Top 5 Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Pinboards

One of the major holidays of the holiday season is Thanksgiving.  It is a terrific time to teach children to think about what they are grateful for through crafts and activities.  Either at home or at school there are many teachable moments.

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These Top 5  Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Pinboards offer fantastic selections for you to choose from to do with your children or students.

There are paper crafts and coloring pages and more elaborate crafts with beads, felt, tactile items from the kitchen and nature, and other surprising items.  Children can be shown Thanksgiving books, rhymes, poems and songs, and children can bake a variety of cool Thanksgiving foods.

With this assortment of pinboards, you’ll find many suggestions that will stimulate your children’s creative side as well as evoke feelings of thanks for his or her blessings during this special time of gratitude and remembrance.  Come and take a look at what there is to offer!

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 Top 5  Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Pinboards


1.  this is a wonderful Thanksgiving  Crafts and Activities Pinterest Pinboard to start off with.  There are many beautiful examples of kid-friendly cornucopias to make.  From paper and felt to cross-stitch and crochet, there are numerous ideas for you, your children, or your students to use to create the coolest Thanksgiving cornucopias this season.  Come and take a look at these brilliant cornucopias!

cornucopia 6


cornucopia 2

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cornucopia 4

  • – Foot Print Thanksgiving Cornucopia Pinterest Pin Craft
  • – Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Thanksgiving Cornucopia Party Favor Treat Craft
  • – Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece That Displays The Colors of Fall
  • – Crafty Paper Cornucopias – Give Them Away Filled With Treats
  • – Kids Thanksgiving Craft: Cornucopia with Fruit, Vegetables
  • – Fabric Thanksgiving Crafts: Cornucopia and Burlap Pumpkins for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece
  • – Hanging Lighted Cornucopia Craft
  • – Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Pinterest Pin – Candy Cornucopia
  • – Paper Plate Cornucopia
  • – Free Standing Cornucopia Craft Kit
  • – A Cornucopia of Felt
  • – Foam Cornucopia for Kids
  • – Victorian Christmas Cornucopia
  • – Cornucopia Paper Crafts for Kids
  • – Beautiful Hand Crafted Fall Autumn Tuscan Thanksgiving Cornucopia Wreath
  • – Crochet this Cornucopia for Your Holiday Table
  • – Cross-Stitch Cornucopia


cornucopia 3


cornucopia 5


cornucopia 1



2.  this short but sweet Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Pinterest Pinboard could be a favorite board!  It packs a punch with its suggestions of Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids.  In addition to some cornucopia ideas, it branches out into Thanksgiving hats and headbands, Thanksgiving art projects, and creative Thanksgiving printables.  Come check out his happening pinboard for exciting crafts for the children.  You won’t be disappointed!


thanksgiving crafts 5



thanksgiving crafts 2


  • – Art Project – Thanksgiving Maize
  • – Awesome Pony Bead Pumpkins
  • – Mayflower Headbands
  • – Art Project – Swirly Autumn Trees
  • – Falling Leaves Craft with Poem
  • – Autumn Art Project – Giant Pumpkin
  • – Cornucopia of Art
  • – Cornucopia Collage
  • – Menagerie of Thanksgiving Crafts
  • Free Thanksgiving Printables Pinterest Pin!
  • – Cornucopia: Each Class Crafts a Different Food
  • – Super Cute Thanksgiving Hat Crafts


thanksgiving crafts 1


thanksgiving crafts 3


thanksgiving crafts 4


3.  this lovely Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities Pinterest Pinboard features many colorful and creative ideas for kids to do for Thanksgiving.  In addition to arts and crafts, there are several pins that offer Thanksgiving Songs, Thanksgiving Rhymes and Poems, and Books About Thanksgiving.  Best of all, there are Thanksgiving Printables and Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.  Come jump right in to this pinboard for some excellent ideas!


thanksgiving crafts 6



thanksgiving crafts 7


thanksgiving crafts 8


  • – Colorful Paper Bag Turkey Craft For the Kids
  • – Fun Froot Loops Turkey!
  • – Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
  • – Notes from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist: Tactile Turkey
  • – Thanksgiving Printables
  • – Books About Thanksgiving
  • – ” My Thanksgiving Vocabulary”
  • – Fingerplays
  • – Rhymes & Poems For Kids
  • – Thanksgiving Songs For Children
  • – Thanksgiving Fun For Kids
  • – Thanksgiving Packs
  • – 15 Brown Paper Bag Turkey Craft Ideas Pinterest Pin You Can Make With the Kids
  • – Free Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Placemat Template
  • – Easy Turkey Craft
  • – Adventures in Chalk – Happy Thanksgiving Turkey
  • – Thanksgiving Garland
  • – Beautiful Thanksgiving Bead Idea


thanksgiving crafts 9


thanksgiving crafts 10



thanksgiving crafts 11


4.  this is a fun activity and craft-filled Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities Pinterest Pinboard.  There are Thanksgiving Search a Words and Color by Number, and various turkey feathers to add to a had-crafted turkey like football feathers and paint chip feathers.  There are Thanksgiving Baking Activity with the kids, Thanksgiving BINGO, and various activities where kids name what they are thankful for.  Come visit this super fun pinboard for some wonderful Thanksgiving ideas!


thanksgiving crafts 12


thanksgiving crafts 13


thanksgiving crafts 14

  • – Easy I Am Thankful Pumpkin Craft!
  • – Thanksgiving Turkey Search a Word
  • – Paper Bag Tepees-Native American Art
  • – Rainbow Paint Chip Turkey Feathers – What Are You Thankful For?
  • – Pine Cone Turkeys!
  • – Football Turkey Feathers
  • – Wild Turkey Nature Crafts for Kids – Collect Items on a Nature Walk to Make This Thanksgiving Pal
  • – Clothespin and Toilet Paper Roll Turkey
  • – Bake Surprise Pumpkin Treats For Thanksgiving Activity With Kids
  • –  Bake Thankful Message and  Into “Thankful Rolls” Like a “Fortune Roll”
  • – Color By Letter Turkey – Several Great Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets
  • – Thankful Turkey: A Fun Tradition That Teaches Gratitude
  • – 5 Little Turkeys – A Gratitude Poem for Young Kids with a Free Printable
  • – Thanksgiving Turkey Picture Frame
  • – Free Printable: Thanksgiving BINGO Cards – Play While You Wait for the Turkey!
  • – Turkey Tracks & Feather Facts – Math Printables Color By The Code Puzzles


thanksgiving crafts 15


thanksgiving crafts 16


5.  this Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Pinterest Pinboard focuses entirely on Thanksgiving printables and coloring pages.  You’ll be surprised at all the wonderful pictures that are presented here!  Some are traditional Thanksgiving pictures like the Man’s Pilgrim’s Hat and some standard turkeys and other simple pictures for the younger children to color. But, there are some very intricate and detailed pictures your older kids would love to get their hands on, especially your budding artists.  Come quick and view this fascinating Thanksgiving pinboard!


thanksgiving printables and coloring pages 1



thanksgiving printables and coloring pages 2


thanksgiving printables and coloring pages 3

  • – Traditional Man’s Pilgrim Hat
  • – Pumpkin Coloring Page Cool Designs
  • – Bountiful Cornucopia
  • – Totally Classic Pumpkin Coloring Page
  • – Thanksgiving Tee Pees Coloring Page
  • – Large Selection of Free Autumn Coloring Pages
  • – Happy Grandma Cooking The Turkey Coloring Page
  • – Awesome Native American Coloring Page
  • – Super Thanksgiving Turkey – Free Printable
  • – Lots of Color By Number Thanksgiving Pages
  • – Eye-Popping Thanksgiving Coloring Page
  • – Autumn Bounty Coloring Page
  • – Fantastically Detailed Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page!
  • – Beautiful Pumpkin on a Pedestal Coloring Page
  • – Three Native American Sisters Coloring Page


thanksgiving printables and coloring pages 4



thanksgiving printables and coloring pages 5


thanksgiving printables and coloring pages 6



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