I’ve written that this site was ever featured. I’m so glad I discovered it as it has 60 beautiful mountain and mountain range landscape Facebook Cover Photos that you can download and upload to your Timeline for free. These images don’t appear to have any watermarks or signatures of any kind anywhere on the Cover. Just right click on the image and download it to your computer.

2. covermyfb: there are around 70 mountain themed Facebook Cover Photos you can download and upload to your Timeline for free. These 70 Covers come up under the search term “mountain” with some incredible and stunning images of mountain landscapes.  Featured titles include Mountain Top, Peaks, Snowy, Breathtaking, Reflective, Waterfall, Blue, Rocky, Lake, River Running Through, and Storm. Right click and save the image to your computer.

3. freeprofilecover: there are around 200 search results using the keyword “mountain” in the search box. In fact many nature and landscape scenes pop-up with many of them mountain Covers. There is a nice layout here with 1o images per page with at least several examples of mountain scenes on each page. Click the little arrow button to download and use these Covers now. You can also use the app by clicking on the green “Upload to Facebook” button to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.


4. pagecovers: a nice layout of 5 mountain Covers per page with around 15 good examples including titles like Winter Snow, Hawaii Mountain, Grand Teton Wyoming Barn, Campsite, Winter Mountain, Milan Italy Range, and Tetra Poland. You’ll have to use the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.


5. getcovers: there are 8 quality Mountain Facebook Cover Photos that you can choose for your Timeline. Featured titles include Snow, Scenic, Beautiful, Snowy, Black and White and Green Grass Cover. Click on the image and right click save image as to download the picture to your computer. You can also use the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline.




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