Top 5 Pinterest Nativity Scenes, Collection Sets, Figures, DIY and Creche World Cultures Pinboards

The Christian nativity scene makes its annual appearance in almost every Christian church around the world and in many Christian homes during the holiday season. In some cases the nativity scene is a year round decoration or display in many a home. Nativity scenes, collection sets, figures and creches also are represented in different ways by many cultures throughout the world.

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The aesthetic beauty and superb craftsmanship applied to many of these nativity scenes make them serious works of art to be viewed and admired by all who gaze upon them.

I searched through countless Pinterest pinboards and came across these top 5 nativity scenes, sets, figures and creche world collection pinboards.


 Top 5 Pinterest Nativity Scenes, Sets, Figures and Creche World Cultures Collection



1. this is quite a massive nativity collection Pinterest pinboard that displays over 800 pins. Here is a small sampling of what you’ll find on this pinboard: a beautiful wood carving puzzle nativity scene, painted rocks scene, modern mosaic design adoring holy family, arctic, Irish, kokeshi nativity set, DIY paper manger scene, Swiss wood carvers, Chinese nativity, presépio em vidro, miniature clay nesting, handmade ornament, Neiman Marcus, Thai, wood version in Prague, ceramic, Venezuelan hand painted, Native American, Japanese nativity scene, DIY nativity scenes, folk art, cowboy, Mexican, stained glass, ready to paint ceramic, Russian nested doll nativity scene, and Italian ceramic luminary.

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2. this nativity Pinterest pinboard has a wide variety of nativity scenes including many gallery pictures, photos, paintings and images, nativity scene punch art, cards, snow globes, nativity ornaments, handmade freebies, traveling set, doll set, nativity scene Christmas cards, needle felted figures, nativity wood pattern figures, make your own toilet paper roll nativity scene, printed coloring book, and free nativity printables print out templates.





3. there are over 200 nativity scene pins featured on this pinboard. Here are some collections, sets, figures and creche collections presented here: Thomas Kinkade nativity scene, Country Door 3 piece nativity set, handmade Joseph, Mary and Jesus, nativity nesting dolls, statue figurine sculpture, nativity snow globe, a beautiful natural stone example, star ornament, Jim Shore nativity scenes, musical rotating nativity, Andes wood, polish modeled after medieval churches, vintage creche 6 piece clay, rolled newspaper and wood, folding, hand painted, Russian nesting doll nativity scene, silver and gold pewter, stained glass, Byers Choice, Willow Tree, cut and glue for kids, and Crochet Creche.




4. another nice Pinterest pinboard of over 400 nativity scenes and creche pins. Just browsing through this board was truly amazing. These scenes, sets, and creches stood out for me on this pinboard: a scene from El Salvador, Peru clay figures, Peruvian, Congo nativity wooden figures, Indonesia, Kenya soapstone, papier machè nativity folk art, Richard Glaesser Germany rotating, Nicaragua figures (beautiful-see picture below), recycled paper, carved alabaster, Shikha lantern, Terra Cotta, African Harambee scene, and a beautiful Irish set.  




5. this is my first Place Pins featured in a Pinterest post on Tweeting. Place Pins were recently introduced by Pinterest as a sort of combination travel guide, image description brochure. In this case, this mostly personal nativity collection has numbered pins around a background world map image. Just click on a number on the map or photo on the left to see where this image or collection originated around the globe. Here is a small guide tour of this fascinating Christmas nativity Place Pin Pinterest pinboard:


  • No. 5: nativity from Romania
  • No. 18: Ethiopia  with wooden with opening doors
  • No. 31 Swedish figures
  • No. 29: a nail nativity scene
  • No. 9 lignite made figures
  • No. 32 Japanese nativity set

Bonus Pinterest Nativity Board: I close out this post with a bonus Pinterest pinboard. It seems there are just too many good nativity scene, sets and figure collection pinboards out there to pass up. You have to see some of these sets: Charlie Brown nativity scene, Amish, Mexico, soapstone from Niger Africa, in glass, globe, finger puppets, Ecuador, Germany, Austrian carved wood, old Italian coral silver and enamel nativity scene, and Pillars of Heaven Nativity by Kim Lawrence with bible verses etched in the back of each piece.





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