Top 5 Pinterest Appetizers Pinboards

Pinterest is practically made for viewing hundreds of visual ideas related to one general topic.  The pictures are enticing and are usually linked more detailed information. Never is this more true than in representing thousands of appetizer recipe ideas.

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There are quite a bit of appetizer related pinboards on Pinterest. With so many to skim through I thought it might be helpful to visitors here to find my favorite comprehensive and unique appetizer Pinterest pinboards and feature them in this post.

After much searching I carefully selected these 5 appetizer pinboards that I believe meet my criteria. There is a little bit of everything here including a Christmas appetizer, general party foods, inexpensive appetizers, favorite and popular dips, and the ultimate Pinterest appetizer explore pinboard.

You will find the following general types of appetizers on these 5 Pintrest pinboards:

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  • Dips
  • Roll-Ups
  • Mini-Sandwiches
  • Meats
  • Wings
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Small Bites
  • Poppers
  • Pinwheels
  • Hummus
  • Stuffed Filled
  • Mini-Meals


Enjoy! And, I would suggest skimming through these 5 pinboards on a full stomach. I regret I made this mistake as I endured many bouts of hunger pains while writing this post.



Top 5 Pinterest Appetizers Pinboards



1. the explore Christmas appetizer Pinterest pinboard is a great place to start your search for that perfect appetizer recipe.  There is a nice variety of finger foods presented here. Here are some of my favorites:


Pinterest appetizer

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shrimp appetizers

  • Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts
  • Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches
  • Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Sausage Stuffed Appetizers
  • Easy Three Cheese Pinwheel Appetizers
  • Perfect Deviled Eggs
  • Bacon Chicken Meatballs
  • Cucumber and Cream Cheese Appetizers
  • Baked Seafood Dip with Crab
  • Bacon Wrapped Smokies
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • Cheesy Mini Party Hamburgers
  • Cream Cheese Cranberry Dip
  • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese
  • Pinterest Hot Cheese Dip Pin
  • Salami Rolls
  • Mini Shrimp Cocktails
  • Bacon Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Mini Beef Wellingtons
  • Ham and Dill Pickle Appetizer Bites
  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Shrimp Fritters
  • Monte Christo Party Sliders
  • Smoked Mozzarella Dip
  • Sweat and Sour Meatballs
  • Pinterest Baked Samosas Pin
  • Holiday Cheeseball Bites
  • Apple Pie Fries
  • Corn Crisps
  • Crock Pot Buffalo Wings


2. the party foods keep coming on this pinboard. There are lots of tasty small bite, rolls, and meat appetizer recipe ideas. Who can deny it? These all look good:

ham and cheese rolls

turkey meatballs

  • Hot Ham and Cheese Party Rolls
  • Sugar-Glazed Turkey Meatballs
  • Asian Steak Bites
  • Pinterest Crab Cake Bites Pin
  • Asian Pork Rolls
  • Blue Cheese Web Salad Crostini
  • Homemade Mozzarella Sticks
  • Fried Cherry Tomatoes
  • Baked Brie Bites
  • Pinterest Banana Split Bites Pin
  • Blue Cheese Lobster Beignets
  • Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms
  • 25 Glorious Finger Foods
  • Mini BLT Appetizers
  • Cream Cheese and Olive Pecan Bites
  • Easy Salsa Recipe
  • Crispy Baked Wings
  • Taco Pizza Rolls
  • Avocado Egg Rolls
  • Chicken Fajita Quesadillas
  • Baked Apple Pie Fries
  • Parmesan Tortellini Bites
  • Baked Roast Beef and Brie Sliders
  • Spicy Chicken Meatballs
  • Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion Recipe
  • Sweet Chicken Bacon Bites
  • Baked Honey Garlic Chicken
  • Pretzel Wrapped Little Smokies
  • Pinterest Pecan Pie Appetizer Bites Pin
  • Mini Lobster Rolls


3. many of us find it hard plunking down a nice chunk of change on appetizers that will be devoured in second. Here is a appetizer Pinterest pinboard for the more frugal chef. Nevertheless, these all seem like they would pass at even the classiest of parties. Here are some of the highlights:

cheap appertizers

appertizer display

  • 5o Ultra Cheap Appetizer Recipes -For Less Than a $1
  • 10 Money Saving Appetizers
  • Crockpot BBQ Ranch Meatballs
  • Copycat-Chili’s Chips and Queso
  • Crouton Cups with Caesar Salad Filling
  • Watermelon and Cucumber Cups
  • Easy Calzone Rolls
  • Marinated Cream Cheese
  • Pinterest Inexpensive Fiesta Corn and Avocado Salsa Pin
  • Homemade Cheeseburger Poppers
  • 50 Ultra Cheap Appetizer Recipes
  • Inexpensive Wedding Appetizers
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for a Crowd
  • Greek Salad Bites
  • Make Chocolate Dipped Spoons
  • Pinterest Inexpensive Appetizers-Ham and Cheese Party Pinwheels Pin
  • Inexpensive Chicken Eggroll Appetizers
  • Gourmet Popcorn
  • Ants on a Log
  • Pasta Bakes
  • Sweet and Sour Crockpot Meatballs
  • Homemade Fruit Dip Mix
  • DIY Tiered Dessert
  • Vegetable Sushi
  • Ramen Noodle Salad


4. one of the main components of many appetizers is the dip. This board primarily features dips, spreads and balls.  This is definitely one of my favorite appetizer related pinboards as a good dip is hard to pass up. Here are some instant dip recipe ideas winners:

crab dip

Pinterest dip

  • Crab Rangoon Dip
  • Cucumber and Cream Cheese
  • Pinterest Cold Crab Dip Recipe Pin
  • Caribbean Shrimp Spread
  • Garlic White Bean Basil Hummus
  • Dip Party 101
  • Garlic Jalapeno Whipped Feta
  • Spicy Feta Dip
  • Pinterest Easy French Onion Dip Recipe Pin
  • Greek 7 Layer Dip
  • Easy Spinach and Veggie Dip
  • Creamy Parmesan Basil Dip
  • Homemade Cocktail Sauce
  • Cherry Cheesecake Recipe Dip
  • Super Easy Hummus
  • Creamy Hot Reuben Sandwich Party Dip
  • Pinterest Mexican Street Corn Dip Recipes Dip
  • Homemade Dip Recipes
  • Sweet and Sour Chinese Dip
  • 5 Minute Restaurant-Style Blender Salsa
  • Loaded Baked Tater Tot Dip
  • Salami Cream Cheese Ball Dip
  • Hot Bacon Feta Dip
  • Dill Pickle Dip
  • Queso Dip
  • Crab and Artichoke
  • White Bean Garlic Parsley
  • Jalapeno Artichoke
  • Pinterest Roasted Garlic Hummus Recipe Pin
  • Easy Hot Spinach Salsa Queso Dip
  • Beer Carmelized Onion Dip
  • Horseradish Cottage Cheese
  • Pineapple Cheese Ball
  • Pistachio Pineapple Dip


5. the final pinboard featured here is the ultimate one, the explore appetizer pinboard. There is a little bit of everything on this board including pinwheels, meats, roll-ups and hummus. Enjoy some of these tasty delights:

jalapeno appetizer ideas

crab stuffed mushrooms

  • Jalapeno Pimeto Cheese Balls
  • Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts
  • Creamy Mushroom Tarts
  • Mexican Tuna Cakes
  • Cheddar Potato Balls
  • Sesame Chicken Potstickers
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Crescents
  • Pinterest Cheesy Garlic Bombs Pin
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Cream Cheese and Sausage
  • Party Finger Sandwich Recipe
  • Best DIY Party Food Recipe Ideas
  • Hot Four Cheese Dip
  • Pinterest Garlic Roast Beef Pinwheels Pin
  • Parmesan Ranch Oyster Crackers
  • Pizza Roll-Ups
  • Crockpot Orange Glazed Meatballs
  • Cheesy Skillet Meatballs
  • Cream Cheese Sausage Balls
  • Mini Pepper Nachos with Corn
  • Cranberry Turkey Roll-Ups
  • 3 Ingredient Mini-Stuffed Peppers
  • Pinterest Hummus Recipes



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