Top 5 Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboards

The following Top 5 Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboards are sure to bring out your inner ballerina, and if you can’t have your own party or tea, you’ll rush to throw your daughter’s Nutcracker inspired party right away!  Take a look at the fabulous pins on these boards.

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They feature wonderful examples of Nutcracker inspired parties and teas thrown by actual Moms who have graciously provided pics from their parties.  You’ll see pink and gold dance motif Nutcracker get-togethers by Moms who went all out with Winter and Christmas decorations, sweets and treats and festive Nutcracker tablescapes.

The great thing about these pinboards is that they offer tons of Nutcracker party and tea ideas, but also provide ideas for winter or ballet inspired parties, as well, and indeed, any party or tea.  The delectable desserts and scrumptious sandwiches are rivaled only by the delicious beverages, like the Shirley Temple and the best crock pot slow cooker hot chocolate around!

Finally, our 5th Bonus pinboard depicts some perfect Nutcracker decorations in the form of beautifully decorated ballet and pointe slippers decorated with such items as lace, glitter, Swarovski crystals, vintage jewels and pearls to name just a small few!  Hurry on up and take a peek at these fabulous pinboards to get your ideas for your (or your daughter’s!) Nutcracker party or tea!

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  Top 5 Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboards



1.  this first Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboard is quite helpful with its many tips and suggestions to help you prepare for your Nutcracker inspired party.  In addition to the many treats and decorations that can be used at any themed party, it also offers Nutcracker specific ideas like a gumdrop necklace, a snowflake cake, snowflake dancer templates and snowflake tutus and mouse king cookies, to name just a few.

Something else that’s awesome about this pinboard is that there are many examples of ballet and dance related treats and party decorations. Check out this cheerful pinboard.  You’re sure to find something that catches your eye!


gumdrop necklace

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nutcracker mouse king cookies

  • Winter Nutcracker Ballet Birthday
  • Paper Snowflake Ballerinas
  • Nutcracker Pinterest Ballerina Birthday Pin
  • “Wintry Sugar Plum/Nutcracker Wonderland Party”
  • Nutcracker Ballet Bingo
  • Printable Peach Pink Ballerina Picture Birthday Invitation
  • Ballerina Birthday Floral Centerpieces
  • White Tulle Christmas Tree Centerpiece
  • Ballerina Cake Pops
  • Snowflake Cake
  • Gumdrop Necklace
  • DIY Ballet Party Wreath
  • Pink Nutcracker Ballet Party Tabletop Christmas Trees
  • Templates For The Dance of the Snowflake Dancers & Snowflake Tutu
  • Tulle Pom Poms
  • Mouse King Cookies
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes


nutcracker ballerina cake pops


snowflake ballerina cutouts nutcracker


2.  this lovely Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboard offers a nice variety of parties with Nutcracker themes.  For example, one party centers around the mice and mouse king with various mouse sweets like the chocolate covered cherry mouse and mouse king.  Another party features gumball-centered sweets and decor for the Nutcracker party.  If you look here on this pinboard, you’re sure to get tons of ideas for your very own Nutcracker party or tea!


chocolate covered cherries mouse  king nutcracker



nutcracker party tablescape

  • Make a Sugar Plum Tree By Sticking Gumdrops on Centerpiece Tree Branches
  • Nutcracker Tablescape
  • Chocolate Covered Tree Mouse Kings
  • Nutcracker Tale Christmas Crackers
  • Chocolate “Barre”
  • Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Ballerina Cupcake Toppers
  • Chocolate Mice and Mouse King
  • The Nutcracker Tale Cupcake Kit
  • Nutcracker Dessert Table
  • Mason Jar Drinks
  • Candy Table Decor
  • Nutcracker Cake Pops
  • Beautiful Pink Tulle Garland
  • Sugarplum Party Favors
  • Sweet Tray


nutcracker party pink sweets


nutcracker party beautiful sweets table pink


3.  this exquisite Nutcracker Inspired Parties or Teas Pinterest Pinboard specializes in party and tea treats that look both beautiful and tasty.  Some examples of these treats are Nutcracker tea party sandwiches, sugarplum sweet shoppe, mocktail recipes, like the famous Shirley Temple, and various Nutcracker cookies and cupcakes.

In addition to edible items, the pinboard presents such things as Nutcracker-themed cookie molds and cookie cutters, Nutcracker decor for your tablescape, Nutcracker Christmas indoor and outdoor home decor, Nutcracker Christmas tree ornaments, and various Nutcracker Party and Tea Invitations.  For a wide variety of Nutcracker items, check out this superb pinboard!


nutcracker party ballerina christmas tarts



nutcracker party or tea mocktail recipes

  • Lemony Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches
  • Christmas Nutcracker Party Invitations
  • Cotton Candy “Fluffy Tulle” Sweets
  • Festive Holiday Wreath
  • Spray Paint a Hobby Lobby Nutcracker  in Gold Glitter Paint
  • Deviled Egg Tea Sandwich
  • Pinterest Nutcracker Tea Party Ideas Pin
  • Lovely and Dainty Nutcracker Tea Sandwiches
  • Nutcracker Serving Platter for Party Treats
  • Vintage Nutcracker Cookie Mold
  • Decorated Clara Cookie
  • Assorted Nutcracker Cookie Cutters
  • Shirley Temple Punch Recipe
  • 5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes
  • Meri Meri Nutcracker Cupcake Kit


nutcracker tea party sandwiches


nutcracker party or tea sugarplum fairy sweets


4.  this gorgeous Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboard features different Nutcracker Themed parties for you to peruse and garner ideas from!  One party is a pink and gold Sugarplum inspired Nutcracker party.  There are many featured pins with examples of this brilliant party including golden ballet-themed decor, as well as pink and gold treats.

Other parties offer similar motifs and colors depicting ballet, winter, and glittery pastel colors.  One highlight is the best crock pot slow cooker hot chocolate recipe which can be paired with the glittery marshmallow fairy wand from another pin.  Other delicate colors presented are a golden-bronze and peach color scheme and some lavender and purple hues.  You’ll love this excellent Nutcracker parties and teas pinboard!


golden ballet slippers and ornaments


golden bronze and pink cupcakes and stand

  • Printable Nutcracker Party Kit in PDF Format – Holiday Party Printables
  • Sugarplum Inspired Nutcracker Party
  • Beautiful Sugarplum Dessert Tray
  • Pretty Pink Roses – Sugarplum Nutcracker Party
  • Dance Decor Sugarplum Party
  • Mason Jar Milk and Pink  Striped Straws
  • Pink and Gold Color Scheme Sugarplum Nutcracker Party
  • Pastel Christmas Nutcracker Party
  • Gorgeous Pink and Golden-Bronze Sweets
  • Golden Ballet Slippers and Christmas Decor
  • Golden Glitter and Wooden Letters
  • Hot Chocolate and Glittery Marshmallow Fairy Wands
  • The Best Crock Pot Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate Recipe
  • Winter Nutcracker Themed Ballerina Birthday Party
  • Pink Ruffle Cake + Black Ribbon
  • Fabulously pretty floral topped pink and purple cupcakes


golden glitter and wooden lettrs



dance nutcracker party


5.  this Nutcracker Inspired Parties and Teas Pinterest Pinboard is a Bonus of sorts.  It focuses primarily on decor for your party or tea, with a twist. My favorite aspect of it which I had never seen before, were the decorated ballet and pointe slippers! They range from simple, dainty slippers decorated with lace and pearls to intricately decorated slippers with glitter, Swarovski crystals and vintage jewels.

In addition, some slippers were decorated to depict characters from the Nutcracker, such as the Mouse King!  Another aspect of this pinboard featured Christmas trees, but in a different kind of way. One type of tree presented was the DIY fabric tree, such as the ribbon tree, the fabric trim tree and the fuzzy Christmas tree.

Another tree presented was the Christmas candy tree directly inspired by the Nutcracker.  Numerous variations of the candy tree were shown on the colorful pins of this board.  For some inventive accessories to your Nutcracker inspired party or tea, you’ve come to the right place!


pointe shoes decorated with swarovski crystals


ballet shoes decorated with lace and pearls

  • Ribbon Christmas Tree
  • Fabric Trim Tree
  • DIY Fuzzy Christmas Tree
  • Ballet Shoes Decorated With Lace and Pearls
  • Shabby Chic Lace Pointe Shoe
  • Gorgeously Decorated Pointe Shoe Displayed Under Glass
  • Point Shoes Decorated With Glitter, Swarovski Crystals and Vintage Jewels
  • Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups
  • Ballerina Cupcake Cake
  • Ballerina Snow Queen Cookies
  • Ballet Ticket Nutcracker Teas Invitations
  • Christmas Candy Trees – Nutcracker Ballet Inspired
  • Pinterest Tea Party Food – Pink Snowballs Recipe
  • Tea Cup Cupcakes
  • Brilliant Nutcracker Cookie Cake


christmas candy trees nutcracker party 1


christmas candy trees nutcracker party 3



christmas candy trees nutcracker party 2



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