Top 5 Real Pirate Flag and Pirate Facebook Cover Photo Timeline Free Download Websites

In an excellent article published on entitled “6 Absurd Pirate Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)”, Eric Yosomono and Drew Miller point out some fascinating myths and their truths which quite aptly show how movies have promoted a widely accepted pirate stereotype.

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I say that in most cases people should be mad at falsely portrayed images, but in this case we want to celebrate the pop culture versions resulting from Hollywood’s garbled info.  For example, Yosomono and Miller write that pirates don’t really talk like pirates.  You know, “Arrr, Matey.”  The writers say that the accent comes from the West Country from the southwestern portion of England. (Plus, not every pirate comes from England.)

But, what is cool knowledge is that pirate speak was first used in the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, and that, according to Yosomono and Miller, in 1950 Disney made a movie of it and Robert Newton played a pirate who got kind of crazy with his “arrrs”.  Additionally, he did it again two years later in “Blackbeard the Pirate.”

Another myth presented by Yosomono and Miller was that the traditional Jolly Roger, the black flag with the skull and crossbone, was the flag of choice to represent pirates.  The truth is black flags were a good thing, and a red flag meant danger.  Only pirates Edward England and Christopher Condent used the skull and crossbones. Yosomono and Miller offer several images used by actual pirates, like Blackbeard.

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The following three pirate flags are the real deal, turned into Facebook Covers.

Here is the real pirate flag flown by Blackbeard Facebook Cover:


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Captains Walter Kennedy and Jean Dulaein used the hourglass in their flags because it was considered a symbol of the inevitability of death.  Here is an example of their flag turned into a real pirate flag Facebook Timeline Cover:


Some flags were less elaborate, such as the following flown by Thomas Tew, turned into a real pirate flag Facebook Cover Photo:


So, we thank Yosomono and Miller for pointing out such juicy information about the pirates.  And here my top 5 pirate Facebook Cover Photo Timeline free download websites to celebrate them, real or fictional and Hollywoodized!


 Top 5 Pirate Facebook Cover Photo Timeline Free Download Websites



1.  myfbcovers: has around a dozen or so Pirate Facebook Covers including a cool Skull and Swords Pirate Wall, Several Pirate Flag Facebook Covers, A Pirate Accessory Table and a classic Silhouette Pirate Ship Cover.



2. snazzyspace: I love snazzyspaces wallpaper tiled style Cover. Here are some featured titles: Arrr, Angry Pirate Skulls, Girl Pirates, Bones, No Trespassing with Pirate Hat, Anchors, Skull and Crossbones Facebook Cover Photo, and Pirate Tattoos.



3. fbcoverstreet: has several images of pirate ship Facebook Covers but from the website Pirate Bay with pirate quotes like a Pirate Arg Arrr Facebook Covers like these: “you’d best start believing in pirates, you Arr one!” and “hoist the sails high”, the pirate bay, and skull swords patterns.



4. 99covers: has several pages of pirate Facebook Covers. Here is a sampling of what you will find on this Cover site: several Pirates of the Caribbean movie Facebook Cover Photos and Pirates of the Caribbean 2, a funny pirates Cover, Jack Sparrow Facebook Cover, ghost pirates, lego, space and zombies, and the classic pirate skull and crossbones Facebook Cover Photo for your Timeline.




5. namecovers: it’s time to fill in your first and last name next to a classic skull and fiery crossbones image. At namecovers you can do just this. Give it a try and let the pirate in you come out for all to see.




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