Top 5 Pinterest Christmas Bows and Ribbons Pinboards

I love shopping for Christmas presents for all the folks on my list, but one thing I never caught on to was wrapping the presents and adorning them with ribbons and bows.  However, one person who was the master of all things bows was my dear grandmother.  Her nimble hands worked with the ribbons and crafted bows so beautiful you were afraid to touch them.

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In this Christmas season, I was reminiscing about Grandma and her bows, and I got curious about what social media had to say about making bows and wrapping Christmas presents with bows.  Well, in my search, I found a treasure trove of ideas on Pinterest.

I am happy to share with you here the Top 5 Pinterest Christmas Bows and Ribbons Pinboards that I found.  I was delighted to discover so much information about bows, like DIY bow making and tutorials.  The pins featured how to make different types of bows, all the way from simple, little bows to huge, ornate bows.

They displayed a variety of styles in bows to make, materials to use, including upcycled ribbons and paper, and the craft of tying bows on presents and other holiday items.  I smiled while I searched through these pinboards thinking that if Grandma were here now, she would most certainly be on Pinterest reading up on all the latest information on holiday bows.  Come and join the excitement with these fun and educational Christmas pinboards!

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Top 5 Pinterest Christmas Bows and Ribbons Pinboards




1.  this is the perfect place to start your search for Christmas bows and ribbons, the Christmas bows Pinterest explore pinboard. There are many interesting pins featured here, including several how to make a Christmas bow pins. Here are some of my favorite pins:


make bow with wrapping paper

Pinterest wrapping paper bows

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  • How to Wrap Your Gifts Like a Pro
  • Pinterest How to Make a Bow Pin
  • Refresher Course for my Christmas Bows
  • How to Make a Christmas Bow
  • How to Tie a Loopy Bow
  • DIY Holiday Bows with Wrapping Paper of all Types
  • How to Tie a Holiday Bow
  • Holiday Gift Toppers Design
  • Gift Wrapping Ideas
  • Big Paper Bow Tutorials
  • Bow Making the Easy Way
  • How to Tie a Loop
  • Making a Deco Mesh
  • A Guide to Pretty Gifting
  • Fancy Gift Wrap Bow Tutorials
  • How to Tie a Tulle


2. this is a great DIY bow Pinterest pinboard that includes gift topper bow ideas, step by step tying guides, how to make tiny bows and even a DIY bow maker device. Enjoy some of these great pins:


Pinterest mesh bow

how to make a Christmas bow

  • How to Make a Fancy Bow
  • Step by Step Bow Tying Guide
  • Mesh Ribbon Step by Step
  • DIY Gift Topper
  • Using Burlap
  • Pinterest DIY Bow from Wrapping Paper Pin
  • How to Make out of Magazine and Colorful Paper
  • How to Make Stacked Bows
  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • Pinterest How to Make Tiny Bows Pin
  • How to Make Tails
  • Chic Pink Pearl
  • Bomaker
  • Big Ribbons
  • DIY Bow Maker
  • Christmas Tree Ribbon Sculptures



3. are you focusing your search on bow making tips? If you are then this is the right Pinterest pinboard. There are plenty of bow making ideas presented here including step by step Christmas bow making tutorials and a very useful how to make bows out of discarded wrapping paper. Take a look at these helpful pins:


Pinterest Big Christmas Bows

Pinterest make a bow

  • Build a 21 inch Mesh
  • Pinterest How to Make a Festive Bow Pin
  • Making Sure the Ends are Even
  • How to Make a Christmas Bow Step by Step
  • Loopy Tutorial
  • Double Loop With Tails Out
  • Video Tutorials
  • Pinterest How to Make Those Big Fancy Bows Pin
  • 5 Tutorials for Making Beautiful Bows
  • Pinterest Gift Toppers Ideas
  • Make Bows with Leftover Wrapping Paper Ideas
  • How to Tie-Perfect for Gifts
  • How to Wrap it Up
  • Make a Paper One
  • Unique Gift Wrap Ideas


4. you can’t have a Christmas bow pinboard without mentioning ribbons. This Christmas ribbon explore pinboard is the best place to start your ribbon decorating ideas that include packages and the Christmas tree. One of my favorite pins is the “how to tie ribbons on Christmas gifts tutorial”.  There are some great ribbon ideas featured here including these standouts:


how to tie ribbon on present

Decorating with Ribbon Ideas

  • 10 Tips for Beautiful Christmas Tree Ribbon
  • Great Christmas Tree Ribbon Placement
  • How to Hang a Ribbon on a Christmas Tree
  • Inexpensive Ribbon Turned into Designer Ribbon
  • Using Mesh Ribbon
  • How to Tie Ribbons on Christmas Gifts Video Tutorial
  • Red and White Theme Christmas Tree Wrap
  • Rustic Burlap Wrap
  • Decorating with Ribbons Ideas
  • Make Loops of Ribbon
  • The Art of Present Wrapping
  • Plaid Color
  • Deco Mesh Garland Around the Tree
  • Pinterest Christmas Present Wrapping Ribbon Ideas
  • Ribbon and Bead Craft Ideas
  • How to Make Tied Ribbon Garland


5.  this final Pinterest pinboard is sort of a combo bow and ribbon presentation of pins. There are a lot of ideas presented here that will definitely spruce up your Christmas gits and packages. Here are a few great example pins:


string bow

Perfect Bow Steps

  • 9 Ways to Wrap This Season
  • Warp with Floral Fabric Ribbon and Twine
  • Simple and Lovely Natural Twig Bow
  • DIY Gift Wrapping Tutorial
  • Silver Glitter Mesh Present Topping with Butterfly-Elegant and Lovely
  • Country Wrapping Ideas
  • How to Make Big Double Bows
  • Velvet Ribbon
  • How to Tie the Perfect Bow
  • Beautiful Wreath Present Topping
  • Purple and Green Ribbons with Leaves
  • DIY Felt Bows
  • Ribbon Rose Video Tutorial
  • Gold Glitter Twine
  • Pretty Packaging Ideas
  • Candy Cane Topper and White Paper
  • String Ribbon Package Ideas- Pine Cones and Tree Branch


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