Top 5 Painting, Decorating and Dying Easter Egg Ideas Pinterest Pins and Pinboards

Pinterest is a great site for getting ideas for painting, decorating and dying Easter eggs. If you don’t know much about Pinterest then you need to investigate this wonderful sharing community further. It’s a massive idea generator that shows images or pins as they are called uploaded to specific Pinboards categorized by a certain topic or interest.

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Why go searching endlessly for images and Easter egg decorating ideas all over the Internet when it’s much easier just to visit Pinterest instead. I’ve helped to make this task even more convenient by finding these 5 top Easter egg decorating idea Pinboards loaded with incredible pictures and decorating and dye tips.


Top 5 Decorating Easter Egg Idea Pinterest Pinboards


1. this Pinboard is popular boasting over 14,500 followers. This board includes some incredible Easter Egg pins including Hello Kitty, Watercolor, New York City, Decorating with Sharpie, Poured Paint, Decoupage, 26 New Ways to Decorate Those Easter Eggs, Ombre, Dip Dyed, Silhouette Eggs, Super Easy Spotted, Star Wars Easter Eggs, Tattoos, Chalkboard, Made with Rubber bands,  Tissue Paper, Googly Eyes, Crayon Shavings, and Eggs Natural no dyes needed.


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2. a Pinboard related to all things egg related, mostly decorating egg shells. There are over 190 pins including Striped, Naturally Dyed, Crochet, Melted Crayon, Eggshell Planter, Flowered, Tie-Dye, Chalkboard Paint, Dyed with Leaves, and a great image of Angry Birds Easter Eggs.


3. this is a fittingly named Pinboard that shows images on how to dye, decorate and eat Easter eggs. Here is a small sample of over 80 pins: Leaf Easter Eggs, Rhinestone, Tissue Paper, Rubber Cement Technique, Glow in the Dark Eggs, Pokemon, Patterned, Dot Design, Modge Podge Design Eggs, Speckled, Aluminum Foil, Done with Sharpie, Sponge Painted, Edible Ink, and Simple Food Coloring Technique.


4. another great Easter Egg Pinboard with over 200 pins showing some great unique Easter egg decorating ideas including Newspaper, Googly Eyes, Purple Set, Melted Crayon, Gilded Easter Eggs, Plastic Egg Crafts, Cool Ways, On Candle Sticks, Tissue and Tulie, Personalized, Art, Moss, Cute Animals, Yarn Wrapped and Rainbow.




5. a great pinboard dying Easter egg page with these popular listed images: decorating ideas with 3D coloring, Shaving Cream, Mosaic, Typography, Scribble Egg, Tie Dye, Leaf Print Easter Eggs, Marbelized, Sticker Ideas and Etched.


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