Top 5 Pinterest Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinboards

The following Top 5 Pinterest Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinboards prove that there is a plethora of information, ideas, lessons and activities to help teachers and parents educate children about Martin Luther King Jr!  The lessons in these pinboards teach diversity, peace, acceptance and love, all ideas put forth by Dr. King for humans to practice.

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These lessons are for all age groups, from pre-K through secondary.  There are worksheets, coloring pages, crossword puzzles and search-a-words, there are writing prompts and written activities to encourage children to discuss their own dreams and to list ways they can help each other.

There are many lessons on diversity, such as the Egg Project, The M & M Experiment, and The Apple Project, all focusing on showing our differences on the outside, but our similarities on the inside.

Also included are MLK songs, poems and rhymes, art activities with play dough, as well as puppets, and activities that get the children involved, like School Peace Marches and Birthday Parties for Martin Luther King.  You need look nowhere else.  This is the place for you if Martin Luther King Day Activities is what you have in mind!

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Top 5 Pinterest Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinboards



1.  this is a terrific Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinterest Pinboard.  It features activities for all ages which teach about diversity, love, peace and acceptance in a great way to honor Martin Luther King Jr.  In addition, there are posters with MLK quotes and excellent images help celebrate this beloved man.


mlk coloring page



mlk quote

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martin luther king peace wreath



  • Learn about skin and diversity while making puppets.
  • Not The Color of Our Skin, But The Content of Our Characters – Apple Project
  • The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss Teaches Diversity.
  • Pinterest 11 Easy Crafts and Printables for Martin Luther King Day Pin
  • Crayons – MLK Project
  • The Crayon Box That Tallked
  • “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!  MLK Inspired Handprint Craft
  • My MLK Speech Worksheet
  • DIY Dove Garland
  • Knee High Diversity Project
  • We’re All In This Together – Peace Wreath
  • Pinterest Martin Luther King Handprint Activity with Poem Pin
  • “I Have a Dream” Handprints
  • Diversity Handprints Using Positive/Negative Space


easy crafts for marin luther king day


2.  this Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinterest Pinboard is superb!  There are a number of things suggested to celebrate Martin Luther King and teach diversity.  For example, there are several Civil Rights picture books for kids presented, and quite a few Martin Luther King Day songs and rhymes, as well.

One excellent project on diversity is the Egg Project in which two eggs, one white, one brown, are shown to display their differences.  Then, the eggs are broken to show the similarities inside.  Come take a look at this fantastic pinboard to get some ideas for Martin Luther King Day!


martin luther king seattle times



free mlk songs and rhymes


Civil Rights Books for Kids



  • 5 Civil Rights Picture Books For Children
  • Martin Luther King Jr. and Super Heart: Learning About Love and Courage
  • Free Martin Luther King Day Songs and Rhymes For Circle Time
  • MLK Day of Service: Donating Books in Honor of Dr. King – from Africa to America
  • Pinterest Free Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Resources for Kids Pin
  • How to Educate Your Child About Diversity … With Play Dough from Spoonful
  • MLK Handwriting Worksheets (grades 1-2)
  • Montessori-Inspired Respect For Diversity
  • How To Prepare a Peace Corner
  • Pinterest Egg Activity For Martin Luther King Day Pin
  • Multicultural Stick Puppets
  • Free Martin Luther King Teaching Video (BrainPop)
  • “I Have A Dream” Dream Catchers
  • Pinterest Martin Luther King Day Preschool Activities Pin
  • Living The Dream: 100 Acts of Kindness
  • Free Martin Luther King Bookmarks


donate books mlk day


teach diversity play dough mlk day



Egg Project MLK Day


3.  this wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinterest Pinboard has some awesome ideas, especially for the older kids. There are poems and books written to celebrate MLK Day, and there are ideas presented in a literacy unit about Martin Luther King, as well as Unit Study Resources and Free Printables. There are even MLK fact sheets and timelines. Have a look at this totally cool pinboard for Martin Luther King Day!


Poem For MLK His Dream Lives On


fact sheet mlk



  • Martin Luther King Jr. Ultimate Home School Resource List
  • FREE worksheets, writing, and more to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Find writing activities and links to videos!
  • Poems For Peace
  • Pinterest Martin Luther King Jr. Resources & Ideas – All Ages Pin
  • Peace Flower From Hands
  • “The Color Of Us” Art Project
  • Books, Crafts, Music – Teaching Kids About Martin Luther King Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Literacy Unit
  • Martin Luther King Unit Study Resources and Free Printables
  • MLK Sequencing Circles
  • MLK Fact Sheet
  • MLK Timeline
  • Poem, “His Dream Lives On” (free)
  • Book, Peaceful Pieces by Anna Grossnickle Hines
  • MLK The King And His Dream Video


literacy unit Martin Luther King



unit study unit MLK


4.  this is definitely a very helpful Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities Pinterest Pinboard!  There is an MLK song for the kids, an anchor chart, crossword puzzles and search-a-words, and even an activity called “Dissecting the Dream” where students analyze Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech.  If you want some inventive and useful resources, you’ve come to the right place!


MLK Song for Kids


MLK anchor chart



mlk crossword puzzle



  • Free!  10 Fun Facts Martin Luther King
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheet – What Would You Do?
  • Free! Story and questions…Martin Luther King Jr. and why we celebrate him.
  • Martin Luther King – Missing Words Worksheet for Primary
  • Pinterest Martin Luther King Day Worksheets Pin-Through The Years
  • Biography – Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheet
  • Martin Luther King Search-A-Words and Crossword Puzzles
  • Martin Luther King Jr. – Geography Lesson – Notable Cities in MLK’s Life
  • MLK – “I Have A Dream” Wish Tags
  • MLK Day Activity: Draw a Picture of the Person Who Most Inspires You
  • Make a Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Activity
  • Martin Luther King Photo Montage
  • Websites and Videos About Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Flip Book


mlk in a day poster


MLK word search


dissecting the dream MLK speech


5.  this Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crafts and Activities is full of some great ideas to celebrate MLK Day!  For example, the children can make a Friendship Fruit Salad, conduct an MLK Peace March throughout the school, write an MLK DREAM acrostic poem, and even have a Birthday Party for Martin Luther King!  For some inventive suggestions, stay right here and browse through this creative pinboard!


MLK video explains life and accomplishments


hate cannot drive out hate MLK


a birthday party for MLK



  • DREAM – Write an acrostic poem about Martin Luther King.
  • Dr. King – Peaceful/Not Peaceful Activity
  • 1st Graders – Inferring with Dr. Martin Luther King
  • Pinterest I Have a Dream Activity Pin-Vision Board for Martin Luther King Day Pin
  • MLK Peace March Through The School
  • ” I have a dream” lesson… Students write about what their dream is when they grow up.
  • MLK Quote “Life’s greatest questions is what are you doing for others?” – Writing Prompt: What Can I Do For Others?
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Paper Doll Craft
  • “We Can Be Like MLK…”
  • A Birthday Party For Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • MLK Day: How To Make A Friendship Fruit Salad
  • Really great video created as a school project explains the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King!


MLK School Peace March


i have a dream vision board MLK



DREAM An Acrostic Poem



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