Top 5 Science Fair Project Ideas Pinterest Pinboards

It’s that time of year when students all across the globe begin looking for science fair project ideas. Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities alike will all have some component of a science project somewhere in the curriculum or syllabus.

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One aspect of science fair that can be somewhat distressing is coming up with ideas for their project; especially an original one.

To help you in this quest I present to you my top 5 science fair Pinterest pinboards loaded with ideas and visuals. Let Pinterest help you this year to get ideas that inspire creativity and originality. It’s a good thing to remember that, usually, science fair winners win on unique ideas.

Among the many science fair ideas you will find listed below there are also plenty of picture of some excellent Pinterest science fair presentation display boards. Creating these boards is sometimes the most challenging part of the fair as it will visually summarize your progress and engagement in the investigation by displaying photos of the experiment before, during and after the results come in. These results will also be documented and presented on this board in the form of data charts and result graphs.


 Top 5 Science Fair Project Ideas Pinterest Pinboards


1. this Pinterest science fair Pinterest inboard has over 250 pins and 12,500 followers and goes without saying it’s loaded with science fair project ideas. Below are some topics and ideas with plenty of images, science fair presentation board ideas, and links to other websites with more detailed instructions and “how to” tutorials. I hope these can spark an idea or original concept:


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  • simple machines and how roller coasters work
  • step-by-step procedures for following science inquiry
  • does air have weight?
  • the “walking water” experiment
  • skittles and the scientific method
  • making slides and ramps with everyday materials for forces experiments
  • are seeds the same scientific investigation
  • rainbow density experiment
  • does cereal contain iron? working with magnets, water and cereal (this is a cool one).
  • hand that moves demonstration model
  • exploring science with ice and salt
  • build a battery out of pennies (s0 cool)
  • the leak proof bag
  • science experiments using only candy
  • 25 at home science experiments
  • sun and heat science investigation
  • simple machines experiment using tissue box and pencils
  • teaching the scientific method video
  • pulley investigation
  • projects you can do in a bag
  • create a density tower
  • gummy bear diffusion (in salt water-see what happens)
  • 50 ways to play with baking soda and vinegar (kids just love this)

2. here are some great ideas presented on this pinboard:



  • you never know when your kid will need an idea
  • “colorful” ant experiment
  • icy road and friction
  • science display board example “antacid neutralization”
  • does it dissolve?
  • free science fair project printables
  • another science fair presentation board “Ocean Currents”
  • science Project “Which will stand the test of time?”
  • wind power display board with model
  • affects on the growth of pinto beans
  • science notebooking and journaling techniques
  • fun science experiments you can do right now
  • cool experiment on matter
  • a funny “volcanoes”  are NOT science fair projects
  • which popsicle melts the fastest
  • which solution shines pennies the best
  • skittles color science


3 another science fair Pinterest pinboard with over 60 ideas featured. Here are some highlights from this board that stood out for me:


  • sand pendulum
  • balloon science experiment ideas
  • how different liquids affect the growth of plants
  • acids and bases in baking
  • will it decay or will it stay” science fair project presentation board example
  • word recognition and the power of the mind
  • science fair project ideas using fabric
  • balloon rocket car investigation
  • free science project printables
  • speed of decomposition
  • melting ice in water, salt and sugar experiment
  • how does warm water and cold water effect the brightness of a glow stick (very clever).
  • sunscreen test using hot dogs (have to see this).
  • pastorama: which toothpaste works the best?


4. steve spangler has a commercial site with some great science experiment ideas and materials to purchase. This is a Steve Spangler Pinterest pinboard  that has over 5,000 followers. Take a look at some of these great pin ideas:


  • how to choose a science fair project idea
  • science fair ideas for teenagers
  • science fair display board “Eggsperiment”
  • which foods contain starch and which don’t
  • dissolving marshmallow peep experiment
  • science fair tips and tricks
  • iron in breakfast science inquiry
  • baby diaper investigation
  • project ideas for demo tanks
  • electricity vs. cat (unique experiment)
  • cheese mold experiment
  • what if my results are wrong? What do I do?
  • how much do parents really help with science fair projects?
  • perfect popcorn popping


5. I close out this post with another great science fair project Pinterest pinboard that has over 200 pins and 7,000 followers as of the date of this post. I hope you find some of these ideas below inspirational:


  • observing conduction hands on experiment
  • make lighting
  • ivory soap inquiry
  • sink and float ideas
  • water displacement
  • lots of science in the kitchen
  • tonic water and water beads
  • how to choose a science fair experiment that wins
  • 5 egg experiments
  • working with bottle rockets
  • make an egg shell disappear
  • glowing liquid with Mountain Dew
  • does it dissolve?
  • freezing balloons of ice
  • dry ice investigation
  • dental health with eggs
  • lots of experiment ideas like glow tubes and pepper and water