Top 5 Sad, Lonely, Alone and Depressed Facebook Cover Photo Timeline Free Download Websites

Being sad, lonely, or depressed is a universal feeling that encompasses various depths and range of emotions. For some being sad is a momentary lapse state or feeling. For others it is a more serious, long lasting effect experienced by people who have perhaps lost a loved one, have diagnosed clinical depression or suffer from bipolar disorder.

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While not diminishing the significance of this emotion in people who suffer from depression clinical or otherwise or even bipolar disorder the primary goal of this post was to find images of Sad Facebook Cover Photos for your new Facebook Timeline that could be used for almost any range of sad feelings or emotions applied to almost any circumstance.

Perhaps you are feeling sad one day because something not so good happened to you or someone you know at work or at home. Maybe you heard some sad or depressing news about someone important in your life or a devastating event of some kind. For some people you could be sad for no reason at all, just a brief incident of sadness.  For others losing a loved one close to them can bring on months and years of depression.

Maybe your sad because you are just lonely and feeling unloved. Or perhaps your feeling moody sad and  just want your Facebook friends and family to see one of your sad Facebook Cover Photos and have them comment on what could be bothering you that day.

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I’ve been searching around the Internet looking for sad, lonely, alone and depressed Facebook Cover Timeline Photos and found several websites with some quality images that are all free to download and upload straight to your new Timeline almost instantly. I’ve listed and described 5 such websites below.


1. coverslike: this outstanding website has over 100 sad, lonely, all alone and depressed Facebook Cover Photos that you can use on your Timeline right away. Covers are rated with a 5 star rating system, how many views and Facebook likes.

There are some lighter sad ones, funny sad, cute, cartoonish, and just plain old serious.  Here is a short list of some of the featured titles: Losing Someone, Sad at Work, Heart Trash, Robot Ledge, Lone Dessert Tree, Frown Face, Feeling Sad Timeline Cover, Clown Frown, Girl Hurt, Emo Alone, Unhappy Quote, Crying, Lonely and Sadness.  Covers can be saves by either right clicking on the image and choosing the “save image as” option or using the special app to upload the picture straight to your Timeline photos.

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2. covermyfb: this site has it all: sad, lonely, alone, depressed and sad quotes for every one of these. In fact there are over 120 generally sad related Facebook Covers to select from

  • Sad Titles: here are some titles with this word search: Sadness Cover, Stop wasting your time on people who don’t love you, Love Hurts, Broken Promise, Sad Dance, Everything we had is gone forever, Sad Fairy, Darkness, EMO Love Bleeds, and Alone with Butterflies.





  • Alone: there are over 40 Alone Facebook Covers including Forever Alone, Missing You, I’m All Alone, I Feel So Alone Without You and Just Leave Me Alone.


3. 99covers: has over 100 sad, lonely, alone and depressed related Facebook Cover Photos all free for you to download and upload to your Timeline photos for free. Featured titles include Depressed Women, Frowny Face, the Finger (not so subtle), Crumpled Life, Girl on Floor, Losing Something, Down in the Dumps, Animation Crying Women, and All Alone. Like an image? Just right click and “save image as” to download the selected Cover to your computer.

4. myfbcovers: one of my favorite Facebook Cover websites myfbcovers has around 30 to choose from. Some featured titles include So Sad, Smiley Sad Faces, Quote, and EMO sadness. Click on the image and the “make my Facebook Cover” button to let the special app upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.




 5. folbook: this is a new Facebook Cover website I just recently discovered and the first time I’ve featured it here on the Tweeting blog. There are over 60 sad and alone images that you can select from, download and upload to your Timeline photos for free. These are high quality images and some featured titles include I Quit, I Don’t Love You Anymore, Broken, Good-Bye, Don’t Want To Fall In Love and Get Hurt, Sorry, I’m So Sad, Alone Cover,  Need A Hug, Love Sucks Playing Cards, Fake Smiles, Gothic Silence, Angry Birds, and Never Look Back. Interested in one of these Covers? Just right click and save them to your computer then add or change your Cover Photo to one of these on your Timeline.




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