Top 5 Unique and Creative Christmas Tree Pinterest Pinboards

Over the years, people have come up with some pretty unique and creative Christmas Trees.  To help give you ideas for your own awesome Christmas Tree, I have collected the Top 5 Unique and Creative Christmas Tree Pinterest Pinboard.  You’re sure to find some wonderful creations here on these boards!  I can’t decide on a favorite because there are so many cool ones.  Take a look at the following pinboards to decide for yourself!


Top 5 Unique and Creative Christmas Tree Pinterest Pinboards


1. this is such a terrific Unique and Creative Christmas Tree Pinterest Pinboard!  You’ll love all the different choices available.  The trees here are incredibly innovative.  You’ll just marvel at all the artists who created these Unique Christmas Trees.  Enjoy!


unique christmas tree 3


unique christmas tree 1

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unique Christmas tree 2


2. this Unique Christmas Trees Pinterest Pinboard is super unusual, to say the least.  Feast your eyes on the wild and original trees on this pinboard.  You should definitely be able to get some great ideas from here!


unique christmas tree 4

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unique christmas tree 5


  • Unconventional Christmas Tree Display in One of Soho’s Bohemian-Style Boutiques
  • Paper Cup
  • Silverware
  • Cupcake
  • Chocolate Cake Christmas Tree
  • Shower Curtain Ring
  • Antique Metal Creative Christmas Tree Pinterest Pin
  • Potato
  • Tie Christmas Tree
  • The Bicycle
  • Green Post-Its
  • Metallic Traffic Light Tree

unique christmas tree 6

unique christmas tree 7



3. this Unique Christmas Trees Pinterest Pinboard is sensational!  There are so many different ideas here.  You’ll fall for each of them!  Come see what’s on this pinboard for your Christmas Tree ideas


unique christmas tree 8


unique christmas tree 9



  • Pultz Tree Houses Christmas Tree – Vintage
  • Pillow
  • Snowman Christmas Tree Theme Pinterest Pin
  • Food
  • Christmas Tree Village
  • Framed Jewelry Christmas Tree
  • Felted Trees
  • Map Atlas
  • Origami Theme
  • Candy Cane Christmas Tree


unique christmas tree 10


unique christmas tree 11



4. though the selection in this Unique Christmas Tree Pinterest Pinboard is not extensive, it still offers a lot of bang for its buck.  You’ll be quite surprised by the amazing trees in this board.  Don’t be afraid to embrace this pinboard with your arms wide open!

unique christmas tree 15



unique christmas tree 13



  • Pine Cone
  • Broccoli and Cherry Tomato Christmas Tree
  • Pinata
  • Martha Stewart – Cute Red Envelope Advent Calendar
  • Tomato Cage Wrapped in Lights
  • Creative Edible Fruit Theme
  • Bed Spring with Colorful Balls of Yarn Ornaments
  • LED Lights Shining Colors on the Walls
  • 8 High-Tech Christmas Trees
  • Really Nice Alternative Christmas Trees
  • Recession Buster: Free Alternative Christmas Trees
  • Spinning Lights
  • More Creative and Unique Trees – Like This One With Buttons
  • Pac-Man Christmas Tree


unique christmas tree 12


unique christmas tree 14


5. this Unique Christmas Trees Pinterest Pinboard is filled with some very beautiful and creative Christmas Trees.  You’ll find browsing through these pins quite enjoyable and enlightening!  Hope you have fun searching for your favorite!


unique christmas tree 19


unique christmas tree 18


  • A Christmas Tree Completely Covered in Dried Flowers
  • Wine Bottle
  • 913 Carats of Diamonds on This Christmas Tree!
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Vintage Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree
  • Nescafe Christmas Tree Made with Used Nescafe Paper Glasses
  • Antler
  • Horseshoe
  • Soda Can
  • This Tree is Made Entirely of LEGOS Christmas Tree– London, England
  • Tim Burton-esque Tree
  • Metal Mesh
  • Video
  • Cell Phone


unique christmas tree 16


unique christmas tree 17



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