Top 5 Tattoo Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites

Tattoos or more accurately the art and symbolic expression of tattooing dates back to thousands of years B.C.  The existence of tattoos have been traced back to an abundance of civilizations and cultures. Some of these cultures include the early Paleolithic humans, Bronze age humans (the mummified famous Iceman had small tattoo marks on his body), the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Indian and Native cultures and early Europeans.

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Today tattoos and tattooing are thriving in ever expanding and connecting global culture. Tattoo parlors and artists are getting recognition for producing unique styles of expression and design. While there is no one particular reason for a person to get a tattoo or several tattoos it is undeniable that it is an emotional decision. A decision that could be influenced by many factors in our culture including gender, race and sexuality.

There is no debate either that a inked tattoo is a visible and in many ways permanent form of self-expression.  With social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest people can now share with ease pictures of their tattoos, tattoo stories and influences and reasons behind their tattoos. Televized tattoo artists like Kate Von D for example have introduced the art of tattooing to a more mainstream audience opening the door for even more interest and popularity.

While a digital image of a tattoo can never truly replicate the authentic representation of what a tattoo really is and how it is displayed there are other ways you can express your love of tattoos other than a direct inking of the skin.

Many people who love tattoos are also on Facebook. With the new Facebook Timeline there is a feature that is perfect for displaying images of your favorite tattoos. The Facebook Cover is a mural of sorts that sits atop your Timeline. It has rather large dimensions which make it a perfect medium for showing off a tattoo picture.

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While you might want to show off your own personal tattoo there are several quality websites that have iconic and unique tattoo Facebook Covers that you can download for free and then upload straight to your Timeline.

I searched dozens of Facebook Cover websites and choose these 5 highly rated websites that have either a tattoo category or several images of tattoos perfect for your Timeline Cover. All images are free to download and use immediately on your Timeline. Quantities are subject to change as new images are added daily so be sure to bookmark this page and check back with these links every once and while to see what new images have been added.

Top 5 Tattoo and Tattooing Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Free Download Websites


1. addacover: one of my favorite Facebook Cover Photo websites addacover has a nice selection of around 20 tattoo images including a cool Kate Von D Cover, Realistic, True Love Fists, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Lovers, Lil Wayne, Love Kills Slowly, Addicted To Your Love, and Hot Tattoo Girl. Use their app “upload to Facebook Cover” to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos or simply right click and use the “save image as” feature to download the Cover to your computer, or save the image to your mobile device.

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2. snazzyspace: this is my first mention of this website but I’m so glad I recently found it. There are around 20 tattoo Cover images to choose from with many montages and tessellations in the tattoo category including titles like Vintage Guns, Pirate Skull, Hearts, Doodles, Vintage Roses, Rose, Diamonds, Fish, Art and Rose Skulls. You’ll have to use their special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

3. blingify: there are 10 tattoo wallpaper style Facebook Covers you can use on your Timeline.  There are some beautiful tessellations tattoo images with titles like Faith, One Red Rose Forever, Cobra, Snake Girl, Anchor, Roses and Poker Cat.  Click the preview button to get a better look at this images in all its true dimension glory. If you like what you see click on the download button and the image will download straight to your computer.


4. facebookcoversgalore: this website has around10 great examples of tattoo Facebook Covers with some great iconic tattoo images of beautiful girls and skulls including Roller Skate Tattoo Girl, Eavesdropping, Red Girl, Pirates, Girl on Fire, Mother Tree, This is My Religion, and Tattoo Heart. Double click on the image to get a larger preview of what the image will look like on your Timeline. Right click and save the image to your computer.


5. fcoverphotos: has around 10 tattoo Covers you can download for free and use on you Timeline with some unique images with titles like iMac Girl, Voodoo Rules, Royal Enfield, and a digital drawing Tattoos on Women.


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