Top 5 Pinterest Snow Globe Pinboards

Kids and adults alike are fascinated with snow globes. They enjoy holding and shaking them to watch a magical snow scene in which glittery golden-white specks float and swirl around in a clear liquid under a small, transparent, domed glass sphere.

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If you are one of those happy folks who loves making or collecting snow globes then you’ll definitely love Pinterest because they offer tons of ideas on making or collecting snow globes on their different pinboards.  To help you, I have selected and listed below my top 5 Pinterest Snow Globe Pinboards. Each Pinterest pinboard showcases a nice variety of snow globes, including: traditional, mason jars, bottles, baby jars, mini-bottles, empty clear bulbs, necklaces, ornaments, and vintage collectibles.

You’ll even find excellent snow globe tutorials, DIY craft ideas, how to make decorative snow instructions, and snow globe accessories. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!



 Top 5 Pinterest Snow Globe Pinboards


1. when looking for snow globe ideas the Pinterest snow globe craft explore pinboard is the first place to start. This board is loaded with DIY crafts and tutorials. Plenty of things to keep you or the kids busy during the holiday season. Making a snow globe is just plain old fun, and the end result can make for an amazing display.

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Pinterest snow globe

mason jar snow globe

  • Pinterest DIY Snow Globe Ornaments Pin
  • Homemade Snow Globes
  • Make a Waterless Globe
  • Snow Globe Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Make with Glitter, Water and Small Jar
  • Mason Jar Tutorial
  • Beautiful Snow Globe Jar with Pine Trees and Deer
  • 10 Pinterest Snow Globe Crafts for Kids Pins
  • DIY Frozen Wonderland
  • Shot Glass
  • Necklace Ideas
  • Fingerprint Craft
  • Car in Jar
  • Snow Tutorial
  • Jar and Baby/Mineral Oil
  • Snow Globe Christmas Ornament Ideas
  • How to Use Your Kids Photos in a Globe
  • Lots of Patterns
  • Snow Globe Tutorial
  • DIY Ideas Using Christmas Lights
  • Beautiful Glass Ornaments


2.  this general snow globe Pinterest explore pinboard has it all. This is an amazing visual tour of some outstanding creations and collectibles. Here are some of my favorites featured on this board:

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Pinterest DIY Snow Globe

Pinterest snow globe collectibles

  • 37 Magical Ways to Use Mason Jars
  • How to Make Globes with Baby Jars
  • DIY Vintage and Waterless
  • DIY Snow Globe Projects
  • Nordstrom Collectible Winter Scene
  • Nativity Scene
  • Fun for Kids Mason Jar Snow Globes
  • Made with Imported Materials
  • Create a Village
  • DIY Snow Scenes
  • Antique Snow Globes
  • White Owl
  • Mini Teddy Bear
  • Mini Ring
  • With Epsom Salt
  • Santa Clause
  • Wine Glass Globe


3. this is a massive snow globe pinboard with over 300 pins. There are plenty of ideas and tutorials using mason jars and mini-bottles. Just take a look at these creative wonders:


bottle snow globe

snow globe ornament

  • DIY Snowman Mini Bottle Charms Kit
  • A Charlie Brown Themed Globe
  • DIY Glitter Globes
  • How to Make a Snow Globe Tutorial
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Homemade Mason Jar Ideas
  • Plastic Soda Bottle Ornaments
  • Christmas Tree Snow Globe
  • With Corn Syrup and Glitter
  • Snow Globe Video Tutorial
  • Incredible Ring Kit
  • Recycled Jar Ideas
  • DIY with Lots of Glitter
  • Globe Teachers Gift
  • Magic Snow Powder
  • Elf on the Shelf


4. it’s all homemade snow globes here. Take a look at these featured pins:

snow globe necklace

snow globe tutorial


  • Small Mini-Christmas Tree Ornament Bulb
  • Snow Necklace
  • Waterless Snow Globes
  • Entry Level Style Ornaments
  • With Distilled Water and Glitter
  • Snowy Diorama Style
  • Upside Down Wine Glass Globe
  • Vintage Bell Jar
  • With Coconut as Snow
  • Christmas Tag Idea-Must See This!
  • Soda Bottle
  • Snowy Covered Pine Cone
  • Creative Snow Globe Ideas
  • Snow Lamp Inside Jar
  • Small Corked Bottle
  • Winter Penguin Lightbulb
  • DIY Winter in a Jar
  • Using Photos
  • Illuminated Snow Scene


5. this final Pinterest pinboard closes it out with lots of snow globe ideas using jars and small bottles.  Here are just a few examples represented on this pinboard:

saltshaker crafts

jar snow globe

  • Tiny Wonderland
  • Mini Snow Globe Ornaments
  • Mason Jar Vignettes
  • Clever Saltshaker Ideas
  • Snow Globe Accessories
  • Simple Winterscapes
  • Vintage Village Jars
  • Frosted Mason Jar Illuminaries
  • Using Vintage Containers
  • How to Dye and Decorate Bottle Brush Trees
  • Apothecary Jars
  • Shabby Chic Bottles
  • Winter Scenes
  • Christmas Candle Holder
  • How to Make Snow Globe Mason Jars Pinterest Pin
  • Plain All White
  • Snow Globe Tutorials



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