Top 5 Summer Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

To some, summer is the best of all seasons.  If anything, it is the best season for a vacation.  There are so many things that you can do and places you can visit.

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Summer’s weather is awesome for water activities and vacation sites.  Some people like to go to such places as Schlitterbahn or other water slide parks.  There are aquariums and water shows like at Sea World.  There are cruises to tropical locales. Even merely going for a dip in the hotel pool is invigorating.

For some, it is a family trip to Disneyworld or other such amusement parks.  For others, it is a trip to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls, or a tour of a part of the country you’ve always wanted to visit.

You don’t even have to go very far to enjoy the summer. You can go for a weekend drive visiting local sites you’ve never had a chance to stop at and explore.  You can take the kids to the park, beach or the zoo.  You can go for a hike and campout.  Some areas even have nature reserves.

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One of the best things about summer vacation is the opportunity to capture your trips with photographs because the visual effects of the photograph evoke memories of your special times.  And, displaying those photographs, as on a Facebook Cover, is the greatest part of all to sharing your adventures.

Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to go, summer is a great time in which fun can be had by all.  Below are five websites with cool summer cover photos for you to download.  Use the best one to describe your sentiments for summer and to refresh the memories of all who view it of their favorite summer moments.


1. firstcovers: this quality website is loaded with Facebook Covers; it’s one of my favorites. There are is an incredible 450 summer Facebook Cover Photos to choose with lots of themes and summer related images.  Here are some featured Cover Photos titles:  I Want Summer, Fun on the Beach, Quotes, Luvin, Beautiful Flowers, By The Pool, Songs, Romance, Sunsets, Surfing, and Summer collage.

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2. covermyfb: another premiere website has almost 100 summer Timeline Facebook Cover Photos including titles like Seashells, Lounging, Beach Resort, Beach Sunset, Ocean Waves, Paradise, Blue Water, Summer Quote, Beach Babe, Scene, Collage, Love Deep Like The Ocean, Beach Party and Summertime Fun. Download any Cover you like to your computer using the right click “save image as” option.


3. myFBcovers: there are around 20 high quality images of Summer you can download for free from this website.  The high definition quality of images on this site are just stunning. Some titles include Summer Landscape, Vacation, North Mountains, Twilight, Swim, Sunglasses, Ice Cream, Girls, and Summer Goodies. Use the special app to upload your chosen Cover to your Timeline photos.


4. freecodesource: a nice collection of around 70 Summer Facebook Covers including these featured titles: I Love Summer, Cruel Summer, Seashells, Playing in the Sand, Crystal Clear Waters, Tropical Beach, Beach, Quote, and Resort. Right click on the image to save it to your computer.

5. kawaiicovers: this Facebook Cover’s website is a little different as it offers up old school wallpaper type Summer images with colorful and repetitive animations. Covers include some of the most iconic Summer images that come to mind including Summer Statements, Ice Cream, Seashells, Party, Sun, Surfing, Summer Love, Vacation, Fun, Watermelon and Summer 2012.

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