Top 5 Pinterest Wedding Cakes Pinboards

It’s arguably the best part of the wedding reception: the wedding cake.  The wedding cake has come so far.  There are countless shapes, tastes, sizes, and decorations.  So much can be done with today’s wedding cake to fit any wedding theme, and it can be small and simple to grand and elaborate.  There are so many ideas when it comes to the modern-day wedding cake, and I’ve collected here a vast array of examples for you to choose from.  Please take this opportunity to look through this huge collection assembled here for you.

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 Top 5 Pinterest Wedding Cakes Pinboards


1. this delightful wedding cake Pinterest pinboard offers a wide tapestry of wedding cakes.  Most topped with colorful flowers, there are single-layered and multi-tiered creations.  Have no doubt; with this Pinterest pinboard you will have dozens of pins to select from!

 Gorgeous Mini Cakes - Wedding

4-Tiered Floral Vintage Wedding Cake

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  • 4-Tiered Floral Rustic Wedding Cake
  • Gorgeous Mini Cakes
  • Naked Cake Adorned With Roses
  • Three-tiered Ivory Fondant Cake With Green Swiss Dots And Hand-sculptured Sugar Peonies
  • Single White Frosted Cake Topped With a Pastel Bouquet
  • Geometric Ombre Wedding Cake
  • Danish Wedding Cake Decorated With Flowers
  • Cascading Sequins Wedding Cake
  • Roses And Ruffles Wedding Cake
  • Raspberry-Champagne Layer Cake With Victorian Cake Pulls
  • Spiced Poppy Seed Cake With Almond Buttercream Frosting
  • Custom Whimsical Wedding Cake Topper With Party Pink Love Birds


2. you’ll love this next wedding cake Pinterest pinboard!  The pins in this section are breathtaking and gorgeous.  Each entry is innovative and unique.  Stop here for awhile and take in the beauty of the following one-of-a-kind cakes.

victoria sponge wedding cake

Multi-Tiered Rainbow Treat Wedding Cake

  • Victoria Sponge Wedding Cake
  • Multi-tiered Rainbow Treat Wedding Cake
  • Raspberries & Cream Wedding Cake
  • Funfetti Wedding Cake
  • Pancake Wedding Cake
  • Donuts For A Brunch Wedding
  • Pretty Little Dusty Rose Flowers Tiered Cake
  • Simple Gilded Monogram Cake Topper
  • Lemon And Lavender Naked Cake
  • Metallic Burgundy Mini Cake
  • Gold Glitter Cake
  • Watercolor Cake Ideas
  • Chocolate Seduction Cake
  • Southern Strawberry Cake

3. this Pinterest pinboard is entitled Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine.  What can you say? This is the spot for undisputed wedding cake information.  Right from the beginning you will be mesmerized by the originality and beauty.  The pins featured offer elegance and class that redefine variation and creativity.  Come and enjoy the refreshing assortment brought together here for you.

Assortment of Small Wedding Cakes


  • Instead Of One Giant Traditional Cake, Serve A Variety Of Little Ones
  • Dreamy Coconut Cake Squares
  • Wedding Cakes 101 – Read This Before Going Taste Testing
  • Amaretto Cake Topped With Blue Thistle And Blackberries
  • Sugar Pomegranates And Foliage Top This Wedding Cake
  • Chocolate And Blackberry Jam Layer Cake
  • Vanilla And Lemon Tiers Accented By Miniature Lady Apples And Flowers
  • Delicate Buttercream Roses
  • Walnut Cake Adorned With Fresh Gardenias And Herbs
  • 13 Awesome Wedding Cake Trends To Embrace
  • Mouthwatering Crepe Cake
  • Chocolate Bourbon Cake With Edible Gold Leaf
  • Heavenly Crème Brulee Cake Recipe
  • Toffee Temptation Cake Recipe
  • Zesty Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake Recipe
  • See How We Created A Wedding Cake Out Of S’mores


4. this Pinterest pinboard is entitled Beautiful Wedding Cakes, and this entry lives up to its name!  Super examples of wedding cakes adorn the pins of this selection.  Colorful and vibrant images flood the pinboard and explore the delicate meaning of the words wedding cake.  Join in and partake of the quality choices presented on this page and you will soon be on your way to choosing the cake of your dreams. There are lots of theme wedding cakes presented here.


Brilliant Peacock Wedding Cake


  • Brilliant Peacock Wedding Cake
  • Mini Wedding Cake Ideas
  • Gorgeous White Wedding Cake With Silver Candy Beading
  • Vintage Cupcakes
  • Aeyra Cakes
  • Lace Wedding Cakes
  • Princess Castle Cake
  • Cinderella’s Wedding Cake
  • Indian Elephant Cake
  • Alice In Wonderland Theme Cake
  • Bagpipe Tartan Cake
  • Lily Of The Valley Wedding Cake
  • Pile O’ Hearts Cake
  • Cupcake Tower Wedding Cake
  • Scrabble Themed Wedding Cake
  • Van Gogh Sunflowers Inspired Cake
  • Antique Paisley


5. to get a feel for this Pinterest pinboard, it helps to know the name of it: Stunning Wedding Cake & Cupcake Ideas.  The name says it all, truly stunning & radiant wedding cakes grace the pins of this page.  One can’t help but be overwhelmed with the sumptuous and fantastic images.  You’ll definitely be inspired with the ideas offered to soar to new levels of thought and dream up the perfect cake for your wedding.  Come along and see for yourself!

 Lindor Wedding Cake

  • Lindor Wedding Cake
  • Chocolate Truffles Wedding Cake
  • Cake With Cascade Of Purple Flowers And Ivy
  • Dainty Piping Wedding Cake With Pink Ranunculus
  • Rustic And Organic Wedding Cake With Chocolate Ganache, Ruffles, Handmade Sugar Blackberries, Hypericum Berries, And Peonies
  • The Sweet Side’s 2014 Cake Collection
  • Stunning Watercolor Wedding Cake With Purple Accent Ribbon
  • Wedding Trend: Hand Painted Wedding Cakes
  • Trend We Love: Gravity Defying Wedding Cakes
  • Japanese Watercolor-inspired Cake With Fresh Flowers
  • Sparkling Vintage Rhinestone Appliques And Trim Add Glamorous Flair To An Art Deco-themed Wedding Cake
  • 50 Shades of Grey Wedding Cake
  • Vera Wang Couture Cake
  • The Butter End Cakery Wedding Cakes
  • 25 Prettiest Wedding Cakes
  • 34 Stunning Wedding Cakes For A Winter Wedding


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