Top 5 Sewing Patterns and Project Idea Pinterest Pinboards

How fabulous it is to be able to sew your own items.  Knowing this, the following Pinterest Pinboards dealing with sewing patterns and projects have been gathered to offer you superb ideas and tips for sewing, and provides many patterns for you to follow and projects for you to consider.  There are many instructions and tutorials.  Take a look below to see what you can find.

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Top 5 Sewing Patterns and Project Idea Pinterest Pinboards


1. this Sewing Patterns And Projects Pinterest Pinboard offers a wealth of information in sewing instruction, and announces free sewing patterns.  You’ll be pleased with the pins presented. Search here for some great ideas.

 girls dress sewing patterns

  • Quick Sew Hobo – This Cute Bag Comes In A Little Girl Size And An Adult Size…Video Tutorial Makes This Free Pattern Easy!
  • Free Baby Car Seat Canopy Pattern
  • Little Girl Elastic Dress
  • Summer Knit Cardigan – Free Pattern
  • Layers Of Sunshine Dress
  • PDF Patterns For Kids Clothes
  • Free Sewing Pattern Draft From Burda – Wrap Dress W/Several Style Options
  • Free Pattern: Spring Party Dress
  • Make A Handbag Pattern
  • Baby Boy Shirts
  • Cute Pattern For An Organizer
  • Pretty And Personalized Gift Bags – Free Sewing Project
  • How To Make A Pillow
  • Free Leather Overnight Bag Sewing Pattern For Kids
  • Linen Easter Basket – Free Tutorial
  • Top 12 Free Dress Tutorials For Easter Or Spring!
  • Sew A Quilted Sleeve For Your iPad Mini


2. this Sewing Patterns And Projects Pinterest Pinboard is quite helpful and supplies excellent sewing instruction.  You’ll be able to discover many patterns and projects to work on.  Look on, and have a great time!

 sewing instruction mannequin




  • Top Stitching Tips
  • Sew A Super Simple Skirt – Sewing 101
  • DIY Knot Buttons
  • How To Sew A Simple Neckline Facing
  • How To Slip Stitch A Seam Closed
  • Nicely Gathered Darts – Pinterest Download Free Sewing Patterns Here
  • How To Sew Leather On A Standard Sewing Machine
  • Surprise DIY – Cute Sewing Project
  • How To Make A Circular Ruffle – This Tutorial Shows You How To Calculate The Diameter Of The Circle You Need To Make A Ruffle Any Length You Want
  • Applique Tutorial
  • The “Color Pop” Seam Technique
  • DIY Lunch Bag


3. this is a lovely Sewing Patterns And Projects Pinterest Pinboard.  The pins are pleasant and nice to look at and offer a great deal of patterns for you to use.  There are many unique designs spanning a wide range of objects.  Hope you find the perfect pattern!

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 blue and white bag sewing patterns

  • Village Blue Chevron And Jute Tote
  • Make A DIY Cozy Square Top In Less Than 30 Minutes!
  • 27 Most Popular DIY Fashion Ideas Ever
  • Guide For Four Ways To Turn Pants Into Shorts
  • How To Make A Tutu
  • Free Pattern For An A-Line Skirt
  • DIY Lace Shirt
  • Waterfall Ruffle Skirt Pattern
  • Adding Sleeves To A Sleeveless Dress
  • Kid Pants With A Flat Front
  • 5 DIY Tulle Skirts
  • Free Sewing Patterns For Kids Clothes
  • Project: Angel Collar
  • DIY Backpack With Just 1 Yard Of Fabric
  • The Easiest Shirt Ever
  • Easy Dress And Blouse How-To
  • Portable First Aid Kit Sewing Pattern And Tutorial


4. this Sewing Patterns And Projects Pinterest Pinboard offers quite useful advice on techniques of sewing.  You’ll find this very helpful in your sewing endeavors.  Please stop by for a while and browse the information.

 hemming knits on sewing machine


  • Ingenious Way To Hem Knits
  • Infinity Scarf Tutorials
  • How To Applique Using A Satin Stitch
  • The Right Way To Sew On Bias Tape
  • Button Sewing Techniques
  • Hemming A Curved Edge
  • The Mystery Of Appliqueing Solved
  • The Kenneth King Hem – Fabulous Technique For A Tiny Hem
  • Simple Sewing Projects For Kids
  • Great Needle Guide
  • How To Wash And Cut Burlap
  • Sewing Machine Needles – A Quick Reference Chart
  • One Common Mistake Is Confusing Under-Stitching, Edge-Stitching, And Top-Stitching
  • Attention All Beginning Sewers: “How To Sew Using A Sewing Machine” Is A Super Great Beginner Guide!
  • Finally!  A Tutorial Explaining How To “Secret Stitch” A Garment Or Stuffed Toy
  • Projects To Sew In An Afternoon


5. this is a nifty Sewing Patterns And Projects Pinterest Pinboard.  It has many children’s items to make, as well as household accessories, to name a few.  Have fun when looking through this board, and see what good things you come across.

 mega pin cushion plus

  • Toddler Ruffle Apron Tutorial
  • Cute Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern
  • Make For Baby: 25 Free Dress Sewing Tutorials For Babies And Toddlers
  • Free Child’s Maxi Dress Sewing Pattern And Tutorial
  • Frilly Apron Project For Mom
  • Easy Fabric Grocery Bag Tutorial
  • Make Excellent Fabric Boxes
  • Fleece Baby Booties
  • DIY Giant Floor Pillows
  • Kid’s Sleeping Bag Pattern And Tutorial
  • Sew A Deluxe Dolly Diaper Bag And Accessories
  • DIY Storage Cube
  • Monster Hooded Towel Tutorial
  • Cute Owl Remote Control Holder
  • Fun Pot Holder Tutorial
  • 7 Favorite Free Pinterest Baby Sewing Patterns 
  • Dishtowel Tablecloth
  • 101 Sewing Tutorials For Summer
  • Sleeping Bag Backpack
  • 50 Projects For Your Scrap Fabric